30 Funny woman Period Slang Words; Pick A Nickname!

Woman period is a sign of your normal|physical health; not something to be ashamed of. 

It is the body's full willingness to keen your own baby miracle.

Slangs of women period

During the seventeenth century

Both men and women described menstruation as the period cycle and since then different words and phrases have appeared to describe our condition during the period instead of explicitly saying “I am in my period”.

Slangs of women period

Some euphemisms are used instead of the word menstruation because it is difficult to say. 

So we always look for other nicknames to name this time, All in all, we’re used to calling some slangs for woman period that are funny and cozy in our gatherings! 

Slangs of women period


Woman period Nicknames are many and relevant!! 

Aunt Flo… that time of the month

I'm on the rag … lady business.

These are expressions of our monthly woman period, moreover, this period is not an enjoyable time. So using slang for women period makes the matter quiet and relaxed. 

We found 5000 slang words of the woman period all over the world.

Let's mention the funniest slang words of woman period 

Slangs of woman period

  1. Lady time

AKA: lady week, lady days on Departing to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Us, Uk.

Slangs of women period

2.Time of the month

AKA: T.O.M, Tom is visiting, Tom is in town if you are native of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, US, UK.

Slangs of women period

3.Strawberry week

AKA: strawberry season, strawberry days.

A common idiom in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Switzerland

Slangs of women period

4.I’m with Andrew

It means the one comes once a month which is translated from Spanish: “Andrés, el que viene Cada mes”

So you may hear this slang in Argentina, chile, bolivia, Colombia,  El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Paraguay, Perú, Venezuela.

Slangs of women period

5.Aunt flow

AKA: aunt Flo, auntie flo

Common slang in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Taiwan, US, UK.

Slangs of women period

6. I’m with uncle Chico

Slang of Brazil.


7.I’m on the rag

AKA; I’ve got the rags, ragging, on the cloth.

Common slang of Australia, Belize, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, US, UK, Belgium, Belize, Iceland.

Slangs of women period

8. The communists are in the funhouse

AKA; the communists are in the hallway,

… the communists are visiting.

Say it in Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Sweden, US, UK.

Slangs of women period

9.Japan is attacking

AKA: Japan has arrived, Japanese flag days


Slang word of Australia, Canada, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Spain, US, UK.

Slangs of women period

10. I’m untouchable 

Used in: Nepal, India.

This is highly alarming! 😂

11. The egg yolk has dropped to the bottom

AKA: I’ve got the yolks


Slangs said in Albania, Netherlands.

Slangs of women period

12.Girl flu.

13.Moon time.


14.Shark week.

15.Red weeding.


16.Crimson tide.

17.Monthly friend.

Women period


19.The blob.
20.Code red.
21.The curse.

22.Bloody mary.
23.The Red Baron.
24.Red traffic light.
25.Cranberry women.

26.Mother nature's gift.
27.Having the painters in.
28.Riding the cotton pony.
29.The red badge of courage.
30.Checking into the red roof inn.

Women period

Our dewTreats today for you when your monthly friend comes, never bother. Enjoy your moments, try to catch one of our previous funny nicknames of woman period.

Always remember, our pretty princess, you are healthy with monthly|regular period. 

Then your mental and physical health is also great.


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