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Animal health services in Kelso WA, is the place that puts your pet’s health first and feels your need to give your pet the best health care at an affordable cost.

As a pet owner, veterinary services are a part of your life, and choosing a compassionate, knowledgeable staff to take care of your pet is a priority.

Animal health services is a leading veterinary practice in Kelso, WA that is committed to provide the highest standards of kindness and care every client expects.


Animal health services provided

 In animal health services in Kelso WA, a wide range of animal care services are provided that meet all your pet needs.

1- Vaccination against common diseases

Because prevention is easier than treating illnesses, animal health services in Kelso provide all vaccines essential for your pet. Vaccination is your key to proper protection against various surrounding common diseases that may affect your dear pet.


2- Surgeries and laser surgeries

It is more than common that a pet gets hurt or needs surgical intervention. In animal health services in Kelso, your pet will get the best surgical and post-surgical care. The place is highly equipped with the best instruments and with well-trained and experienced veterinary staff.

The experts will decide what is best for your pet and if it is possible to use alternative laser surgeries which have less painful and more rapid recovery results.

3- Dental care services

Animals can suffer from many dental problems just like humans. If you notice your pet unable to eat as usual or having a bad breath, you should consider seeking veterinary help. In animal health services you will find highly knowledgeable staff to examine and treat your pet’s dental problem.

4- Medical checkup for your aging pets

Taking care of an old animal’s health is called geriatric services. It is very important to check on your old dear pet every 6 months at least to make sure it is not suffering from any health problems. In animal health services in Kelso, the experts will help you with the best plans to keep your old pet proactive and having great health.


5- Grooming 

Besides all these medical animal care services, you can also find grooming services to get your pet the best cut, flea control, and declawing.

6- Boarding

If you ever had to leave home or travel without your pet, don’t worry and don’t call a friend. Just take your pet to animal health services in Kelso, WA and there your pet can enjoy a comfortable environment with a constant watch. 

7- Online pharmacy

Animal health services in Kelso provide you an online pharmacy to order all your pet’s prescriptions and food.

To request an appointment at animal health services, you can use this link and give your pet the chance for those great health care services.

The veterinary staff of animal health services:

The place has one of the best teams in veterinary medicine in the USA. They are compassionate, caring, well trained, and kind to your pet.

Principle Doctor 

Dr. Nancy Kuehlwein 

Associate Veterinarians

Dr. Erin Lillevold

Dr. Tom Mackowiak

Dr. Jessica Powers

The staff behind the scenes

Denise (Practice Manager/Groomer)

Kristin Jorgenson (LVT)

Brittney (LVT)

Lynda (Receptionist)

Amanda (Receptionist)

Contact information:

Phone: 360-423-9310


611 Cowlitz Way West Suite A

Kelso, WA 98626



Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri: 7 am - 6 pm

Thurs: 9:30am - 6pm

Sat: 9am - 5pm

Sun: 9am - 5pm



Animal health services in Kelso WA is your pet’s second home. There you will find the best health services, kindness, and compassion. Highly trained veterinarians who will treat your pet as their own. whether you have a four-legged pet, bird, or an exotic animal, you will find the best animal care services at this place

 Written by: Dr. Zahraa Fawzy

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