Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic | The Best Place For Your Pet

Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic is a safe, safe, and economic place for your pet as it is supplied by highly qualified doctors and supplied by modern equipment.

They provide the best care for your pet.


What services Does The Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic Provide?

● They learn You How To Protect Your Pet From Diseases

They combine eastern therapeutic and western medicine to achieve the best benefits through spreading in newspapers or on the internet or TV or in the hospital.

They make you learn more information about many diseases and how to deal with them such as feline rabies, feline leukemia, heartworm diseases, urinary tract diseases in addition to obesity. 


Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic

 Nutrition Of Pets And Dietary Supplements

AT all visits they speak with owners about nutrition and make videos on the internet about awareness about nutrition and protecting pets from disease as the nutrient is a major goal to keep your pet healthy and enhance immunity and make pets resistant to diseases.


Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic

Poisonous Plants 

Veterinarians find that there are plants that are toxic to pets, For example, tobacco, red maple, privet, oak, nightshade, poison ivy, pigweed, lupine, heaths, cacao, bloodroot, coffee, boxwood, calla lily, chalice, arum lily, camel Bush, glottidium, felt plant, lupine, yews, vetch, lantana, holly, avocado, cherry tree, chalice, …..etc.

● House Calls 

You can telephone the Whole pet Veterinary clinic at any time during the day and night as they seek to help your pet at any time.

● Emergency Care

The Whole pet Veterinary clinic provides first aid for your pet immediately.

They supplied the best team of emergency.

Surgery And Dentistry Care

The Whole  pet Veterinary clinic has a group of the best dentists in the world.

They tell you information about teeth and how to behave such as when dental care should start with your pet, what will happen if you don't care for your pet's teeth regularly, and what does dental cleaning involve?


Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic


The whole pet veterinary clinic each you information about vaccines and tell you the best time for them as what is the best vaccine for your pet, why do you should vaccinate your pet annually, what should you do if your pet skips a year of vaccination, what vaccine should your pet get if it is indoors completely, what is the difference between life and killed vaccine, why do vaccinated pet still get a stick, are vaccine available for the pregnant pet, what is the best vaccine and better than other vaccines, what is an adjuvant, what is a vaccine titer, why is leukemia test required before vaccination and can vaccine hurt your pet or cause any side effect or any disease?

Laboratory Tests 

The whole pet veterinary clinic has laboratory tests that are supplied with the newest equipment.

They do tests at this clinic as intestinal parasite tests.

Allergy Consultation And Tests About Allergy 

They inform you about food, insects as well as things that cause allergies to your pets and how to treat them.

Domestic Health certification for travel

All countries have diamond certificates for traveling domestic pets. The whole pet veterinary clinic can provide these certificates for your pets.

Holistic And Herbal Supplements 

They have much information about herbs that will benefit your pets.

Ultrasound And Digital Radiography 

The whole pet veterinary clinic includes advanced equipment that concerns Ultrasound and digital radiography.

Weight And Counseling 

 They notice the weight of pets and introduce bits of advice about their weights.


What Advice Does the Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic introduce?

■ You should feed your pet healthy food and supply it with dietary supplements.

■ In addition to dry food, you should add canned food supplied with water to your pet.

■ You should drink your pet well with limited amounts daily.

■ You should keep the weight of your pet.

■ You should allow your pet to exercise and play daily.

■ You should save a good and safe place for your pet for living and sleeping.

■ You should trim your pet's nails regularly.

■ You should keep your pet clean.

■ You should give Your pet love and your interest.

■ You shouldn't let anyone hurt your pet.

■ You should take your pet to the veterinary clinic quickly if your vet is sick.

■ You should prevent parasites as they irritate the hair and skin of your pet.

■ You should buy the best products for your pet.

Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic

Who Are The Doctors At The Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic?

The whole pet veterinary clinic involves the best group of qualified doctors.

■ D. Erika Treichel

■ D. Megan Caldwell

■ D. Ruth Clark

■ D. Erica Hillestad

■ D. Elisa Lovejoy 

■ D. Lisa Olson

■ D. Kristi Bernhardt 

■ D. Katie Grawe 

■ D. Donna writhe

Who Are Reception And Client Services At The Whole Pet Veterinary clinic? 

■ Kiley K.

■ Katie G.

■ Samantha F.

■ Julie H.

Who are Veterinary Technicians Assistants At The Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic?

Ashley C.

Hayley B.

Madalyn P.

Who Is The Administrative Team At The Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic? 

Sara C.

What Is The Address Of A Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic?

529 South Park Street Madison, WI 53715 US.

What Is The Telephone Number Of A Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic? 

Phone: (608) 270_ 1070

Don't hesitate to call them at any time. 

What Are Hours Of Work Of The Whole Pet Veterinary Clinic? 

The Whole pet veterinary clinic is open every day from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM except Sunday but now they will supply it with another number of doctors and technicians to be opened during weekends.


The whole pet veterinary clinic is a confident place for treating your pet as it involves highly qualified doctors and equipment of good quality and provides the best services for your pet and introduces bits of advice for the protection of your pet.

By: Dr. Naira Mousa Moawad 

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