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Do you search safe, respectful and effective places for your care with the newest and best technology and specialists with the best price and offers? 

Christiana care ob gyn is the best place l recommend for you.


Christiana Care Ob Gyn


What Services Does This Place Provide?

Christiana care ob gyn is a medical group specializing in gynecology and obstetrics.

It is a nationally recognized, suburban, urban, community, and academic hospital.

● They provide services that involve treatment of menopausal and its problems, routine exams, pap tests.

What Are Pap Tests?

ComfortableTests during them you don't feel pain. They help women to find lesions in their cervix as they limit cervix cancer and tissues that surround the uterus and vagina, family planning, and method of prevention of pregnancy so they can save lives and protect our women.

Thanks to pap tests, cervical cancer has become little nowadays in the United States.

● They provide care for families and the best care to women of different ages. 

● They provide services for patients as primary and specialty care.

● They make over six thousand birth operations a year so it is considered the top center in Newark.

● After the patient finishes his stay, they make a schedule of treatment to protect him from another risk.

● They make offers that match the level of the imposition.

● They also provide training chances for students who are studying at faculties of medicine such as advanced simulation training.

Advanced Stimulation Training:

It functions as a hospital with an intensive care unit, trauma bay, standardized patient room in addition to an operating room.

Within this training, you will be able to work with better efficiency in your team and you can learn new skills during a few months.

● They can do operations of hysterectomy 


Christiana Care Ob Gyn


Women with problems in the reproductive system as uterine fibroids and a lot of frequent periods may need to have hysterectomy operations. 

Christiana care ob gyn provides good gynecologists for these operations also provides classes and online sessions for spreading awareness about How women become away and protect themselves from problems that lead to hysterectomy?

● They make women know a lot of information about menopause as women in this period suffer from depression, the stress in addition to many problems.

● At this hospital, they have a reproductive health center that concerns a contraceptive method and discusses medical problems that concern women and their families such as sterilization services, counseling, family planning, pregnancy tests, and abortion and its reasons.


Christiana Care Ob Gyn


Who Are Obstetricians And Gynecologists At Christiana Care Ob Gyn Organization?

They have a group of experts and gynecologists, surgeons, and new technologies and equipment that can do routine and complicated surgery.

1- Dr. Anthony Sciscione ( Director, OB/Gyn Residency ).

2- Dr. Philip A. Schlossman

3- Dr. Mark Borowsky

4- Dr. Howard Goldstein, D.O.

5- Dr. Jennifer Merriman

6- Dr. Matthew K. Hoffman

7- Dr. James Manle

8- Dr. Wendy J. Schillings

9- Dr. Julia Mattson, M.D.

10- Dr. Jeffrey Russell 

11- Lisa Phillips.

12- Adrienne B. Neithardt

13- Mark cadungog 

14- Christiana Mitchell 

15- Moses Hochman

16- Barbara McGuirk 

17- Kevin C. Kelly 

18- Diana Dickson-Witmer 

19- James Larson

20- Babak Vakili

21- Maria Soler 

22- Roland Feinberg

23- William Taylor

24- Nima Patel 


Christiana Care Ob Gyn


What Are The Rights Of Patients At Christiana Care Ob Gyn?

● You can ask doctors and nurses about any information that concerns your care

● If you have problems you can complain

● you can see your medical records

● you can know the plane of your treatment 

● you can say who can visit you within the period of your treatment.


Hours Of Work And Weekends And Telephone Number:

8:30 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday.

Recently Christiana care ob gyn added hours of work during the day, night, and weekends to provide and employed another group of nurses and doctors to provide better quality to the patients.

Telephone Number:

+1 302-661-3375

Where Are The Location Of Christiana Care Ob Gyn?

● Its location is 4755 ole town-Stanton Road, Suite 1992, Newark, DE 19718.

Another location is Abby Medical Centre, Suite 312, 1 Centurian Drive, Newark, DE 19713.



Christiana care ob gyn consist of great experts.They provide services for women's health and keep their rights during the period of treatment.

By: Dr. Naira Mousa Moawad 


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