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Community care ob gyn is an organization that's located at 713 Troy Schenectady Rd Suite 215, Latham  NY12110, United States. 

Phone number

Their phone number is (+15183707937). Their clinic hours are Monday-Friday (8 am-5 pm).

Community care ob gyn concerns

It's a highly skilled workforce that provides high-quality care for women in obstetrics and gynecology. It's a primer unit for prevention, treatment, and research center for women's health.

They help women during and after childbirth. They detect sexually transmitted diseases and help them with birth control by family planning devices. 

They make them aware of their health by regular screening to predict breast cancer and other serious diseases.

So we find many programs concerned about helping breast cancer survivors with sexual dysfunction disorders and other issues that are common and facing them frequently as they require specific gynecological needs.

There are many aspects that community care ob-gyn Is concerned about. Generally, they provide services about prenatal and postnatal care, obstetrics,  gynecology, pregnancy test, and methods for care for women's health. 

Community Care Ob Gyn

Other community care ob gyn centers

There is also much other community care ob-gyn like capital region OB-GYNs that provide services about family planning, infertility, menopause, gynecology, obstetrics, adolescent medicine, and cancer screening&prevention.

Their clinic hours are Monday- Tuesday 8 AM-6 PM, Thursday 8 AM- 5 PM, and Friday 8 AM-4 PM.

Community Care Ob Gyn

Nowadays women's problems

We found that female counseling about contraceptive methods is one of the most common reasons why women seek care from community care ob-gyn especially in case of female taking a contraceptive drug and concomitant Anti-epileptic drug, so the community care ob gyn is the best choice for her.

In fact, with the high prevalence of the pandemic SARS-Covid, community care ob gyn about laboring mothers with covid disease becomes very urgent as the pregnant woman may be carried, but asymptomatic, so the laboring unit must be prepared for that.

It was found that there's an increasing proportion of cases that caught the epidemic disease "HIV" that's so easily transmitted, so the community care ob-gyn role comes in helping women protect themselves and prevent transmission from the beginning.

Female sexual dysfunction is also one of the most common concerns of community care ob-gyn. 


Finally, to sum up, community care ob gyn is an organization located in Latham, United States, and concerned about prevention and treatment of women diseases either sexually transmitted, postmenopausal, contraceptives methods and other problems facing them.

By: Dr. Asmaa Ghaly

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