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Women’s body differs from anyone else’s. At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, They are dedicated to learning about your experience and offering outstanding, scientifically, and morally sound treatment.

Services of Fertility and Midwifery Care Center:

They service all women so, At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, They are:-

-Assisting you in having the birth you want.

-Finding out what your body needs to be healthy.

-Personalized care options that are suited to your body's needs are available.

-Helping you with the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

-Creating a plan for the next step in your reproductive journey.

Fertility and Midwifery Care Center

Obstetrical Care

Your pregnancy will have a positive impact on your life so, they offer the finest and most thorough care available in the area. Their integrated approach of care allows you to get to know our doctors and nurse-midwives as they learn more about you and help you on your journey.

At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, They provide extensive services that address any and every need or worry, like:-

*Routine Care

During your pregnancy, you will have regular check-ups, related to prenatal care.

*High-Risk Care

If your pregnancy is causing you to worry, you will be seen more regularly for purposeful monitoring, check-ups, ultrasounds, and progesterone control.

*Holy Family Birth Center

At the Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, you may have complete control over your natural childbirth experience with the help of our team.

* Hospital Birth

They need you to give you the best possible birth experience. At the Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, They provide the help and care you need to bring your baby into the world in a hospital setting.

*Birth Planning

They provide birth preparation, seminars, and education so you and your family may make the best decisions possible.

*Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC)

They specialize in helping women achieve vaginal delivery. after previously delivering by C-section. Finally, your way can be real.

Fertility and Midwifery Care Center

Fertility Care

Every woman is unique. Their fertility services are tailored to your specific requirements, so you get the best treatment possible as:-

*Creighton Model Fertility Care™ System & NaPro TECHNOLOGY®

The purpose of this disease-based approach is to actively monitor the underlying cause of infertility. This treatment aids in the detection, treatment, and elimination of any illness, allowing for conception.

*Endometriosis Management

Endometriosis is a frequent and uncommon illness that can delay pregnancy and cause a lot of pain and frustration. To get pregnant, you'll need a diagnosis and a treatment program.

*Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Management

PCOS is a severe illness that can influence your quality of life and is a primary cause of infertility. This condition may be diagnosed, evaluated, and treated to help in your fertility journey.

*Extensive Infertility Care

We can identify any underlying issues that are causing infertility and create a strategy to help you get the solutions you need through our different services.

Fertility and Midwifery Care Center

Gynecological Care

At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, They care for women’s bodies, so They provide routine exams, lab work, and assessments that assist your body in continuing to function normally. They aim to keep your body in balance. Whatever your age they will help you to be balanced. At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, They provide Gynecological Care as:-

*Well-Woman Exams

Maintaining your health requires regular checkups and tests to ensure that your body has good health.

*Lab Work

They can examine for hormonal imbalances or abnormalities that will guide them in determining how to keep you healthy.

*Specialized Services

At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, They provide cancer risk evaluations, hormone replacement treatment, physical therapy, emotional wellness, and other services.

*DaVinci Robotic Surgery

Their team is highly qualified and specialized in using DaVinci Robotic surgery to achieve procedures such as hysterectomy, myomectomy, pelvic revision correction, advanced endometriosis removal, and pelvic reconstruction surgery.

*Nutritional Services

Their nutritionist may help you in taking control of your body, which is helpful for everyday health, pregnancy, and fertility.

The team at Fertility and Midwifery Care Center

Everyone on their team wants to provide you with exceptional care that is based on what you need, your pregnancy, and your baby’s birth, so we introduce our unique providers as:-


- Dr. Christopher Stroud

- Dr. Jill Stalling

- Dr. Leigh Bauer

Certified Nurse Midwife

- Marianne Stroud

- Lindsay Davidson

- Rebecca Cronin

- Nicky Schwanz

- Ryanne Kees

- Rachel Maio

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

- Nicole Bobay

Nurse Practitioner

- Sara Rothgeb

Connection with Fertility and Midwifery Care Center

Office: 10228 Dupont Circle Drive East Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Phone: 260-222-7401

Work time: Monday to Thursday (8:30 AM5 PM) Friday:8:30 AM4 PM Saturday-Sunday: Closed

To start your journey with Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, please visit their website: https://fertilityandmidwifery.com/ 

We wish you better health.


At Fertility and Midwifery Care Center, their team provides women with many services as Obstetrical Care, Fertility Care, and Gynecological Care.

Written By: Dr. Israa Gamal Hamed 


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