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The Balmain shampoo and conditioner were introduced to the market as an expanded activity of the Balmain company which was founded by Pierre Balmain in Paris in 1945 as a fashion house then.

This company entered the fields of fragrances, lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics, and hair care lines, its revenue was estimated to reach 150 million euros in 2017.

If you want to pamper your hair and have a luxury hair care experience, the secret is Trying Balmain shampoo and conditioner.

They will guarantee that due to their moisturizing properties and treatment privileges. So, let's get knowledge about balmain shampoo and conditioner components that give them their advantages.

balmain shampoo and conditioner

Balmain shampoo and conditioner ingredients

The Balmain shampoo and conditioner have a powerful effect due to containing argan elixir which is pure organic argan oil infused with a unique blend of oils and minerals to hydrate, moisturize and soften the hair.

It increases the hair’s elasticity and natural shine, the second ingredient is cashmere protein which are molecules obtained from the goat's wool used to create the famous fabric.

They help to keep the skin and hair humid and elastic, due to their ability to absorb the surrounding humidity inside them, forming a protective barrier around the hair cuticle, making the hair more shiny and compatible.

The third ingredient is quinoa seed, a protein-rich ingredient that provides hair scalp, and locks with tremendous nourishment to restore the glossy texture and thickness of hair, reduce dandruff due to its riching with vitamins E and minerals, condition the hair, and help the hair to be frizzy.

Now let's get some information about balmain shampoo and conditioner types.

balmain shampoo and conditioner

The balmain shampoo types

Balmain dry shampoo for greasy hair 

It absorbs oils and excess sebum and cleans the scalp while lifting the roots and adding volume, it extends the life blowout and creates matt textured, full-bodied hair. It is enriched with argan elixir and silk protein.

You can use it for your greasy hair but before using it, shake it well. Then spray it evenly between layers of hair 20-30 cm from the head, let it dry, spread with your fingers, and brush the excess out of your hair.

Balmain couleurs couture shampoo for colored hair

It is a repairing agent for colored, damaged, and over-processed hair. Enriched with argan elixir, silk and cashmere protein, coco oil, and quinoa seeds to nourish and strengthen the hair, it also has uv-shields to enhance color longevity.

You can use it on wet hair, massage it gently then rinse thoroughly. You can use the balmain shampoo and conditioner from the same group to get the best result.

Balmain illuminating shampoo silver pearl for blonde and silver hair

Its pure violet pigments correct brassiness and yellow tones. You can use it to have shinier hair with a vibrant crystal gray color. It is perfect for bleached blonde, gray, or hair with highlights as it corrects warm and brassy tones and brightens the hair.

You can apply to wet hair, massage softly, and leave it for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. You can repeat the treatment until you reach the desired result.

Balmain illuminating shampoo white pearl for blonde or highlighted hair

It brightens the hair color and corrects brassiness, without making the hair gray.

You can use it as previously by applying it on wet hair, massaging it softly, and leaving it for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. You can repeat the treatment until the desired result is reached. 

Balmain moisturizing shampoo 

It deeply nourishes and cleanses natural and color-treated hair, it provides optimal hydration, and restores natural shine and elasticity without weighing the hair down leading to strong, smooth, and manageable hair.

Also, it is a great privilege to protect against UV radiation due to UV filters. You can apply it to wet hair, massage gently then rinse it thoroughly. Try moisturizing balmain shampoo and conditioner for perfect results.

Balmain Homme bodifying shampoo 

It is specially designed for men with thinning hair, it densifies the hair fiber, resulting in thicker and full-bodied hair, also perfumed with the intense amber, woody fragrance of balmain homme.

You can apply it gently to your scalp and wet hair, massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation, and then rinse thoroughly. You can use modifying balmain shampoo and conditioner together to obtain optimal results.

Balmain volume shampoo for thin hair 

It is a lightweight, mild cleaning and nourishing shampoo that provides volume and body to thin and fine hair. It creates shiny, manageable, and full-bodied hair. You can use it on your wet hair, massage it softly, and rinse thoroughly.

It is recommended to use the combination of volume balmain shampoo and conditioner with leave-in conditioner to achieve the desired result. 

Balmain revitalizing shampoo 

As its name revitalizes dry damaged hair, it is the optimal choice for nourishing, treating, and strengthening damaged hair. You can apply it to your hair softly by messaging it, and then raising it thoroughly. 

Now after we are informed about balmain shampoo types. Let's learn some about Balmain conditioner types in the market.

Balmain shampoo and conditioner4

The Balmain Conditioner Types

Leave in conditioning spray

It is infused with argan elixir and silk protein to eliminate detangled hair, and close hair cuticles with a UV filter to protect against fading color. You can apply it to towel-dried or dry hair without rinsing it out.

Couleurs couture conditioner

Like shampoo, it deeply nourishes colored, damaged hair. You apply it to towel dry hair, massage it softly then rinse it after 3 minutes.

 Balmain Homme Bodifying Conditioner

Same as shampoo for men with thin hair as it stimulates hair growth. The method to use it is

applying to towel-dry hair, massaging softly, and leaving it for a minimum of 3 minutes before rinsing the hair thoroughly to reach the optimum conditioning effect.

Balmain volume conditioner

If you want to use a conditioner daily, then it is your best choice.

It can add volume without adding weight and enhance hair texture. You can apply it to towel dry hair, massage it softly then rinse it after 3 minutes.

Balmain revitalizing conditioner

It is intensely nutritious and creates smooth and polished hair. As mentioned above also you can apply it to towel dry hair, massage it softly then rinse it after 3 minutes.

Balmain moisturizing conditioner

It is a highly nourishing conditioner for natural or color-treated hair and protects detangles, and revitalizes the hair. You can use it as the method mentioned above.


Now after you are informed about balmain shampoo and conditioner products and differentiation between them you can use the suitable for your hair and give us your feedback.

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