Chi Power Plus | For Powerful And Healthy Hair And Scalp

Chi Power Plus's three-step system includes exfoliating, nourishing, and revitalizing for supplying complete hair and scalp care and it's a maintenance system.   

That system is formulated from chi to care for the  foundation of healthy hair and scalp specifically for that and 

 keeps it in the condition that is optimum to promote fuller, denser-looking hair.


Chi Power Plus|The features And Types

Chi Power Plus system ingredients comprising Red Clover, Nettle, and a rich blend of botanicals which are nourishing, relieving tightness and dryness while helping to balance and maintain the scalp.

A flaky, dry scalp can be frustrating. The stylists will surely attest that it’s a common, often embarrassing condition for their clients and while many treatments claim they have instant, noticeable results, it is rare that they are put to the test.

CHI Power Plus First  Step: Exfoliate Shampoo


Applying to wet hair, softly massaging into the scalp and hair. Rinse thoroughly. Can be used daily. Follow with CHI Power Plus Nourish Conditioner.


The product exfoliates, detoxifies, and cleanses the hair and scalp by removing the buildup of sebum and impurities with natural ingredients, thus preparing the hair for treatment. Protects chemically-treated hair against color fading and dryness.

CHI Power Plus Second step: Nourish Conditioner


The distribution onto the scalp after cleansing, and throughout the hair. Leave on for 1 – 3 minutes. Using CHI Power Plus Revitalize Vitamin Hair And Scalp Treatment after rinsing.


The formula is designed for relieving scalp tightness and dryness with rich botanicals, herbs, and humectants. A unique blend of ingredients adds moisture to dry, brittle hair while enhancing and protecting against damage caused by UV rays.

CHI Power Plus Third Step: Revitalize Vitamin Hair And Scalp Treatment;


Applying directly onto the scalp then massage with fingertips to ensure good distribution. Do not rinse. Use as part of a daily regimen.


The Formula has many ingredients such as Nettle, Red Clover, and botanicals rich in vitamins A, C, D, E which promote a healthy scalp. The use of these ingredients together helps for soothing, refreshing, and stimulating the scalp while promoting thicker, fuller-looking hair.



The Chi Power Plus all products really will help you have hair+scalp truly healthy and manageable!! The results definitely will make you feel confident.

This is a great product, l recommended it for you.


By: Dr. Eman Abo Eleneen

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