The Wonderful 5 Bounce Curls Gel Ingredients

Curly hair is more dry and porous than straight hair and exposed to more wear and tear due to daily styling.

So curly hair needs special products and care to be healthy and natural.

Naturalistic Products LTD

It is an international company located in the United Kingdom, started in 2018.

It is an online haircare store that specializes in all types of hair to get the natural and healthy appearance of your hair type. 

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Bounce curls gel properties

It is a light hair gel for styling and defining the curls, it has a lot of composition to nourish the hair.

Most of its form is a gel and a small amount is cream, you can't feel as if you put anything on your hair.

It increases the volume of the hair because it is very light, not sticky, lasts for a long period, and keeps the beautiful look of your curls.

The natural ingredients of the gel as black seeds, aloe, and panax ginseng root give the gel additional features in restoring and nourishing the hair.

bounce curls gel 2Bounce curls gel ingredients

1. Black seeds oil

It is made by extracting oils from the seeds of Nigella sativa planta. 

It is a very strong natural and herbal medicine. It has been one of the oldest miracle oils in old medicine, for more than 2000 years in the Middle East.

It was used in the treatment of many things such as headaches, acne, and inflammation.

It is also very important to restore and give the hair a shiny appearance.

It is also very important to make the hair too long at short periods of use.

It acts as a natural antifungal and anti-inflammatory for both hair and scalp and maintains a healthy and natural look.

2. Panax ginseng root extract

It is a very important herbal plant to maintain hair growth and reduce hair fall.

It acts as an anti-inflammatory, it reduces any signs of inflammation that affect the growth of the hair.

3. Hydrolyzed jojoba esters

The oil is extracted from the seeds of jojoba shrub with a substance similar to the sebum of the human so it moisturizes the hair.

It has antifungal properties so it protects the hair and the scalp from dandruff, also it has an antibacterial function.

4. Aloe barbadensis leaf extract

It has multiple vitamins such as A, C, E, and B12 and folic acid which are very important in the growth of the hair and strength.

5.Salvia officinalis (sage) extract

It plays an important role in controlling hair loss, leads to the formation of new hair follicles, and increases blood supply to the scalp.

bounce curls gel 3How to use Bounce Curls gel?

Use Bounce Curls gel in more wet hair and divide the hair into two parts. 

The gel is put up to down from the roots of the hair till the end.

Press the gel on the hair with massage till the excess water drops then use air dry.

For thin hair usage of Bounce Curls gel is the same way but apply leave-in or cream before use of Bounce Curls gel.

For thick hair and very dry hair, you must use conditioner and cream before bounce curls gel.

To define the curls and give them a beautiful and healthy look without problems in the hair and without dryness.

You can use cream with the gel to get the best result.

Other Naturalistic Products LTD

Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic

This product can make the curls more defined, nourished, and shiny.

You can combine it with other Products to get the best results, the Richee Rich Moisturizing Conditioner, Supercurl or Extra Butter, and Thirsty Curls Revitalizer.

Innersense organic beauty hydrating cream conditioner

It is a natural product containing aloe vera and organic monoi oil that suits curly hair.

They are very important ingredients to control frizz.

It moisturizes the hair, also, it contains orange flower oil which is very important for getting shiny hair.

bounce curls gel 4How can you care for your curly hair?

To take care of your  curly hair a lot of dermatologists suggest:

Wash your hair minimum every 2-3 weeks.

Curly hair doesn't need to be washed daily or weekly.

Use special shampoo and conditioner for curly hair.

Apply bounce curls gel after bathing when the hair is wet.

Make your curly hair moisturize all the time.

It is drier than any other type so use special products for curly hair.

Keep your scalp away from dandruff by only using dandruff shampoo for 5-10 min.

Detangle your hair as curly hair easily tangled and knotted.

Divide it into sections and use a wide-toothed brush when the hair is wet.

Protect the hair from the ultraviolet rays of the sun and heat as it leads to damage to the hair.

Protect the hair during sleep. 

Friction of curly hair with pillowcase leads to damage and break of the hair.


Curly hair is a very difficult hair, it needs special and multiple products.

To maintain curly hair healthy, natural, and moisturizing you need to use natural products.

Natural products are safe and don't cause any toxicity and are effective.

Bounce curls gel is one of the most effective products with natural ingredients.

It contains multiple natural and amazing ingredients.

Try to use it and you will be blessed with the results.


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