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Pet dental health month, if you haven't known that Month, you should ask yourself questions like this: Have you ever smelled a bad smell from your pet's mouth?! If you notice that it has a pain in its teeth or gum if you notice all of that or one you should be knowing what Pet dental health month is, So complete that article we will discuss that topic. 


What's Pet Dental Month? 

American Veterinary Medical Association celebrates every year in February as a month for pet dental health, overall health, happiness, and welfare. It's proven that 2% of pet owners brush their pets' teeth, so if you are one of those people don't worry you aren't lonely. Even though there is an insistence of vets to brush Pets' teeth.

Vets also prove that supplemental dog dental chews can kill plaque, controlling tartar becoming an important side of a dog’s daily routine. 

Why is pet dental health important? 

Dental health is important in pets as if you don't know how to care for your pet teeth that will lead to a lot of issues like tartar build-up, gum disease, bad breath, and some bigger issues far from the mouth like lung disease, heart disease, and kidney disease. 

Pet Dental Health Month

 When do Pets' dental issues start? 

Gum disease caused by plaque and tartar is the most common in pets, starting 3 years ago, 80% of pets suffer from that disease. 


How to keep your dog's dental healthy? 

You should know that brushing your dog's teeth is very important to be done regularly so there is a pet dental health month that vets give it great care. Dog dental chews are important also to your dog to keep its gum, teeth, heart, and its health. 

Pet Dental Health Month

The importance of cats' dental health. 

If you don't know your cat's dental health is as important as your dental health. 

Something is a case of pain and disease:-

-Plaque is a mass of bacteria or biofilm which accumulates in your cat's teeth. Turn on hard brown material called tartar or calculus that occurs because of being in cat teeth. 


Includes bacteria that cause gum disease after penetrating under the gum line. 

-Gum disease is permanent, causes pain, but it is preventable. 

-Almost 70% of cats over 3 years ago, periodontal disease may cause inflammation or swelling of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth.

What should I do for my cat's dental health? 

Pet Dental Health Month you should know it's a month for pets you should have known the vets' advice in this period,home-care routine is advised, regularly vesting vets, brush your cat teeth:-

-Brush teeth decrease Plaque, Tartar

-Regularity in brushing your cat teeth helps more. 

-Brush teeth routine needs to be patient and careful. 

-use a comfortable and small toothbrush for your cat's smallmouth. 

-notice all early signs of oral problems, notice fractured teeth also and tooth resorption. 

Pet Dental Health Month

Reasons need you to worry:

Your cat is in tooth pain, found Tartar or Plaque, red gum, you notice a bad smell from its mouth, you should tell your vet and take his advice. 



Your pet (dog, cat) need a lot of care you should give them care about health, a good place to live safe, comfortable, happy, if you haven't known the mouth of the pet is so important to get all above, it's gum, tooth effect in its general health, heart, Bones, lung, also effective in its ability to eat or drink. You should take into consideration all of that. Its teeth need regular brushing, vesting vets, patience in brushing, notice all Change happens in its gum or tooth. 


By :- Nadeen Ayad

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