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Baby teeth chart, being a good mother, you have to be aware of your baby teeth eruption chart. Dates, appearance and development one at early stages beginning from baby teeth eruption to the known shedding date  which follows how to care for them, so let's start with a baby teeth chart as shown in this gums drawing.



Baby teeth eruption chart

 Baby teeth chart: Eruption

Get in mind some of the different averages between children, mostly the first teeth to erupt are the lower two central incisors at (6-10) months, and they are expected to shed at (6-7) years.

Then the upper two central incisors erupt at (8-12) months, they next shed at (6-7) years.  Also,  the upper two lateral incisors erupt at ( 9-13) months and shed at(7-8) years

Then the top canines erupt at (16-22) months and shed at (10-12)years. While the lower canines erupt at (17-23) months and shed at (9-12)years.

Then the top first molars erupt at (13-19)months and shed at (9-11)years when they are replaced by the first premolar teeth(also called upper 4). Although the lower first molars erupt at (14-18)months and shed at (9-11)years.

Finally, the lower second molars erupt at (23-31)months and shed at (10-12)years when they are replaced by the lower second premolars(also called lower 5). But the upper second baby molars erupt at (25-33)months and shed at(10-12) other words, a complete set of 20 baby teeth is found in the oral cavity at about (2-3) years.

Baby teeth chart: primary| temporary teeth:

they are also named in letters; each quadrant is ranked as (A B C D E) from the central incisor to the second primary molar. The first permanent tooth to erupt is the lower 6 (at 6 years old), and it has no previous primary one.

Baby teeth are so-called deciduous and the permanent teeth are their successional ones.

Baby teeth chart: Baby teething eruption symptoms:

Here is after knowing the baby teeth chart what's about exploring the baby teething symptoms to relieve it smoothly.

First, babies during the teething process usually come with some symptoms which vary from one baby to another one.

Most of the parents find that baby teeth fever is highly linked to teething; however, baby teeth eruption may lead to a slight increase in temperature.

Fever appears with another viral or bacterial infection while the teething process occurs. Your baby may share nervousness and irritability during his growth time.

Before the new teeth mark its way into the gingiva spacing, the baby suffers from a difficult pain of gingivitis.

Normally he cannot eat well, and we can relieve pain by acetaminophen or ibuprofen which also helps in reducing any baby teeth fever but used after dentist consultation.

Other symptoms like drooling become evident with a skin rash as a result.

Parents can develop a great role in getting baby teething symptoms free.

Using baby teeth tubes and rings (solid rubber) so the baby can put it between upper and lower jaws so when he bites on it, it could help in pain relief. Tooth rubbers can be stored in the refrigerator but not to be frozen or left at high temperatures as the plastic may leak some chemicals which view some harm.

Avoid using baby teeth gel containing lidocaine as the baby may swallow a great amount of gel accidentally.

The new products like teething tablets are also harmful as they contain belladonna and teething necklaces which are made of amber as it may break. Instead, the silicone soft baby teeth tubes are typically advisable for the relief of infant teething symptoms.


Baby teeth brushing

Baby teeth chart: Baby teeth home care questions:

Being a mother, you should be concerned about everything from birth to your child's teeth. In the first 6 months of life, breastfeeding is the only feeding source. Sometimes milk formula, so we advise you to remove your breast or the milk bottle just when your baby ends his meal and never let him sleep with them as the milk remnants will stick to teeth enamel ending in baby teeth decay.

 Before teeth eruption, you can keep the gum clean of both jaws by the best-wet cloth with only water while your toddler ends his first year and up to 3 years let him use only cups to drink.

Proper care starts early using a small soft brush with water then at age of 30 months you can use a pea-sized amount of low fluoride toothpaste and train your child to spit out the paste after baby teeth brushing and not to rinse with water.  Notice that the action of brushing is so important, you can encourage your developing toddler by watching videos of millions of children doing baby teeth brushing.

For better pediatric teeth caring, avoid candies and sweets as much as possible. Also, fruit juice contains sugar more than you think. Sugar particles unite with oral teeth bacteria within seconds refer to acid then it starts breaking the enamel, the attack process takes about 20 minutes so never neglect plaque removal.

