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Our hair is important for all of us, so we usually try to find a perfect way to treat and care. Chi Farouk Provides skincare products, products also for hair, keep her and enjoy our Journey about Chi Farouk. 


Who is Chi Farouk's owner? 

From Beit Ur there's an amazing man with an amazing story who goes to Houston. This man is called Farouk Shami. He is a Palestinian citizen who lives in his country in 1965 to attend a teacher training school in Pikesville, with 71 dollars in his pocket, but now he has a business with an estimated value of 1 billion dollars. During the 1967 war, his father ordered him to visit palatine before he was looking to find his life in a hair salon, return to the United state and begin his work founded the Farouk system.

In 2013 he was named an Entrepreneur of the Year. He is convinced that he is an American citizen, writing a book called American by choice. His company is based in Houston with more than 600 employees. 

Chi Farouk

The Chi Brand Known For What?

CHI Farouk hair products have a high rate with reviewers, they also think it's a trusted company with trusted products. Chi products in styling tools like (flat irons, hairdryers, and hair straighteners) have a good reputation as a stylist, they also have a good reputation in hair treatment and protection with their heat protection. 

Chi Farouk

Best Selling Products In CHI Farouk. 

-Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 

-CHI Spin N Curl 

-CHI Expert

-CHI Touch 2 – Touch Screen Hair Dryer

-CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray

-Chi Silk Infusion

All chi product is designed for your hair, takes a high rate and is recommended by Buyers and stylists.


Why you should buy Chi Products? 

-Chi Thermal Protection Spray:

keeps your hair in the safe mode from heat appliances. 

-Chi Flat Iron:

Straightens hair extremely fast with excellent rates and reviews lasting 10 years. This product has a good reputation.

-Chi Hair


Many hair stylists recommend this product, quickly and easily have straight hair.

-Chi Silk Infusion:

Makes your hair smell fantastic, softer, and your hair looks noticeably healthier.

-Chi Hair Dryer:

It dries hair faster and gives better protection for your hair, which many hairdressers recommend to their clients.

-Chi Spin N Curl:

Makes your curly hair easier.


Where can I buy Chi Products? 

You can buy Chi Products from their website or on Amazon



CHI products from Farouk System is a company Founded by Farouk Shami

Interested in hair products like (flat irons, hairdryers, and hair straighteners), their products have a high rate and are recommended by Buyers and stylists. 


By:-Nadeen Ayad

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