7 Commonly Used Home Remedies For Ear Mites In Cats

If your cat is scratching ears and showing signs of ear mites infection, home remedies for ear mites in cats will be a good option to treat mild cases. Apple Cider Vinegar is the most commonly used. Some other remedies are also available. You can treat your kitty so easily, and in the comfort of your home. But you have to know that, it works only when the infestation is mild. If the condition is severe, your cat doesn't improve or the condition gets worse you have to consult a vet.

home remedies for ear mites in cats

Commonly used home remedies for ear mites in cats:

The convenient choices of home remedies for ear mites in cats aren't so many. And keep in mind, it's still better to ask for the advice of a veterinarian as you have to make sure your cat has the best treatment and benefits of these remedies.


These remedies are:


1- Apple Cider Vinegar

Among all of the home remedies for ear mites in cats, Apple Cider vinegar is the most commonly used. It's useful in the eradication of ear mites infestation in cats as it kills ear mites. You can prepare it as a spray formed of 50% apple cider vinegar and 50% water. Use the spray twice daily for one week inside and around the infested ears. The spray should cover all the affected areas. Acid cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties. But it doesn't affect severe infestations.

home remedies for ear mites in cats

2- Oils

Such as coconut and olive oils which can be used to clear out ear mites by applying eight to nine drops of warmed oil to the cat's ears and massaging ear canals to suffocate mites. Another used oil is mineral oil. It's beneficial for cleaning ear canals by soaked cotton pieces.


3-Yellow Dock Root

 Has anti-inflammatory properties. A solution is made by adding ten drops of yellow dock root extract to one tablespoon of water and is applied to the cat's ear by a soaked cotton ball. It helps to coat the affected ear canal and decrease irritation.


4- Ear miticides

You can get over-the-counter anti-mite ear drops which are easily available at any veterinarian pharmacy or pet store. They contain pyrethrin which is an insecticide treating ear mites. If it's used once it will not be effective. It has to be used carefully according to the instructions to obtain the best results.

home remedies for ear mites in cats

5- Garlic with olive oil

Both garlic and olive oil are safe and effective home remedies for ear mites in cats. you need to crush some garlic cloves and soak them in some olive oil overnight. The next day applies two drops to the affected ear and some improvement will be seen within 3 weeks. However, it does not work with all cats. You need to clear this remedy to the vet before use, to ensure that your feline gets to benefit from this remedy.

6- Vaseline

Rub the cat's ear and the area around it daily with Vaseline till it's properly absorbed. Vaseline treats the infestation and helps also to reduce the irritation and redness of the affected area.

home remedies for ear mites in cats

7- Organic honey

You only need to rub the area around the affected ear with this honey for about 30 minutes every day. But, be sure the honey used is organic and not processed. As processed honey is ineffective.

home remedies for ear mites in cats

Home remedies for ear mites in cats that you shouldn't use:

Some remedies are suggested on the internet and seem to be a great idea. However, they may mistreat your kitty.  Remedies should be avoided:


1- Pesticides

Some pesticides are convenient over the counter to be used with mites. You have to ensure that the pesticide is specific for use with cats. Make sure your kitty is over 12 weeks of age and has no medical problem. If the cat is elderly or diabetic consult the vet first for fear of side effects.

2- Hydrogen peroxide

Instead of being beneficial and safe for cleaning some wounds, it irritates the cat's ears and worsens the condition.


3- Avoid ineffective remedies 

Ineffective home remedies for ear mites in cats give chance for an infestation to worsen and the treatment will be more difficult. Moreover, it may lead to an infection that won't be treated without antibiotics.

home remedies for ear mites in cats


Home remedies for ear mites in cats are considered a nice solution if your feline shows the manifestations of ear mites infestation. But it helps only in mild cases. Still, some remedies should be avoided.

By/ Dr. Hanan Abdou 


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