For optimal baby teeth caring, choose proper types of food, like plain yogurt, cheese, vegetables, and fibers containing food. These types aid saliva induction which in turn swaps and cleans. cheese releases calcium which participates again in enamel so ensures better calcification. There are great saliva makers like sugarless gum, seafood, and water.

Baby teeth chart: Tips for your early child-teeth caring tools: 

Brushing at least 2 times per day is effective especially before sleeping at night.

The toothbrush age is only 3months then replace it with a new one.

Primary teeth caring to preserve them till the permanent teeth eruption and avoid early exfoliation.                                            

Some parents buy baby teeth boxes for their children as a woody toy designed as the complete set of baby teeth.

The baby teeth box is divided into 20  holes when normal shedding happens, each tooth has a place into the box. There are 2 designs of baby teeth boxes ( for a boy and for a girl).

Baby teeth decay


Baby teeth chart: Early baby teeth extraction:

The primary teeth are not only important for better feeding and perfect smile but also act as a perfect guide for the permanent teeth correct positions, so early baby teeth extraction before the normal shedding time will lead to serious problems.

When a tooth is lost, teeth that are medial and distal to space start to drift so they close some of the space that is a properly sized room for the future permanent tooth.

So it will affect the new tooth path and may lead to further orthodontic problems.

 You, as a mother, should prevent the early teeth shedding of baby/deciduous teeth by proper caring. The first cause of early loss is the teeth decay, especially proximal care. So early caries detection is tooth-saving by restoring any cavitation.

Then dentist appointment is important if kids’ teeth decay becomes large with destroying the tooth bulk and lead to dental access for many times. The dentist will extract the tooth to avoid further infection.

Baby teeth trauma may end in early baby teeth extraction.

 In the case of early baby teeth extraction, the dentist may put a space maintainer device to preserve the space of the permanent tooth to erupt on time and avoid crowding.

 baby teeth


Baby teeth chart: Baby teeth crooked:

Crooking of teeth may occur in either primary or permanent teeth. It may be due to improper relation between upper and lower jaws or inappropriate teeth size. If the jaw is smaller than the normal size, it may end with baby teeth crooked which is properly a genetic or hereditary problem.

Another cause for baby teeth crooked:

Myofunctional habits of your kid like thumb suckling which is highly noticed in toddlers. Usually, it relates to a psychiatric condition; if the child feels lonely or ignored or when his mother is waiting for a new baby, he starts to grasp parents' concerns.

● Pacifier suckling has the same effect of active thumb suckling. Both can change baby teeth occlusion by opening the bite, or overbite as the upper teeth protrude. If your trials to stop this habit fail, ask your dentist especially if the child does not stop it on his own at the age of 2 or 4 years.

●  Mouth breathing and tongue thrusting are other dysfunctional habits that end in baby teeth crooked and seek a pediatrician consultation.

Also baby teeth trauma may drift the teeth, so we extract them not to affect the permanent teeth path.

Baby teeth chart: Baby teeth X-ray:

Now, check our notes about the x-ray, when and why it is done to be less worried about needing it.

Baby teeth x-ray

X-ray is some form of radiation which aids in medical diagnosis, so much radiation exposure from x-ray can be carcinogenic in the long run, so not done on your own, You should consult the dentist before doing baby teeth x-ray.

Your dentist may need baby teeth x-ray as it helps in many cases like detecting baby teeth decay (notice that carious lesions appear smaller in x-ray films than their real size).

Many types of x-ray films are detective, periapical, bitewing (especially for proximal caries ), and according to caries extension. The dentist put his treatment plan either by composite filling, pulpotomy, complete pulpectomy, or even extraction.

 In the case of baby teeth trauma, a panoramic x-ray is mandatory (with high precautions like wearing a lead apron and setting the correct position to eliminate more trials for less exposure).

Panoramic x-ray show both upper and lower jaws so any fracture of bone or teeth or any inflammatory lesions can be detected.

X-ray is basic in orthodontic problems treatment especially the cephalometric image. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for TMJ (temporomandibular joint)disturbances as this technique detect soft tissues.  

X-ray is important to diagnose dental anomalies in both jawbones and teeth.


♥ Our great mothers; don't forget that baby teeth caring comes from birth. 

New mothers should know well about baby teeth chart, how to relieve baby teething symptoms and to prevent baby teeth decay to delay baby teeth extraction till normal shedding date and for ensuring optimal health for your baby ♥

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