How to Lighten Dark Hair Without Bleach or Dye at Home

How to lighten dark hair without bleach or dye, a repeatable question for women who don’t like to change their color or hairstyle, just want it shiny and pretty. Now I can give you the solution of how to lighten dark hair naturally without harmful chemicals in most products in the market. All you need are available at your home which is healthier and cheaper than bleach or dye products.




How to lighten dark hair without bleach or dye

Follow those natural tips:


1.Use lemon juice as a hair dye for dark hair without bleach. 

Lemon juice is the most popular method if you want to know How to lighten dark hair without bleach or dye. It works only with the hair that hasn't been color-treated before.

With lemon, you can make two different styles; all lightening effects by applying it on all hair or subtle highlights by applying on hair sections.

The bottled lemon is perfect but fresh lemon juice is most potent.





1.Mix equal amounts of water and lemon juice into a clean spray bottle.

2.Spray your hair until it turns damp.

3.Apply the mixture onto your wet hair at the end of your shower without rinse it.

4.Finally expose your sprayed hair to the sun for 30 to 60 minutes.


How does the sun affects the hair with lemon:

The main step is the sun with its UV rays, not the heat which reacted to the lemon juice.



1.The dryer doesn't work instead the sun as we needn't the heat.

2.Don't forget to add sunscreen on your skin while exposing to the sun.

3.You should use a lot of conditioners for rehydrating your hair as the lemon juice is highly acidic.

4.repeate applying once per week will maintain your hair lightening.




2.Try chamomile tea to lighten your hair.

Here is another popular method to lighten your hair. Chamomile has no effect on dark hair, it works well on dyed hair.

After hair treatment you will enjoy the golden tint, applying chamomile for natural blonde hair.



1.prepare 5 tea bags and steep them in hot water for 30 minutes to cool enough for applying on your head.

2.pour the tea in a spray bottle except for 5 tablespoons add them in your hair conditioner and use it as a regular shampoo.

3.Apply the conditioner tea mixture to your hair for a few minutes after rinsing.

4.It is better for your hair if exposed to sun for drying.

5.Another method is to spray chamomile tea on your dry hair and go out through the sun.




3.Utilize honey for lightening your hair. 

When we mention the question of How to lighten dark hair without bleach or dye? Honey will be ready for a good job not only for lightening hair but as an antibacterial factor. His role in lightening hair is due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide in his content.


Method 1:

1.Mix 2 tablespoons of raw honey into a cup of water.

2. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it for an hour.


Method 2:

Add 2 tablespoons of honey to your conditioner and use it normally.


Method 3:

1.Mash ⅓ cup of raw honey with ¼ cup of conditioner.

2.Add the mix to wet hair, comb your hair well, cover with a shower cap then go to sleep.

3.Wash your hair well and enjoy light hair.


Method 4:

1.Make equal amounts of honey, cinnamon, and olive oil. A mixture of honey and cinnamon give the warm blonde with reddish undertones but olive oil is for moisture.




4.Make a lightening solution with rhubarb.

5.Apply olive oil to lighten your hair.

6.Employ baking soda to make your hair lighter.

7.Create a lightening solution with apple cider vinegar. 

8.Administer cinnamon to lighten your hair. 

9.Consider salt for lightening your hair.


Trying Alternative Hair Lightening Tricks

1.Use the sun to naturally lighten your hair.

2.Try vitamin C as a hair lightener.

3.Contemplate a hair lightening product.


To be honest, the bleach or dye-free lightening methods can't give a dramatic lightening effect. I guarantee a fluffy and warm color 


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