Affordable Pet Dental Care | Best Tips On Organizations And Procedures

Many organizations can offer affordable pet dental care. One of these organizations is THRIVE. Early detection and prevention of dental issues are necessary and done at affordable costs.

Good oral hygiene and proper dental care are also necessary, not only for humans but also for your pets.

Serious health problems for dogs and cats can result from dental problems, so to maintain your pet's overall health, routine dental care is necessary.


Affordable Pet Dental Care | Best Tips On Organizations And Procedures

Some tips for your pets dental care:

A- Brush your pet's teeth when they are young:

This will help your pet to feel brushing teeth is a familiar routine and obeys you.

As you care for your teeth, your pets deserve the same care.

You can use good-quality pet brushes to brush your pet's teeth.

Some soft-bristled brushes used for children can be suitable for brushing your pet's teeth.

B- Services:

Affordable pet dental care can be offered by organizations like THRIVE and Affordable Animal Care Hospital Silver Lake.

Thrive offers early detection and prevention of dental issues.

Affordable Animal Hospital Silver Lake offers full dental checkups and dental care services, and this will help to keep your pets' teeth and gums healthy. Good dental health will surely ensure good overall health.

C- Annual dental checkup:

Your pets should be checked at least once a year by your licensed vet for early detection of any dental problems and to keep their dental health good.

Affordable Pet Dental Care | Best Tips On Organizations And Procedures

Symptoms of dental issues:

Periodontal diseases are the most common clinical situation in pets. If any of the following symptoms are observed, Visit your vet.

1- Loose or broken teeth.

2- Bad breath.

3- Retained baby teeth or extra teeth.

4- Teeth discoloration or teeth covered in plaque(tartar).

5- Abnormal chewing.

6- Drooling.

7- Food dropping from the mouth.

8- Refusal to eat (Decreased appetite).

9- Mouth or gum bleeding.

10- Pain in or around the mouth.

11- Swelling around the mouth.

12- Behavioural changes in your pet like being irritable or stressed:

In this case, the vet should be cautious when examining your pet's mouth because it may bite when feeling pain.

Affordable pet dental care at home:

1- Regularly brush your pet's teeth while they are young to become familiar with brushing teeth when they mature.

2- A home checkup for your pet's mouth should be done to find any abnormal lesions or painful areas in their mouths.

3- To decrease tartar accumulation and bacteria build-up in your pet's mouth, regular oral rinsing and brushing are necessary.

4- Human toothpaste and rinses may be toxic to your pets, so it's necessary to use pet-safe products.

5- Reduction of tartar build-up on your pet's teeth can be done using specific pet oral chews besides teeth brushing and rinsing. But always follow your pets when using dental chews to avoid possible choking.


Affordable Pet Dental Care | Best Tips On Organizations And Procedures

Veterinary affordable pet dental care:

Dentistry requires anesthesia, many anesthesia techniques can be used to reduce pain and discomfort as your pets don't understand why they are checked and may try to escape, react by moving around, squirming, or even biting.

So to perform the dental procedure for your pets with no pain or stress for your pets, anesthesia is necessary.

Pet oral exam is the first step, to evaluate the condition of your pet's teeth and jaw, X-rays(radiographs) may also be required.

Heavy sedation or anesthesia is also required to get good images, to keep your pet stable and quiet.

Thrive's dental procedures:

Thrive offers affordable pet dental care at prices much less than the national average, the following procedures are offered by Thrive if required to ensure your pets good overall health:

1- General anesthesia.

2- Oral examination.

3- Polishing your pet's whole teeth.

4- Intravenous catheter and IV fluids nutrition.

5- Monitoring of your pet's blood pressure.

6- Monitoring of your pet's ECG, heart rate, oxygen, and Carbon dioxide.

7- Nerve blockade using pain medications.

8- Evaluation of ear canal.

9- Nail trimming.

10- Monitoring your pets during and post-surgery, and throughout the whole process by a dedicated team.

Affordable Animal Care Hospital Silver Lake procedures:

This hospital also provides affordable pet dental care services, as in the following procedures:

1- General anesthesia.

2- Breathing support using a tube during anesthesia.

3- Oral examination.

4- (X-rays) Radiographs.

5- Dental cleaning (plaque and tartar removal).

6- Polishing your pet's whole teeth.

7- Teeth extraction.

8- Teeth repairing or adjusting.


Affordable Pet Dental Care | Best Tips On Organizations And Procedures

Effect of ignoring your pet's dental health:

If you neglect your pet's dental health, other health problems will result.

Bacterial infections of gums if neglected will help the bacteria to spread throughout the blood causing sepsis and may also harm your pet's heart, kidney, or liver.

This means that your pet's dental health can affect overall health.

Care to your pets and don't worry as affordable pet dental care services are available for you.

Best tips on some dental procedures:

A- Dental cleaning:

Professional teeth cleaning include:

1- Visible tartar and plaque removal, including tartar and plaque that may be found under the gum.

2- Pet's dental sockets checkup to find any signs of disease.

3- Gentle Polishing of your pet's teeth:

Polishing your pet's teeth helps to prevent future build-up of bacteria or tartar and can remove scratches.

4- Radiographs are made to find any dental issues below the gum line.

5- Sealer application on the surface of your pet's teeth.

6- Fractured teeth may require repair or removal if needed.

7- After cleaning home regimen includes:

★ Teeth brushing using a child's soft-bristled brushes.

★ Oral sprays and rinses will help to reduce the count of harmful bacteria in your pet's mouth.

B- Dental radiographs:

Full mouth X-rays are recommended at least yearly.

Teeth with oral lesions require assessment X-rays.

X-rays are also required pre and post-dental extraction.

Radiographs are also made to find any dental issues below the gum line.

Radiographs should be done while your pet is under anesthesia.

C- Oral surgery and tooth extraction:

It's much more difficult to extract a pet's tooth than to extract the tooth of a human.

This is due to:

1- Their teeth go deep into the surrounding bones as they are designed for cutting not for chewing as in humans.

2- The roots of a pet's teeth may be close to nerves, blood vessels, the eye, and the nasal cavity.

Tooth extraction is considered oral surgery, and it requires your pet to be under anesthesia during extraction.

After tooth extraction, the remaining socket is surgically closed to reduce the pain and help to heal more quickly.


Affordable Pet Dental Care | Best Tips On Organizations And Procedures


Care for pet dental health isn't less important than your care for your dental health. Pet dental health has a great effect on its overall health.

Your pets should be accustomed to teeth brushing when they are young to be familiar with your pet's oral cavity when it matures.

By/ Dr. Mohamed Talaat Ahmed

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