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Undoubtedly, female birth control Side effects are one of the questions that you search for a solution especially when you have had a lovely baby recently and need to take a rest.


Types of birth control methods:

Before we answer the question of what female birth control side effects we should know the types of birth control methods.

There are five types as the following:

Female and male sterilization

It is a permanent contraceptive method.

Not reversible.

Including tube legation for women and vasectomy for men.

Long-acting reversible contraceptives

Consider long-acting methods as they last for three to ten years after insertion till you decide to remove them.


Copper IUD (paragard)

Hormonal IUD (Mirena, Skylar,kylena, and others)

Contraceptive implants (nexplanon)

Short-acting hormonal contraceptives

They are considered short-acting methods because you have to remember to use them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Birth control pills.

Vaginal ring.

Skin patches.

Contraceptive injection (Depo Provera)

female birth control side effects

Barrier birth control

Male and female condoms.


Cervical caps.

Contraceptive sponge.

Natural rhythm method

It is a fertility awareness method.


Natural family planning.


Birth control method choice

Knowing female birth control side effects is one of the issues that determine the type of contraceptive method you choose.

The choice of the most suitable birth control methods depends on other issues as:

Is it reversible

The type and the method of birth control you choose depend on your planning for pregnancy, if you plan for it shortly you should choose a short-acting hormonal method or barrier method.

But if you want to delay pregnancy for a long time you will choose a long-acting method as an IUD, you can choose sterilization if you want a permanent method.

Religious beliefs and cultural practices

Some birth control is considered a violation of certain religious laws or cultural traditions.

Female birth control side effects

Tolerance for side effects and the serious harms of these side effects might change your choice of suitable birth control method.

Convenience and affordability

The birth control method you choose should be suitable for your lifestyle.

Protection against sexually transmitted infections

One of the important female birth control side effects you search for.

Condoms are the most suitable method that controlling infection transmission.

Other sexual couple acceptance

You should discuss with your couple to choose the most suitable birth control method for both of you without any female birth control side effects.

Other birth control benefits

Some birth control methods present other benefits such as:

Lighter menstrual cycle.

Decreasing the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

Decreasing risk of cancer occurrence.

Female birth control side effects

Female birth control side effects vary from one method to other.

Contraceptive pill's side effects


Minor side effects


Especially first starting control bills.

Go away after a short time.

You should take your pill within your food intake or before bedtime.


You should call your doctor when you have a headache after using pills.


3-Weight gain :

One of the female birth control side effects that raise questions.

Studies show that there is no relationship between the usage of contraceptive pills and weight gain.

However, some users complain of fluid retention in some body areas.

4-Mood changes:

Other users complain about female birth control side effects, changes in their emotional status, depressed mood, or emotional instability when using contraceptive pills.

If you notice changes in your mood after the usage of pills, call your provider to change it.

5-Breast tenderness or enlargement

It appears mild by starting to use pills.

Usually, you become better after a few weeks.

You should decrease caffeine and salt intake.

6-spotting or breakthrough bleeding 

Commonly occurs within the first three months of using pills (occurrence 50%)

Disappears after the third pack usage (90% Of users )

Sometimes there is menstrual cramping with this spotting.

You should call your provider if light bleeding occurs and lasts for more than five days or when heavy bleeding occurs.

7-Decreasing sex drive

This may occur due to hormonal changes.

You should ask your provider for another method.

8-Missed period or amenorrhea

Sometimes users do not get periods despite taking all pills correctly.

This happens due to stress, illness, travel, and rarely due to thyroid or hormonal changes.

If this happens you should make a pregnancy test before starting to use the new pack.

If it continues you should contact your provider.

Rare side effects

  1. Blood clot:

One of the rare female birth control side effects.

Contraceptive pills may be prone to form blood clots leading to other side effects such as stroke depending on the place of this blood clotting.

Risk occurrence increases with smokers, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a family history of blood clotting abnormalities.

2. High blood pressure:

You should check for blood pressure a few months after using pills.

3. liver tumors:

Benign liver tumors are rare occurrences within using pills.

You should contact your doctor for upper abdominal pain complaints.

4. Breast cancer risk:

One of the users complains about female birth control side effects you search about.

Studies show that there are few effects on the risk of breast cancer.

5. Cervical cancer risk:

Cervical cancer slightly increase in birth control pills users.

Routine pap smear testing is the perfect screening method.

Hormonal IUD (Mirena) side effects:

One of the female birth control side effects you search about is Mirena IUD side effects.

Your doctor will not apply Mirena IUD for you if you have the following complaints:

  • Breast Cancer.

  • Uterine or cervical cancer.

  • Liver diseases.

  • Uterine conditions such as fibrosis.

  • Pelvic infections or inflammatory diseases.

  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding.

Side effects associated with Mirena IUD include:

  • Headache.

  • Acne.

  • Breast tenderness.

  • Mood changes.

  • Pelvic pain.

Other IUDs Side effects:

Other IUDS side effects as copper IUD includes:

  • Pain and discomfort during the insertion process.

  • Cramps or backache.

  • Irregular periods.

  • Spotting between periods.

  • Heavier periods with strong cramping (copper IUD).


Finally to avoid female birth control side effects you should choose the most suitable birth control methods provided to you by your doctor depending on your conditions for a comfortable happy life.

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