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Many home remedies for eye irritation are very effective. They are simple enough to be used immediately, and they are not of a great cost.

Eye irritation is a term that describes eye discomfort, itchiness, or dryness, it has a variety of causes, that range from mild to serious. Eye irritation usually gets better with simple tips and over-the-counter eye drops.

It is very bothersome when your eyes become dry or irritated. Most of us seek quick relief from itchiness, irritation, and inflammation. Here are seven at-home remedies for eye irritation that you can use simply.

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Home remedies for eye irritation

Cucumber slices

Cucumber is considered one of the fastest home remedies for eye irritation.

Cut two thick slices and place in cold water for about ten minutes, once it is cold enough, place the sliced cucumbers on your eyelids.

Let the cold cucumbers soothe your eyes to reduce soreness and inflammation.

Raw potato slices

Similar to cucumber, raw potato slices are perfectly soothing, and even hold the coolness for longer.

Slice two or more thick slices of raw potatoes and place in cold water for about ten minutes, once ready, place the sliced potatoes on your eyelids. Let the cold potato slice soothe your eyes to lessen inflammation.

You may also repeat if necessary.

Tea bags

An at-home remedy to help conjunctivitis (Pinkeye) or other kinds of eye irritation, tea bags are the perfect at-home remedy. Tea can help reduce inflammation because it contains bioflavonoids, which fight bacterial infections.

Moisten a black or green tea bag with a few drops of water and place it over the infected eye for five minutes. Repeat if necessary until all symptoms have cleared.

So if you are looking for easy home remedies for eye irritation, tea bags are good choices.

Chilled spoon

Place a spoon in ice-cold water for a few minutes, then place the metal spoon on the affected eye to reduce eye inflammation and redness. Repeat as necessary until symptoms are cleared.

Frozen vegetables

Wrapping a bag of frozen vegetables like corn or peas and placing it across the eyes for a few minutes creates the perfect cold compress and decreases irritation and distress.

Chamomile wash

Add 1 teaspoon of loose chamomile tea to 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for a few minutes and place in the fridge. Once it is cool, use it as an eyewash.

Cold bread

A little unbelievable tip among all home remedies for eye irritation, but it simply works! Save those end pieces because they may be helpful the next time you need a quick itchy eye relief.

Placing a slice of cold bread on your eyelids can reduce distress, irritation, and inflammation.

Other ways to treat eye irritation at home

Among many home remedies for eye irritation, there are several at-home remedies that can reduce irritation:

- Take over-the-counter antihistamines or allergy medications to soothe itchy eyes.
- Use OTC artificial tear drops to lubricate dry eyes which will decrease irritation.

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The most common causes of eye irritation


Many people suffer from eye allergies, or sensitivities to specific substances called allergens. Pollen, dust, and mold are the most common allergens.

Blocked tear ducts

Your tears normally drain through small openings at the corner of your eye called tear ducts. A blocked tear duct affects tear drainage, causing eye irritation, crusting, or pain.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses that haven’t been cleaned properly may contain foreign debris that causes discomfort, possibly leading to an infection. Wearing your contacts for long times and overnight may lead to eye sores.

Digital eye strain

Staring at a computer screen, tablet, or smartphone for long periods can irritate your eyes. It can also cause dry eye which is a very irritating syndrome.

You may also have headaches.

Environmental irritants

Polluted air including tobacco smoke, smog or chlorinated pool water, and even dry weather can all irritate your eyes. Environmental irritants may also cause feelings of grittiness or graininess in your eyes.

Foreign objects

Generally, the sensation that something is “stuck” in your eye is sometimes true. Anything from an eyelash to dirt particles, dust, or smoke can get into your eye and lead to irritation.


Several infections, including bacterial, fungal, or viral infections, can cause eye discomfort and irritation. Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is a very common type of eye infection.
You can always use different home remedies for eye irritation, induced by the above irritants.

Some common eye irritants

It’s hard to find a solution to a problem if you don’t have the cause, there are several possible causes of eye irritation including:

- Pollen (hay fever)

- Chlorine from swimming pools

- Pets

- Dust

- Mold

- Cigarette smoke

Minor eye irritation usually goes away quickly, in a day or two by using suitable home remedies for eye irritation. More serious and complicated infections may cause eye irritation lasting one to two weeks.

See your doctor or healthcare provider if your eye irritation lasts longer than 48 hours, even if it’s mild.

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Prevention of eye irritation

You can keep your eyes healthy and reduce your risk of eye irritation with a few simple practices, including:

- Avoid sharing makeup, skin care products, or personal items with others.

- Check the expiry dates on makeup and skin care products.

- Limit your screen time, and take frequent breaks when working on the computer.

- Protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses in environments with known irritants or allergens.

- Stay indoors when air quality is poor, such as when there's excess pollen or smoke.

- Use a humidifier to manage the dryness of the air in your home.

You should see a doctor if you have bloodshot eyes

In other certain cases, when home remedies for eye irritation are not effective as follows:

- Your eyes are seeping or encrusted with mucus. This can be a sign of infection that needs medical treatment.

- You are experiencing pain in your eyes or unusual tenderness.

- You have an unusual sensitivity to light.

- You have a fever or overall sickness.

- Redness or discomfort lasts more than a week, not responding to home remedies.

- Your child has been exposed to pink eye at school or camp.

Are home remedies effective treatment for sore eyes?

In some cases, home remedies for eye irritation can be effective at treating sore eyes, however in more serious and persistent cases, you should seek diagnosis and treatment from an eye care professional.

using home remedies for eye irritation can be a simple and easy way to deal with discomfort from sore eyes by using natural treatments but cannot not be the only treatment.

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