The best and effective home remedies for tonsillitis in 2023

There are many effective home remedies for tonsillitis you can use when you complain of difficulty swallowing and burning in the throat and with fever and headache. 

Let's start with these home remedies.

The best home remedies for tonsillitis2023

1. Gargling with salt water

Gargling is the most common method of home remedies for tonsillitis, add a quarter teaspoon of salt to eight ounces of warm water.

Avoid hot water then after dissolving you can gargle for a few seconds and then spit the water out, but you should avoid swallowing salty water. 

But this method is not suitable for hypertensive people, as these people may swallow little amounts of salt that increase blood pressure if this method is repeated many times per day. 

Also, it is not suitable for children, as there is a high risk of choking and also mentally retarded patients.

2. Eating  cold food

Cold food is one of the highly effective methods of home remedies for tonsillitis. 

Cold food like ice cream, cold fruits, and frozen yogurt can relieve pain in the throat.  

Also, cold food can relieve the pain in the throat after the surgery of tonsillectomy.

Cold food is safer for young children than gargling salt water and may add honey to yogurt this will help to increase the immunity of the respiratory system.

3. Avoiding hard food

Avoiding hard food is very important as one of the home remedies for tonsillitis. 

Hard food can irritate the throat and increase the pain of tonsillitis by injuring the mucosa which covers the throat so avoiding toast, carrots, and chips is very important.

4. Using a humidifier

Adding moisture to the air with a humidifier or vaporizer is one of the most effective home remedies for tonsillitis especially if the air is dry.  

Dry air can irritate the throat easily and increase the dryness of the mouth so a humidifier of the air will help to relieve the pain of tonsillitis by adding moisture into the air.

In another method, if you don't have a humidifier you can boil water in the container and then inhale the steam of the water during the shower.

Make sure the water is hot and close the bathroom door then start inhaling the warm steam. 

If you have a humidifier you should clean it daily to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

5. Rest  of voice

Rest of voice is one of the most important home remedies for tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis may make the voice muffled because of the swollen glands and the accumulation of secretions on vocal cords, so the rest of the voice will help in recovery and decrease secretions on vocal cords.

6. Drinking warm liquid

Warm liquids like lemon and tea are one of the traditional home remedies for tonsillitis and we can add a spoon of honey or glycerine, as it helps in the formation of a protective film over the mucosa of the tonsil and the throat.

The warm liquid will increase the blood supply for the tonsils. This method helps in increasing recovery fastly but be careful to avoid hot liquids, as hot liquids cause injury to the mucosa covering the tonsil, so warm liquids are not hot drinks.

7. Getting  plenty of rest

Rest is one of the uncommon home remedies for tonsillitis,  it helps the body to fight infection, especially for children. We can treat tonsillitis by staying at home and resting our bodies, and encouraging children to be absent from school.

8. Pain relievers

Paracetamol and ibuprofen can relieve the pain of tonsillitis, these drugs are mainly present at any home. 

Paracetamol is safe for children from birth and also safe for pregnant women.

Ibuprofen is safe for children older than one year, and we avoid aspirin in childhood as it may cause Reye syndrome.

9. Oral spray 

The oral spray is an easier and faster home remedy for tonsillitis, as it helps children to swallow food despite the presence of inflammation of the tonsils.

It contains ingredients such as benzylamine and phenol that work as a local pain reliever and also have antiseptic properties.

10. Avoid spicy food

Spicy food increases the pain in tonsillitis so avoiding spicy and by irritating the mucosa of the throat so avoiding spicy food is one of the methods to allow the mucosa of the tonsil to regenerate faster after inflammation.

11. Antiseptic mouth gargle

Mouth gargling is one of the most effective methods of home remedies for tonsillitis, especially before sleeping. 

Antiseptic mouth gargle works as an antibacterial agent during tonsillitis.

12. Licorice lozenges

Licorice lozenges are one of the most common home remedies for tonsillitis, some lozenges contain ingredients with natural anti-inflammatory properties or ingredients that can relieve the pain in the throat. 

Lozenges should not be given to children due to choking risk, throat spray is a better choice for children.

13. Practise  good hygiene habits

Good hygiene is one of the best home remedies which will protect you from tonsillitis, especially after contact with someone who has a sore throat or is coughing or sneezing.

14. Drink or eat food with vitamin c

Drinks like strawberries, lemon, tomato, kiwi, oranges, and broccoli are the best sources of vitamin C and help in improving the resistance of the respiratory system.

15. Always  make the place well ventilated

The infectious organism that causes tonsillitis can pass to other people for 24 to 48 hours before you develop any symptoms, so you should be careful to be in a well-aerated area.

16. Avoiding bad habits such as smoking 

Smoking is one of the bad habits which affect the respiratory mucosa starting from the nose to the lung and it always irritates the mucosa of the throat, so avoid smoking or avoid being somewhere with smokers.

The best home remedies for tonsilitis2023

Failure of home remedies for tonsillitis

Most bacterial infections of tonsillitis are difficulty managed by home remedies, symptoms of bacterial tonsillitis: 

1.Fever( high grade). 

2. Persistent sore throat for more than two days not decreased by pain reliever. 

3. Swollen lymph nodes.

These symptoms indicate that you should make an appointment to see your doctor, and you may need a suitable antibiotic for this bacterial infection of tonsillitis.



Many home remedies are important for faster recovery such as warm liquids, food with vitamin C, eating cold food, honey, avoiding hard, spicy food, and bad habits such as smoking. 



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