Dpc Animal Hospital | Animal Health Care in Davie And Florida

Animals need care for their health to be in a situation, any damage or harm can lead to hard pain. That's what DPC Animal Hospital doing its vets staff in all Specialties, care for your Animal from A TO Z. 

Dpc Animal Hospital

What are the services they provide? 

Dpc Animal Hospital provide a lot of service in animal health field they include all departments in pets health care (Cats and Dogs treatments, surgeries, and online pharmacy):-

-Alternative Therapies 

-Blood Work

-Cat Vaccinations

-Dental Cleaning

-Dental Procedures

-Dental Health

-Dog Neutering

-Dog Vaccinations

-Flea And Tick Prevention

-Individualized Flea Control Programs

-Medical Care

-Orthopedic Surgeries

-Nutritional Counseling

-Pet Acupuncture

-Pet Microchipping

-Veterinary Health Care

-Weight Reduction

-Therapeutic Bathing

-Spaying And Neutering

-Weight Management

-Specialized Nutrition

-Preventive Health Care

-Physical Exams

-Preventative Medicine

-Routine Care

-Senior Pets


-Veterinary Emergency And Critical Care

-Pain Relief

-Pet Hospital

-Pet Laser Treatments 

-Prescription Diets

-Diagnostic And Therapeutic Services

-Advanced Veterinary Diagnostic

-Comprehensive Physical Examination

-Cancer Screening

-Behavioral Counseling

-Digital Radiology

-Health Screenings

-Laboratory Testing

-Microchip Identification

-Oral Health

-Pet Dentist

-Pet Laser Therapy

-Surgical Services

-Puppy And Kitten

-Pet Nutrition

-Internal Medicine

-Low-Cost Pet Vaccination

-Animal Hospital

-Dental Hygiene

-Blood Tests

-Dietary Counseling

-Flea And Tick Control

-Laboratory Work

-Online Pharmacy

-Permanent Identification

-Pet Surgery 

-Small Animal Medicine

-Veterinary Dentistry

-Preventative Care Plans

-Fecal Examinations

-Dog Spaying

-Nutritional Consultation

-Lab Work

-Pet Insurance

-Pain Treatment

-Puppy Vaccinations

-Teeth Cleaning

-Heartworm Prevention

-Pain Management

Dpc Animal Hospital

Information about DPC Animal Hospital:

The hospital was built in 2001, they have a mission to provide a very good vets service in their hospital, work 7 days is 7days a week, in Davie, Florida states. 

- Their rate:


Reviewers give them good reviews and are happy with their services. 

-Work Times:- 

Saturday 7:30AM–12:30PM

And from 2PM–6PM

Sunday 8:30AM–12:30PM And from 2PM–5PM

Monday 7:30AM–12:30PM And from 2PM–6PM

Tuesday7:30AM–12:30PM And from 2PM–6PM


And from 2PM–6PM


And from 2PM–6PM


And from 2PM–6PM

- Their connection information:- 

LinkedIn Page


Facebook Page




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We, as animal owners, care about their health and can't bear their pain. We are afraid of losing them, so we always strive to take care of every area in our animal's body, whether internal or external. This is what dpc animal hospital provides. It takes care of every part of your animal. 


By:- Nadeen Ayad 

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