What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate Home Remedies | 7 Steps

What to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies, Oh, No, sorry to tell you that; the chocolate that is very delicious for you may be toxic to your dogs. You are jonesing for help from a veterinarian ASAP.


what to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies


Is eating chocolate toxic for dogs?

Yes, it is toxic, poisoning with chocolate acts on the central nervous system, kidney, and heart also.

But the effect is related to dose, the weight of the dog, and the type of chocolate.

For example, eating 700 gm of milky chocolate by a labrador-sized dog can lead to seizures but develop cardiovascular symptoms like increased heart rate if it eats 500gm and heartburn symptoms with vomiting if it eats 200 gm.


what to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies


Come on to know how chocolate cause toxicity to dogs:

It's theobromine, the hero of this bad story besides a little caffeine.

-Chocolate contains a component called theobromine that can't be broken down by dogs in contrast to humans that can destroy it.

-Theobromine acts on blood vessels and dilates them, acts on muscles relaxing them, and also acts as a diuretic.

-Theobromine affects the stomach, heart, central nervous system, and kidney Of your dog.

-Vomiting, heartburn, increasing heart rate, seizures, and kidney deterioration may develop as a symptom of toxicity.

-The choice Of the system of dog body that will be affected by toxicity depending on the type of chocolate and  size of the dog

But we can say that the toxicity by theobromine starts with a dose of 20 mg per Kg of weight and increases with increasing the dose.

Concerning caffeine, it increases blood pressure and heart rate and may lead to seizures as it changes muscles tones.


The time the chocolate stays in the body of your dog:

After 10 hours the peak level of serum theobromine reached and the body needed 17.5 to get off half of its dose.

But caffeine reaches peak serum level after 30-60 minutes and the body needs 4.5 hours to get rid of half of its dose.


what to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies


Your guide for what to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies:

What to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies in steps:

1- Your dog weight, type, and amount of chocolate; should be taken into the note.

2- ASAP, visit your veterinarian for checking your dog

3- ASPCA’s Poison Control may be a chance if you didn't find a veterinarian quickly or reaching the nearest veterinarian will take a long time. ASPCA'S has an animal poisoning center that is available 24hours with.

4- You may use a chocolate toxicity calculator to calculate if the amount taken by the dog is a toxic dose or not.

5- The chocolate will make your dog vomit and if not the veterinarian will give it hydrogen peroxide to encourage the dog to vomit.

Hydrogen peroxide took as one tablespoon for every 20 pounds.

Activated charcoal may also be used to encourage Vomiting.

6- No antidote to chocolate, the veterinarian encourages Vomiting to prevent the absorption of theobromine and start symptomatic treatment. also, dogs may need intravenous fluids.


If you blow to know the amount of chocolate that your dog eats:

If You blow to know the amount you shouldn't let it down for the chance, be on the safe side and ask for veterinarian help.

Serious symptoms may develop through 6-12 hours so you shouldn't wait for these serious symptoms to move.

Sorry to say that no amount of chocolate is safe for your dog.


Dark, White, Hot Chocolate or Dry cocoa Powder: what's the most dangerous?

Dark chocolate and dry cocoa powder are more dangerous than white or hot chocolate.

Seizures may develop from little grams of cocoa powder as it contains 26 mg of theobromine. if a dog weighs 10 kilograms may have seizures if eat little grams of cocoa powder. the Baker's chocolate contains 400-450 mg/oz of theobromine.

Hot chocolate and white chocolate represent the middle of toxicity levels between types of chocolate as the hot chocolate contains (12 mg/oz)of theobromine but the milk chocolate contains(40-60mg/oz). generally, you should know that 8 ounces of milk chocolate equal to 1ounce of baker's chocolate affect ten-pound dogs.

what to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies

No mix between chocolate and dog, it can kill your dog:

Between 1000 cases of chocolate toxicity recorded at the veterinary poison services center only five cases die. but there may be un-recorded cases.

However, this bad end of death depends on many factors such as how long the chocolate stays in the dog's body, the type of chocolate, and the weight of the dog. A senior dog may be killed by 15 mg per pound of baker's chocolate but an adult larger one no.


what to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies


Be on the safe side, make your dog away from any chocolate, How??

Don't leave the chocolate in a place where the dog can reach or say it.

Dogs can't stop itself from eating, if it finds the chocolate it will eat till you observe it or you may not observe so make any chocolate out of view of your dog.


If a small amount of chocolate pass into peace is long-term exposure to chocolate can affect your dog??

Exposure to chocolate repeatedly isn't safe, however, it may pass into peace but repeating this is dangerous according to a study that found repeated exposure to theobromine leads to the development of cardiomyopathy besides chronic heart diseases that leave the heart unable to pump blood to the body of your dog. 


Mixture Of chocolate and dog is very dangerous to the level of killing it so you should prevent chocolate and know what to do if your dog eats chocolate home remedies.

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