The Best Treatment For Receding Hairline Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem in both women and men, especially frontal hair. And this has many causes as drugs, heredity, some bad habits such as excessive use of heat for hairstyling or pulling the hair very tight, infections, radiation, and others 

So, the best treatment for receding hairline hair loss involves, improving psychological state, improving feeding, changing bad habits for hairstyling, and may need doctor's advice 

Causes of hair loss and receding hairline

The first step in any problem is understanding the problem. What is this like? What are the causes? How do we find the treatment? What are preventive methods? 

We should understand that hair loss is a sign referring to a problem (cause). And we can find this cause by the other signs and symptoms that exist at the same time. We will tell you about some of these causes: 

- Genetic causes

We can see others in our family have the same problem. and also other causes of receding hairline do not exist

- Hormonal changes

(pregnancy, thyroid, or menopausal problems), we can find changes in heart rate, body weight, mood, and others. 

- Medical conditions

(such as alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, ovarian tumors, or other conditions) 

- Drugs

(such as cancer or arthritis medication or drugs for gout, heart problems, high blood pressure, or depression)

- Radiation therapy

- Pregnancy

- Miscarriage

- Traction alopecia

Resulting from pulling the hair back into a tight ponytail and using hair rollers overnight 

Men can also have traction alopecia if they twist their hair too tightly.

How to stop receding hairline and regrow hair naturally

Here is the form of female and male hair loss frontal hairline

Unfortunately for men, we see a receding hairline or Thinning of hair (mainly above the forehead and around the perimeter of the face) is most common in men at any age and is directly associated with age. 

A receding hairline hair loss can take the form of a V-shaped and this is called 'widow’s peak' in men and women.

In women, the sides and back are typically spared, but the part widens and thins considerably over the top of the scalp.

When is Receding hairline occured

The most common cause of hair loss  and receding hairline at 20….25 years old is androgenic alopecia, and  the hair loss has progressive steps as:  

- Hair loss frontal hairline.

- The appearance of M, U, or V shape at the hairline. 

- Overall hair loss especially on the top or back of the head leads to a bald spot.

- The receding hairline area meets with the bald spot.

- Complete hair loss on the top and the remaining hair only on the sides and back of the head.

Androgenetic alopecia also occurs in women, hair loss generally occurs in the top, frontal area, just behind the hairline, but stays thick at the back.

An enzyme causes the conversion of testosterone (the male sex hormone) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), causing the hair follicles to produce finner hair. women are less likely to be completely bald but may have a lot of thinning throughout the hair.

the best treatment for receding hairline hair loss

So what are receding hairline haircuts

Improving psychological state is important for the best hair loss treatment.  And we can do this by suitable receding hairline haircuts, that give us a grainy appearance.

How to stop receding hairline and regrow hair naturally

 We can stop receding hairline and regrow hair naturally By:

- Improving psychological state

- A healthy diet

A healthy diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega - 3  acids. 

For example, omega - 3 strengthens the hair follicles and encourages growth So, It stops receding hairline and regrows hair, as it makes the hair less brittle.

Adults should take at least 200 mg of omega-3 acids every day( not more than 500 mg). It is present in fish like tuna and salmon. 

Protein is important to regrow the hairline naturally, As the hair is almost made of protein. And we know that is present in Meat and legumes, such as eggs, peanuts, beans, peas, chicken, and others.

Healthy adults and teens should consume daily 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

Also, minerals are important as:

Iron is present in a wide range of foods, including dark leafy greens, whole grains, red meat, and beans. Try to consume at least 8–18 mg of iron daily. 

Magnesium is present in nuts and fish. Hali. Adult men should consume   400–420 mg of magnesium every day, and adult women need 310–320 mg every day. 

Vitamins also help the hair follicles produce a natural oil called sebum. Vitamin A and Vitamin c are present in Sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens,  and squash. 

Minerals such as zinc help in tissue growth and repair within the body, and it is present in beef, and liver. 

Antioxidants(that fight oxidative stress, which can age the hair). Blueberries, spinach, and kidney beans are all rich in natural antioxidant ingredients.

We tell you in this report some examples of healthy food that is considered very important during the best treatment for receding hairline hair loss. And also to maintain the health of hair. 

  • we should know some habits: dry the hair very gently after your bath. 

  • Limit your use of dyes and styling products. and alcohol-containing products 

  • Never use heat to dry or style your hair. 

  • Do not pull your hair back very tightly. 

  • Cut your hair short to minimize stressing your hairline. 

  • We can use some essential oils that help in hair growth as peppermint oil, Rosemary oil, and lavender oil all have a role in the treatment of a receding hairline. And they are used in a carrier oil as almond oil, jojoba oil, or coconut oil

These oils can be used as a warm oil path to increase penetration and absorption using Pro-cap hair for 2 hours, once or twice weekly. 

We can make a message for the scalp for 5 minutes once daily with castor oil to stimulate blood circulation. 

Hair preparations for the best treatment for receding hairline hair loss:

  • Minoxidil (ibogaine)

Works as a vasodilator that is common in the treatment of massive hair loss, and in androgenic alopecia, it is used forever. In cases of sensitivity from Minoxidil, you can use minoxidil. 

  • In fungal scalp infections

Use antifungal preparations such as(Nizoral shampoo). 

  • Finasteride 

The generic name is also prescribed in some cases as (FFA) 

  • Other preparations 

Contain caffeine extract, garlic extract, vitamins, panthenol, and other herbal extracts that improve blood circulation in the scalp and keep the scalp and hair wet. As: pross serum, all aloeKita shampoo. 

Note:   For the best treatment for hair loss we should properly use these preparations. For example: leave the shampoo on your wet hair for 5 minutes. 

When we should go to the doctor

When we do the directions mentioned above, and we do not find improvement,  we have massive hair loss as a bald spot, Or we have signed other than hair loss, as we mentioned above in causes of hair loss and receding hairline.

We should go to the doctor for the best treatment for receding hairline hair loss. As there is some disease having signs of hair loss. As frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA).

It is an autoimmune disease more likely to occur in postmenopausal women. 

Where doctors may use corticosteroids, hydroxychloroquine, and drugs that block the production of the male hormone 5-alpha reductase (finasteride). 

And some cases of hair loss require only supplements and suitable hair products. 

Our Dew treats for you today are gaining the best treatment for receding hairline hair loss according to the Cause. you should keep calm and properly use proper hair products. and keep healthy food.

 By: Zeinab Magdy





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