Top 10 Natural Cures For Cold Sores | Causes And Symptoms

Natural cures for cold sores are much needed as cold sores are widespread and about 90% of the adults test positive for the virus that causes it, but what are cold sores?

Cold sores are viral infections. They are also called fever blisters, oral herpes or herpes labialis.cold sores are blisters filled with fluid around the mouth, on the nose or chin. They appear as a result of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), and less commonly herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). 


The infection of herpesvirus occurs in childhood or early adulthood and lasts for life.Cold sores themselves aren't serious and healthy people recover in weeks. The infection can develop once in lifetime or develop more than one time in the year, so it's variable from person to person. 


As HSV can trigger cold sores, are there other causes of cold sores? What are the symptoms? Do cold sores transfer from person to person? When should the patient see the doctor? What are natural cures for cold sores?  What are the complications of cold sores? How can we avoid cold sores? All of these answers will be shown in this article!

Natural Cures For cold sores

What are the triggers of cold sores?

1-Exposure to sunlight

2-Exposure to winds

3-Hormonal changes during menstrual period

4-Emotional stress

5-Fever with infection

6-Damage around the lips


An important note about cold sores is that they are symptoms not an infection.


Do cold sores transfer from person to person?

Yes, they can transfer through many ways such as kissing and also by sharing:


2-Food drinks

3-Close contact


5-Bottles and glasses

Natural Cures For cold sores

What are the symptoms of cold sores?

1-Itching and tingling around the mouth a day or two before the infection.

2-Localized collection of blisters

3-Pain and tenderness accompanied with the blisters.

4-Blisters may burst later

5-The site then develops crusts that fall 10 days later.


What are the treatments of cold sores?

Treatment isn’t necessary in all cases, but it can heal the symptoms and you should avoid breaking blisters to avoid secondary infection.

The patient should try things that can calm or relieve the pain such as natural cures for cold sores and they are:

Natural Cures For cold sores

1- Lemon balm:

Antiviral properties of lemon balm which are known as Melissa officinalis have a role in reducing redness and swelling of n=blisters and may prevent secondary infection.


You can use a lip balm with at least 1% lemon or use a compress made of lemon balm infused in a tea.

Natural Cures For cold sores


It may be not considered as an effective natural cure for cold sores as Ice has no role in the reduction of breakout of blisters, but it reduces its discomfort effect. You can use it by directing it to the ' sore’ site.

Natural Cures For cold sores

3-Aloe vera:

It has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.

Natural Cures For cold sores


Sunscreen not only protects lips during healing but also may prevent future infection. You can use at least SPF of 30.

Natural Cures For cold sores

5-Tea tree oil:

As it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic effect, it can heal cold sores. Some studies showed that tea tree oil works on cold sores by reducing inflammation and drying it out, so it’s considered one of the best natural cures for cold sores. Be sure that you diluted the oil before using it as the instructions say.

Natural Cures For cold sores

6-licorice root paste

Licorice also can be one of the effective natural cures for cold sores as it has an anti-inflammatory effect and acid present in it stop the progression of symptoms and stops the  cold sores virus from spreading.


You can use it by putting a tablespoon of licorice root powder on 1 teaspoon petroleum jelly and apply it to the cold sores, then leave this cream for several hours on cold sores overnight.

Natural Cures For cold sores

7-Witch hazel or alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol or witch hazel acts as an astringent. They help dry cold sores out and reduce the period of healing.

Natural cures for cold sores

8-Vanilla extract:

It works in the same way as rubbing alcohol or witch hazel.

Natural cures for cold sores

9-Salt water:

Saltwater changes the environment around the virus, so it can’t grow, but one of its problems is that saltwater may be painful.

Natural cures for cold sores

10-Hot compress:

Using towels soaked in warm water and applying it to the sores for about 20 minutes may heal and reduce the inflammation.


After knowing treatments, When should the patient see the doctor?

1-If he has a weak immune system

2-Cold sores don’t heal in 2 weeks

3-He has a repeatable recurrence of cold sores

4-He has eczema

5-Sores in different parts of the body as genitals or around the eyes 


What are the complications of cold sores?

1-Bacterial infection and can be shown around the lips

2-Cold sores that can spread to various parts of the body such as eyes, fingers and genitals. Cold sores in eyes cause redness and need immediate medication because it can cause ulcers on the cornea that can damage sight.


How can we avoid cold sores?

1-Avoid kissing and direct contact with a person who has cold sores

2-Stop sharing towels, dishes, lipstick and lip balm

3-Wash your hands before touching your eyes, lips and genitals.


If you got already in contact with HSV-1, do these tips to avoid cold sores:

1-Try to stay healthy and avoid fever

2-Take enough rest as fatigue weakens the immune system

3-Put lip balm and SPF



Cold sores are a viral infection and appear as a result of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), and less commonly herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2). It has symptoms such as redness, itching, a group of blisters on the chin, nose or around the lip.

It may transfer from one to the other by direct contact or using personal tools. Natural cures for cold sores can be used to reduce the pain or drying the sores out. Cold sores for cold sores are tea tree oil, lemon, licorice root paste, ice, hot compress, vanilla extract and saltwater.

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