Inflamed Eye Treatment | Types of Eye Inflammation

Inflamed eye treatment should consider the cause and the severity of the eye inflammation which is common and can happen at any age.

What are the causes of eye inflammation?

It is a condition that occurs in response to infection, injury, irritation, or trauma to the eyelids, eyes, or surrounding tissues.

Eye inflammation can also respond to harmless normal substances such as pollen, wind, dust, or grass, called an allergic reaction.

Sometimes the body mistakenly attacks itself leading to eye inflammation (autoimmune disorders) such as rheumatoid arthritis which may affect the eye.

The inflammation may affect the eyelid and lashes in addition to the eye so differ in the inflamed eye treatment.

Inflamed Eye Treatment

What are the types of eye inflammation?

There are different types of eye inflammation according to the cause and the part of inflammation.


Resulting from infection caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi and called infectious keratitis, it is due to inflammation in the cornea


The inflammation is in the middle tissue layer of the eye wall, it may occur in one eye or both, it can be acute, chronic, or recurrent according to the infection duration and the repetition of the episodes.

Some of them are serious and can lead to permanent vision loss, it is divided into different types according to the affected part of the eye:


When all the layers of the eye are inflamed.

Anterior uveitis

It is the most common type of uveitis, it affects the front of the eye (between the iris and the cornea) and the ciliary body. Sometimes it is called iritis.

Posterior uveitis

Affects the back of the eye, either the choroid or the retina.

Intermediate uveitis

It affects the gel in the center of the eye called (the vitreous) or the blood vessels behind the lens (pars plana).

Conjunctivitis (pink eye)

It is a common cause of eye inflammation in which the clear mucous membrane that covers the white part of the eyeball gets inflamed.


Small, painless eyelid bump.


Red, painful eyelid bump near the eyelash.


Blepharitis includes a swollen is divided into two types according to which part is inflamed

Anterior blepharitis:

It occurs when you have dandruff on your lashes or where the eyelashes come out of the lids, they are red or darker in color and swollen

Posterior blepharitis

It occurs when the oil-producing meibomian glands under the eyelid produce unhealthy thickened oil.

Dry eye syndrome

From insufficient lubrication and moisture on the eye surface.


Severe inflammation inside the eye due to fungal or bacterial infection.

Allergic inflammation

Dust, animal dander, or pollen that causes allergy.

Injury to the eye

May be due to accidents, sports injuries, or penetration of foreign objects inside the eye.

Common symptoms that need inflamed eye treatment

- Redness and swelling.

- Burning and itching.

- Tearing of the eyes.

- Tenderness to the touch.

- Blurred vision.

- Eye discharge.

- Painless or painful eyelid bump.

- Eye discomfort.

First, you can follow some tips at home starting inflamed eye treatment. some inflammations are self-cured

Inflamed eye treatment at home:

Warm compress

It can help to soothe pink eye and blepharitis as a first step in inflamed eye treatment.

Cold compress

It can ease the discomfort associated with allergic conjunctivitis and reduce swelling in the case of eye infections and eye injuries.

Tea bags 

They can be an effective home method in inflamed eye treatment such as green tea, rosehip tea, black tea, echinacea tea, or thyme tea.

They can reduce eyelid swelling and some of them have antibacterial anti-inflammatory effects.

Artificial tears

Which are similar to teardrops to avoid dry eyes 

It has an important role in inflamed eye treatment and eye lubrication.

Washing linens

Change the pillowcases and the towels daily.

Lid scrub

You can use them to reduce oil, dandruff, or bacteria on the lashes.

Healthy food

Eat green, leafy vegetables, and avoid high-fat meals.

Take omega 3s

Which helps the eye gland to work better. They are found in fish and flaxseed.

Sometimes inflamed eye treatment at home is not enough, you should visit a doctor to prescribe some medical treatment.

It is better to avoid makeup and wear glasses instead of contact lenses.

Avoid hypertension and disabuse of some medication especially cortisone-containing medication.

Medical inflamed eye treatment

It includes antihistamines, anti-inflammatory medication, steroids, decongestants, and other medications.

Antiviral, antibiotics, or antifungal medications

Medications treat the cause of the infection.

Eye drops

Can reduce pain and swelling.

Steroidal anti-inflammatory medication

That contains corticosteroids which reduce eye inflammation.

They are found in different forms like drops, capsules, ointments, oral pills, or injections.

In case of eye inflammation caused by autoimmune disease, inflamed eye treatment should include immunosuppressants.

When should you see an ophthalmologist?

Some eye diseases are difficult to catch without examination or diagnosis so before inflamed eye treatment you should see an ophthalmologist if you suffer from the following:

1. Vision disturbances.

2. Eye pain.

3. Light sensitivity.

4. Blurred vision.

5. Night blindness.

6. If you see flashes of light when you look around.

7. Chronic headache.

The specialist should review your medical history before deciding the inflamed eye treatment for example if you suffer from thyroid disorders or diabetes.

Complications of eye inflammation


Increased pressure inside the eye affects the optic nerve is one of the most common complications.


Clouding of the natural lens inside the eye affects clear vision.

Optic nerve damage

Retinal detachment

The retina begins to separate from the blood vessels that provide it with nutrients and oxygen

Permanent vision loss

Eye health is one of the most precious issues.  So inflamed eye treatment is considered an essential step. Rapid eye recovery will be as fast as the diagnosis and treatment.

Don't ignore this to avoid complications of eye inflammation.

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