How To Clean Hair Brushes With Vinegar And Baking Soda

We clean makeup brushes regularly, but forget to clean the hair comb or hairbrush, as they like all other cosmetic tools, get dirty with frequent use, especially when using styling products, dust, oils, and dead skin cells can accumulate on them.

In addition to hair clumps and remnants of hair products, which lead to the formation of bacteria and make the hair look greasy, there are many ways to know how to clean hair brushes in the salon, like how to clean hair brushes with vinegar and baking soda which we will mention in this article. 

How To Clean Hair Brushes With Vinegar And Baking Soda

How do you clean a brush and comb at home

You can follow some steps to keep a comb or hairbrush clean:

Daily cleaning of hair

- It is advisable to clean the brush or comb from the hair after each use, 

- It is possible to resort to using another comb for this task, so that the hairbrush or the comb to be cleaned is in one hand and in the other hand the other comb is held and its pointed head is used, in case it has a head. 

- This is to remove the hair by passing it between the bristles of a comb or brush, or its bristles can be used to pass them between the bristles of the comb to be cleaned to get rid of the hair stuck in it. 

How to deep clean hair brushes with shampoo

- To get rid of the materials attached to the comb, including oils, dirt, dandruff, or other things. 

- You can wash it using shampoo at least once a month,

- By placing the head of the comb or hairbrush in a bowl of warm water. 

- Then put a few drops of shampoo on the toothbrush and use it to scrub and clean the bristles of a comb or brush. 

- Then wash it in a bowl of clean water. 

- It is not recommended to wash the comb or hairbrush under the tap water, especially if it contains wooden parts; to avoid damaging it.

How to clean hair brushes with baking soda and vinegar

Using vinegar

How to use apple cider vinegar to clean hair brushes?

- Clean hair brushes with apple cider Vinegar because of its srerile and antibacterial properties, by following these steps 

- Mix two cups of vinegar with two cups of boiling water in a deep bowl, as boiling water is enough to kill bacteria.,lice and other germs on the comb or hairbrush. 

- Place the head of a hairbrush or comb in the mixture of vinegar and water so that the bristles are facing downward. 

- Leave for a period of time to allow the stuck material to fall off.

- Take out the comb or hairbrush from the vinegar mixture. 

- Remove the stuck hair with fingers or use another comb. 

- Wash the comb with clean water to get rid of the vinegar smell lingering in it. 

- Leave it on a dry towel. 

Baking soda

How to clean hair brushes with soda?

- Cleaning hair brushes with baking soda is an effective way of cleaning a hair comb from dirt and remnants of hair products. 

- It can be used by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with a small amount of water and mixing them well, 

- Then the hair comb is soaked in the mixture for a period of 15-20 minutes. 

- Make sure that the dirt has gone from the hair comb. 

- Then it can be washed with water and then dried using a towel to remove moisture from it. 

- Or it can be left overnight to ensure that it is completely dry. 

Using a dishwasher or washing machine

- A washing machine or dishwasher can be used to clean the comb if it is made of good quality reinforced plastic. 

- After removing the hair stuck in hair brushes or comb where it is placed with clothes or some towels on the cold cycle in the washing machine. 

- To avoid the inconvenience of hitting the comb on the sides of the washing machine or damaging the comb. 

- In the case of using the dishwasher, the heating must be stopped in it to preserve the hair comb or brush.

- The comb can also be placed on a towel to dry it or hang to air dry.

How to clean hair brushes with ammonia

- Ammonia can be used to clean a hair comb by mixing one part of ammonia with four parts of water. 

- Paying attention to using lukewarm water and not using hot water,

- Then place the hair comb in the solution and leave it for ten minutes. 

- Then wash the brush with lukewarm water, and after that, the brush is dried. 

Using dishwashing liquid

- A comb can be cleaned of dandruff, dirt and hair products using dishwashing liquid by following the following steps

- Remove all hair from the combs. 

- Place the combs in a large dish that accommodates all the combs. 

- Cover the combs with lukewarm water. 

- Add a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and a tablespoon of vinegar, as vinegar is used to kill germs and bacteria. 

- Let the combs soak in the solution for an hour or overnight.

- Wash the combs under running water to remove traces of dishwashing liquid, vinegar, and dirt. 

- An old toothbrush can be used to remove dirt between the teeth of the comb. 

- Dry the combs with a dry towel, and wash the dish used in the process well.

- This method can be repeated once a month or when you feel the need to do so. 

Cleaning the hairbrush with the toothbrush

- Remove all dry hair on the brush with a pen. 

- Scissors can be used to cut long hair to make it easier to remove from the brush.

- Mix some shampoo in warm water.

- Using a toothbrush, scrub the brush with shampoo and water. 

- Leave the hairbrush to dry.

How To Clean Hair Brushes With Vinegar And Baking Soda

General tips for hairbrush hygiene

1- Take care to clean the brush and comb daily by removing the hair stuck to it.

2- If you suffer from a month's dandruff, take care to clean or wash the brush after every use.

3- Do not share the brush and comb with another person, so as not to transmit any infection between you.

4- Washing the comb after using it in the shower or applying oils to the hair is very necessary because moisture and oils allow the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.


Hair brush is an important tool that we use daily, and even more than once per day, so we must take care of the cleanliness of this tool well, because sometimes the hair brush is the main reason for hair problems.

If the brush is dirty and carries dirt and dust, then it is necessary to know how to clean hair brushes with vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the hair in the brush, wash and clean it frequently, to get shiny hair always. 




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