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Prospect park vet clinic, from our rules to protect our pets, we should highlight the importance of vet clinic which help us to take care the physical and psychological health of the pets. So, it is highly recommended to you.


Services of Prospect Park Vet Clinic

 It has useful services for you like:

Prospect Park Vet Clinic 1

 - Compassionate Care

 Prospect park vet clinic, they are a small, family-owned veterinary clinic dedicated to providing compassionate care to their animals and clients.


Prospect Park Vet Clinic 2

- A Personal Approach

 They are dedicated to serving the human-animal relationship, and their clients and their dogs are guided by trust, honesty, and compassion. For their patients, they provide a wide range of wellness and surgical procedures.


Experienced Veterinarians in Prospect Park Vet Clinic

 At this clinic, they have brilliant doctors:

 -Dr. Caroline Catona DVM

 -Dr. Athan, VMD

 , And other good doctors that do all their best.



 903 Lincoln Avenue, Prospect Park, Pennsylvania 19076, United States.



 (610) 461-7887

This clinic started on May 3rd, 2021 they are by appointment only. Please, contact our office to make an appointment now. Please, call the University of Pennsylvania Veterinary Hospital at (215) 746-8387 if you have an emergency outside of regular office hours.



 (610) 461-7466




Work Time:

 -Monday - Thursday: 9AM -12 Noon

                                5PM -6:30PM

 -Friday - 9AM -12 Noon

 -Saturday: 9AM -1PM



Prospect park vet Clinic is the best place that serves your pets and cares its physical and mental health.


Written by: Dr. Israa Gamal Hamed


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