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Vpi pet insurance is an organization that serves pets insurance like cats and dogs. 

If you have a pet you can follow that article that leads you to know about pets insurance.

 Any creature has the right to be in good health, the health of what we love is always important. 

Vpi Pet Insurance

Types of insurance they provide? 

  Complete coverage:-

Good insurance for your dog and cat to have good health, 90% from veterinary expenses. 

   Coverage highlights:-

-Accidents and illnesses



-Flea prevention

-Hereditary conditions

-Chronic conditions

-Wellness exams and tests

-Surgeries and hospitalization

The price of Vpi pet insurance in This plan starts from $64 per month. 

  Medical coverage:-

This plan is Specialist in common medical costs. 

  Coverage highlights:-

-Chronic conditions

-Accidents and illnesses


- Some hereditary conditions

-Surgeries and hospitalization

The price of Vpi pet insurance in This plan starts from $34 per month.

How to obtain the insurance from Vpi pet insurance? 

-Visit veterinary

-Send claim

-Check Will be sent to you by us. 


Vpi Pet Insurance
Do dogs and cats get insurance?

Common illnesses:-


-Ear infections


Hereditary conditions:-

-Blood disorders

-Hip dysplasia

-Eye disorders

Accidents & injuries:-



-ACL ruptures

Vpi Pet Insurance





Chronic illnesses:-

-Skin conditions



Holistic & alternative:-


-Laser therapy





Serious illnesses:-

-Heart disease



Testing & diagnostics:-

-Blood tests




Pros & CONS Vpi pet insurance? 


-License vet 

-Discount for families with more than one animal 

-High range coverage of price 

-Cover most household animals 


-A single option for discount 

-More expensive than competitors 

-Per-procedure limits

How to contact Vpi pet insurance? 

Tell :- (1-888-899-4874) 



Fax:- 714-989-5600 

Web site:www.petinsurance.com

Why pets insurance? 

Insurance is important for us as a human and for our pets, if you have a pet that means you are known that you should visit the vet regularly and care about its fur, ear, legs, and all its members, if he makes an accident cost a lot of insurance help in this cases, in visiting vet also afford a cost, So pets insurance is important for pet owners cats or dogs or two.


All pets have the right to have good health, so insurance provides for it to be regularly visited by a vet and take medicine regularly also, saves your money at the same time, Vpi pet insurance as an insurance organization is its goal. 

By: Nadeen Ayad 

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