Cut Your Hair With Men Clippers At Home | Easy Full Guide

For most of us, our hair cutting experience is somewhat limited. That is why there was a great demand for men for cutting their own hair. In this article, you'll learn important tips to make your hair Mar, Apr, or even May men style without a trimmer just at home with pair of hair scissors, men clippers, comb, and slicing clips, and follow our guide carefully.

Preparation before cutting men hair with scissors and men clippers at home and without a trimmer:

  Cut Your Hair With Men Clippers At Home

- Before starting, it is recommended for men to analyze and visualize the shape of their head, indents, and defects in the skull. Sometimes imperfections on a person's head affect the haircut. And therefore You need to analyze all these aspects and then choose a haircut that suits you best.

- If you find it is difficult to know which haircut will work well for you we think a fade cut works best for the most. The fade cut is a classic tight on the sides of your hair and with a little extra up top. It is easy to use and easy to clean and works well for most people.

- If the hair is tangled, spray water, and comb your hair with a comb to remove as tangles as possible. This is an important step because sometimes cutting tangled hair can cause more clipping or fading than you intended.

- When cutting your hair, bring a mirror and do this in an area that will not be difficult to clean such as a bathroom, kitchen, or garden not to make your mother, partner, or wife angry.!

- Find a table or chair where you can place your cutting utensils close at hand.

- Have your hair men clippers & scissors ready, a comb or brush, and a towel if you want to put it on your back and shoulders.

Cut Your Hair With Men Clippers At Home

How to cut your own hair with clippers male – step by step:

The first step: Section the hair

Begin by sectioning the hair with clips to determine the difference between the longer areas "the top of the head" and the shorter areas "the sides of the head".

The second step: Determine the length of Your men Clipper

With men clippers, use an attachment that's a little longer than usual. This will allow room for some mistakes without spoiling the entire haircut. usually use 3 or 4.

The third step: Buzz the Sides

start from the front and then work your way back of your head. In front of the ear at the temple, place the men's clippers toward the head and move it up. When you reach the end of your path, move your wrist up. keep on till you get the back of the head. Then go to the other side of your head and meet in the middle.

The fourth step: create the fade

To fade the sides and back of the head, use a slightly shorter attachment than you used in the second step. Follow the same process of cutting from the front of the head, except for this time, cut halfway through the cut hair - remember the flick. This will blend everything.

The fifth step: Blend over the Head

Once you are done with both sides of the head, take out the separate clips, grab the scissors, and gently wet the hair at the top of the head. To blend longer hair with a fade, imagine a semi-circle at the top of the head. You want to cut the hair shorter on either side of the imaginary "circle", using a comb and scissors.

The sixth step: Trim the Very Top

Trim the desired length with a pointcut At the top of the head - and this is where you would prefer to keep most of your hair length as a guide for cutting. The pointcut is when you are holding the scissors perpendicular to the hair to add texture and keep the ends more natural.

The seventh step: trim the front

Finally, barber the front section of hair by pulling it back using scissors and clippers - this will maintain a small length of hair when straightening again. spend more time cutting your hair at home so you can go back and shorten it if needed.

 Cut Your Hair With Men Clippers At Home

Possible Bad End Results Of Cutting Your Own Hair With Clippers Male:

1- Using the wrong tools like the kitchen or office scissors with dull blades may lead to split ends. you have to use the right clippers and scissors and other tools so, first of all, you need to search for a good set of clippers that are handy to be used cutting your own hair at home. we can say that Wahl and Philips hair clippers are handy.

2- Having too short and horribly uneven hair. Having a good end-result at home needs a visual, creative, and trained eye otherwise you will cause severe harm while Cutting Your Own Hair even with men's clippers or even scissors.

3- You may be forced to get your hair even shorter than your original goal to have equal ends.

4- You'll wind up paying a partner to easily trim your hair to make your hair look decent if your cut needs fixing. you should have a suitable experience to get the results you want.

Remember, you either need sufficient experience and appropriate tools to enable you to get the appropriate haircut for your face shape to look appropriately, or you must search for a trimmer to cut men hair suitable for your financial capabilities.

 how to cut your hair with clippers male – step by step

How to Talk To Your Barber:

Finally, let us agree that doing your work on your own - to cut your own hair, caring for afro hair or hair apr .. etc - is a wonderful thing, but before you do any work you need to have the suitable experience as we mentioned during the article and it is always better to hire experts to do the work if you are not able to have enough experience to complete the thing in the fullest and if you are not able to have sufficient experience To cut your hair yourself, you will have to go to the barber, so let us inform you about the most important things that you will need in your discussion with a private barber to always get a haircut that matches what you want.

1- What everyone should say to their barber when cutting their hair so that they can imagine what your hair looked like on the way back. and of course, you can either tell them you want your hair to look the same or describe how you want to be different from last time.

2- Tell your hairstylist about your lifestyle where you work, what you do for fun, where you go on the weekends, how you wear your hair, whether you put a product in it every day, and whatever else you think might be helpful to get you a hairstyle that seamlessly fits your lifestyle and reflects who you are.

3- Be specific about how you want your hair to appear. This might sound simple, but most guys don't do it right. Some don't do anything.

Barbers are experts in their profession, but they don't mind the readers. You cannot expect them to just fill in the gaps. Don't just say, "Short on the sides, long on top." This is not enough for them to continue.

4- Bring a photo for your own hair

Barbers are visual people and the pictures help barbershops visualize what you are looking for in a haircut and serve as a great guide.

However, there's a problem - the best photo you can bring to show your barber is a photo of yourself after a haircut that you liked. The image of another person's hair does not take into account the individual characteristics of your hair, such as thickness, texture, and hairline.

 How to Talk To Your Barber

Our dew treats for you today are to help you try to cut your own hair with clippers male. If you asked yourself before: how to cut my own hair? then We did our best to provide simple instructions for men to for trimming their hair at home without the need for a trimmer. now All you have to do is prepare your own shaving tools and follow the instructions carefully and with the continuous trial, you will end up dispensing with the barbershop. make sure to lubricate your clipper using light mineral oil or sewing machine oil for lubricating the blades at home.

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