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To know how to treat mange in dogs at home or if you are one of the dog owners or lovers you have to know what a case of mange looks like.

Skin is the largest organ of your dog's body that gives it intense touch with protection against the environment, and mange is one of the most common cases that affect the skin.

To know how to treat mange in dogs at home before we should know.

how to treat mange in dogs at home

What is the mange

Mange is the most common skin disorder that is caused by microscopic organisms invading the skin which is (mites) causing skin irritation, itching, hair loss, and scaling of the skin.

Various types of mange differ according to cause or which mites invade the skin.

What causes mange in dogs

Two main types of mange differ from each other according to the causative agent.

Demodectic mange

This caused by Demodex canis mites microscopically is cigar-shaped mites.

Normally these mites inhabit hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the skin and cause no disease in case of small numbers, but in any case, with immunosuppressive diseases, large numbers of these mites cause demodectic mange.

- These mites pass from the mother to her puppies in the first few days.

- Young puppies are easily infected with these mites.

- Old dogs with systemic diseases suppress immunity.

- To know how to treat mange in dogs at home we have to know that this disease started with different forms

Symptoms of Demodectic mange in dogs

There are three forms in which appear Demodectic mange in dogs as.

Localized form

This form of mange appears as a limited number of demarcated areas of alopecia, erythema, and scaling these areas are always around the lips, periorbital, forelimbs, erythema, scaling, and papules, and may also hyperpigmentation appear in all bodies.

Juvenile generalized form

This form usually is a hereditary immune disorder this mange usually appears in young dogs.

this form may be associated with a secondary bacterial infection.

Generalized form affecting adult dog

This form appears in adult dogs with systemic diseases and medication-suppressing immunity.

Also, this form of mange appears in dogs as generalized lesions of alopecia, erythema, scales, papules, hyperpigmentation, oily skin due to yeast infection, and also secondary bacterial infection.

This form accompanies illness, weakness, lethargy, and of appetite. There is no pruritis in Demodectic mange, and it's not contagious to humans.

- The case of the localized form may occur in recovery by giving attention to immunity for being better with good grooming.

- But in the case of generalized form, we have to know how to treat mange in dogs at home.


- To know how to treat mange in dogs at home we first have to make hair clipping

- Then make bathing in medicated shampoo

- Then the topical application of medicated ampoules to control mites as selamectin

- Amitraz(0.025%)dipping dogs body in Amitraz every two weeks

how to treat mange in dogs at home

Sarcoptic mange

Another type of mange is caused by microscopically circular mites (Sarcoptes Scabies mites).

These mites have spines on their surface when they invade skin burrowing skin for laying eggs causing intense pruritus and associated with hypersensitivity from mites.

- This type of mange is highly contagious for humans and other animals.

- These mites transmit from one affected dog to another by direct or indirect contact.

- These mites aren’t host specific considered zoonotic diseases

- Incubation period of this mange is from 10 days:8 weeks according to the number of mites transmitted, the area affected, and the health state of your dog.

- To know how to treat mange in dogs at home we have to know its symptoms


- Intense itching as the dog bites itself 

- The lesions appear as hair loss, erythema, and crust appear at first at the ear margin, belly, and elbow then become generalized with secondary bacterial and yeast infection.

- Lesions of papules that erupted as dogs severely bit and scratched themselves, these papules erupted with thick crust formation.

- In chronic cases, skin is thickened with the formation of skin folds.

- In advanced and extreme cases lymph nodes are inflamed and the animal is emaciated even the dog may die.


To know how to treat mange in dogs at home we first make hair clipping then bathing in medicated shampoo to remove crusts then give systemic treatment which includes:

- Macrocyclic lactones which are FDA approved with selamectin spot on.

- Imidacloprid-Moxidectin formulation safe for young dogs

- Lime sulfur which is safe for young ages, Amitraz dipping  (0.025%) every 1-2 weeks.

- Treatment also for all Animals in contact.

The owner must take caution for himself to not be affected!

- It is prevented to give ivermectin in dogs with a risk of sensitivity.

- In Sarcoptic Mange disinfection of dogs' environment, food and water utensils also kennels are necessary 

In Demodectic Mange disinfection isn’t necessary.

how to treat mange in dogs at home

Natural medication

Also, there are natural medications we can follow if we need to know how to treat mange in dogs at home

- Giving your dog support to its immune system as vitamins (C, D, E).

- Your dog meals should contain healthy balanced food.

- Your dog should take natural anti herbal as Neem oil, also natural antibiotic as olive leaf.

- Bathing your dog with safe shampoo specified for dogs does not irritate your dog's skin.

- Decontamination of our homes and rugs with vacuum and steam.

Are we able to know how to treat mange in dogs at home?

In case of mild cases of mange, especially demodicosis, if the lesion is localized we can give our dog attention, raising its immunity with vitamins and a balanced diet.

But in the generalized form, we should visit the veterinarian to give the dog its medication, dogs get their normal healthy state after correct therapy and treatment but if neglected or exposed to the wrong therapy mange may be fatal.

To be able to know how to treat mange in dogs at home you should know that some other types of mange are less common you should take an idea about as.

Otodectic mange which is caused by ear mites characterized by head shaking and scratching is caused by ear mites usually accompanied by suppurative otitis.


If you want to know how to treat mange in dogs at home you should try to know which types of mites affect your dog.

Also giving your pet its medical needs as the veterinarian has many ways of diagnosis and good inspection to get the correct cause of disease to give an ideal therapy to get good results

At last.

Finally, take care of your dog's vaccination in time.

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