Animal Health Plan | The Best 6 Steps to Make a Perfect One

The animal health plan is an advice from your veterinarian that you can use at all times because you can preserve and protect your animal's health by making it.

Animal Health Plan

Definition of the animal health plan:

The animal health plan is a working document between farmer and veterinarian where both parties sit down and determine the animal health tasks required over the next year and it is very important and has many benefits to both farmers and veterinarian. 


The farmer can plan all animal treatments for the year with the best advice from the veterans and the veterans can gain good information about the farming business, enabling more farm advice and making good relationships. 


How can we keep animals healthy in the animal health plan?

Avery important  way to help animals stay healthy is by:

1-Giving them good nutrition. 

2-Water is necessary to be clean.

3-Animal food should be dry and stored safely away from potential sources of germs, such as rodents, birds, insects, or other animals.

Animal Health Plan

Animal Health Plan for every individual planner can include :

 1: Management:

 An overall assessment of the number of animals within your operation. 

You can also keep a log of each animal as part of your plan. 

What breeds of animals are in the operation, what breeding type they are (sire, dam, castrated), date of, and animal identification. 

2:Drench use

3: vaccinations

4: Trace element 5:Supplementation and testing.


Level of animal health plan:

We have two levels of animal health plan:

1:A Complete year:

Wall planner for each stock type or the easy-to-use, Animal health plan application.

2: Monthly calendar:

The Animal Health Plan application sends out reminders, changes when the system or dates change,e and allows you the recording of treatments for compliance of treatment use and withholding periods.

Animal Health plan

How can we make perfect animal health plans? 


To put the animal health plan in practice we must know the 

following aspects:

1- Background information and management.

2-Record keeping and monitoring.

3-Preventing disease entering.

4-Disease reduction and control plan.

5-Vaccinations as part of the animal health plan.

6-promote positive health and natural behavior.


There are 6 steps to make a perfect animal health plan :

1-Background information and management :

Most farm and health plans start by listing some details. About the farm, such as the farm address and key farm personnel and other important farm contacts such as the farm vet and feed. 

Also details about your stock, such as numbers, breeds, and age of your animal's. Management deals with monitoring the status of the animals on the farm. It is important to know that a healthy animal will be very productive while an unhealthy animal that is not productive becomes a load on the farm as money would be spent for its treatment.


2-Record keeping and monitoring:

To correctly reduce both disease and medicine use, it is very important to understand what the current levels are so that a disease recording and monitoring system needs to be in the plan.


An animal health plan can only be well operated once the disease recording and monitoring systems have been found on the farm information from these systems allows an accurate analysis of medicine use and the animal status and a plan can be designed taking into consideration the features of each farm. A local vet must be involved in health planning to ensure a good understanding of the local disease situation. 


3-Preventing disease entering the farm:

A health security plan must include all of the risk factors concerning the introduction of things that can bring diseases from outside the farm like :

• The introduction of new or returning animals

• Contact with other animals via shared resources with other farms and animals, such as shared grazing and water courses.

• Introducing disease via humans or equipment entering a farm so that farmers should be aware of which diseases are in the local area and what the risk factors of importing them to their farms


4-Disease reduction and control plan:

The plan should include each known disease or syndrome, and establish how all risk factors can be identified and reduced or decreased as a result of the monitoring.


The plan should start with those diseases that have been identified as the main problems in the farm process. New diseases and conditions can be added to the plan like the time and motivation allow. 


5:Vaccinations in Health Planning:

The animal health plan must list the currently used vaccines and immunization procedures and the reasons for each vaccine use. If it is intended to element the vaccine usage on the farm a good plan of action should be established. This plan should include the local risk factors and alternatives to immunological protection. 


6:Promoting positive health and natural behavior:

A good health plan would need to concentrate on health rather than disease diagnosis, identification of risk factors, and disease avoidance. 


Definitions of health: It encompasses physical mental talk and social well-being and not the absence of disease or infirmity. Health planning has been described as an effort to promote the general health of the individual  by actively improving living conditions in two ways:

-First breeding to select animals well suited to individual farm conditions. 

-Second Through the provision of access to species-specific feed, house, and the freedom to detect natural behavior.


The character of animal health plan:

An animal health plan must be:

Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

Setting smart targets is one of the best and beneficial ways of agreeing on and achieving good health planning objectives.

•The actual measures and observations to get the targets for example I want to decrease risk factors in my calves to less than five cases in the year.

•Megrable: Be sure that you can measure changes that happen.

•Achievable: Be sure that the targets and objectives are realistic, not overly ambitious, and gradual. 

•Relevant: Use objectives that will increase your production and give you benefits. 

•Time-based make things at the perfect time the period must be realistic and achievable.


The animal health plan is a personalized plan for your farm that is developed by you and your veterinarian that can help you to plan the entire season perfectly and excellently.

Written by: Dr. Samar Essa 


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