The 8 Effective Natural Treatments For Neuropathy

If you suffer from numbness, muscle weakness, or cramps you may need simple natural treatments for neuropathy.

Neuropathy is any damage or injury in your nerve fibers that cause neuropathic manifestations, especially peripheral nerves, causing discomfort during your daily life and I will demonstrate some natural treatments for neuropathy that will help you to improve your pain, later.

 Natural treatments for neuropathy

Types of neuropathy;


There are five main types of neuropathy as follow,

       1- Peripheral neuropathy:

Is the most common type of neuropathy that affects peripheral nerves, caused by damage in the nerve fibers. It affects particular areas in your body such as toes, feet, fingers, and hands.


This form could be the most common type that you can easily handle using natural treatments for neuropathy.


       2- Proximal neuropathy:

Is the second most common type of neuropathy that causes damage to nerves in your thighs, hips, and gluteal areas.


       3-Central neuropathy 

Affects any of the cranial nerves in your body. These cranial nerves travel from your brain to many parts of your body such as your eyes and face.


       4-Autonomic neuropathy

Affects your involuntary nervous system like your heart and bladder.


       5-Focal neuropathy

Is a less common form of neuropathy. It affects a single nerve like in your thigh or wrist. 

 Natural treatments for neuropathy

Symptoms of neuropathy:

Every nerve in your body has a specific function, so symptoms and signs are depending on the type of the affected nerve, it may be acute as you can use natural treatments for neuropathy to overcome it easily, or even chronic conditions that you may use these natural treatments to improve your pain and suffering.

Symptoms are classified according to the type of nerve involved as shown below: 

    Motor symptoms;

              - Muscle weakness 

              - Muscle cramps 

              - Paralysis 

              - Foot drop


     Sensory symptoms;


              - Tingling and prickling ( pins and needles )

              - Loss of balance 

              - Burning or sharp pain ( common in feet)

              - A reduced sensation of pain, hot or cold 

    Autonomic symptoms;

              - Diarrhea or constipation

              - Irregular heart rate 

              - Sweating disorder ( little or increase )

              - Bowel control disorders

              - Dizziness or fainting while standing due to hypotension

              - Sexual function disorder

              - Nausea or vomiting 

Symptoms may be sensory, motor, autonomic or sensorimotor depending on the place of injury.


Causes of neuropathy;

 There are many reasons for neuropathy. Some studies suggest that these symptoms may be related to certain vitamin deficiencies like vitamin B, or may be inherited as Gillian-barre syndrome or due to injury (trauma or accident) in the nervous system.

Others show that neurological symptoms may also be related to certain diseases such as diabetes ( metabolic disorders), infection in the nerve (HIV), and autoimmune diseases ( Rheumatoid arthritis and Ankylosing spondylitis), Also alcohol, toxins, and certain medications are also considered to cause neuropathy.

 Natural treatments for neuropathy

Treatments of neuropathy; 

 Many forms of neuropathy can not be cured. It just improves the symptoms and tries to delay their progression.

The treatment of neuropathy varies depending on the type, cause and severity.


In general, the following treatment methods are commonly used by doctors (medications, physical therapy and surgical treatment).

You should visit your doctor to prescribe a suitable medication according to your condition.

There are some natural treatments for neuropathy   you can use it to help your body to recover from certain simple neurological symptoms.


Natural treatments for neuropathy 


Warm bath;


Taking a warm shower is the simplest, easiest and least expensive natural treatment for neuropathy.


It can reduce your muscle cramps, relieve your pain and improve your blood flow.


Take care of the temperature of the water while showering as you may have a sensory problem with hot water.




Doing exercises is one of the perfect natural treatments for neuropathy as you keep moving you will see the difference and benefits in your body. 


Thereare many different types of exercise you can do at home and easy to learn alone such as aerobic exercises and stretching exercises, which help to strengthen your muscles, improve pain sensations and reduce other neurological symptoms. 

You can do certain exercises to help you feel better in specific conditions of neuropathy and I will explain them now.

    Natural treatments for neuropathy in hands and fingers;

 Stretching exercise is an effective natural treatment for neuropathy in arms, hands and fingers.


Warm up your muscle before exercising, with dynamic stretching like an arms circle that improves flexibility and increases blood flow.


     Natural treatments for neuropathy in feet:


Walking is the best treatment for neuropathic pain in the feet. Exercise helps your body release natural painkillers, called endorphins.


Walking also increases blood flow in the feet and legs.

    Natural treatments for neuropathy in the back: 


Aerobic and stretching exercises for your back muscles help to improve your muscle weakness or cramps and so improve the pressures on the nerves and the relief of your pain.


Essential oils:


Some studies show that using essential oils in massages such as lavender and germanium can improve your neurological function and are considered effective natural treatments for neuropathy.                                             


Rubbing the affected areas by applying a germanium oil can reduce the pain of postherpetic neuralgia and  Roman lavender oil helps to increase blood flow in your body, It also has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory actions that could improve the healing of your nerves.


Quitting smoking and alcohol:


Improper blood circulation may increase numbness and pain.


Quitting smoking is considered one of the important natural treatments for neuropathy, and it can help to improve your symptoms.


Changing your lifestyle can help you stop drinking alcohol and you will have a better life.


Cayenne peppers:


Cayenne peppers contain an important ingredient that is found in hot peppers, it is capsaicin which makes them spicy.


Capsaicin may be used as a dietary supplement or topical supplement, Topical cream is used to relieve pain and decrease the intensity of pain signals through your body.


Vitamins (diet improvement):


Some vitamin deficiencies may be related to certain peripheral neuropathy.


Vitamin supplements, such as vitamin B is considered a natural treatment for neuropathy. vitamin B can improve pain and could help heal your nerves.     


Vitamin D also can prevent neuropathy so you can increase your exposure to sunlight at safe times of the day and early morning and late afternoon.




Techniques of meditation, such as guided imagery, and hypnosis, may be considered as one of the natural treatments for neuropathy and can help you to live better so ask for advice to find a trusted centre or person who can help you to reach a safe zone to be compatible with your neuropathy.       



Acupuncture is an old Chinese remedy that used to be known as one of the most effective natural treatments for neuropathy.


It is a technique used to decrease and treat your pain and relieve your discomfort, The needles are applied to your body's pressure points to stimulate releasing endorphins( your natural painkiller).    



Natural treatments for neuropathy have some success to improve your pain symptoms.


Neuropathy is not causing pain only.


It also affects your daily life. You may not be able to stop the pain but you can take control of it. 

 Use those helpful natural treatments for neuropathy to handle your pain and take back your life.

Consult your doctor if these natural treatments for neuropathy didn’t improve your pain sensation and ask for medical advice.

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