Top 11 Unwanted Hair Removal Methods

Hair removal for men and women is a traditional and beauty practice. Unwanted hair in the body is a popular problem in both men and women. Unwanted hair is common on upper lips, cheeks, chin, arms, legs, back, fingers, toes, armpits, genital areas, and bikini line. The cause of unwanted hair may be genetics, hormones, medications, and certain syndromes.

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There are many methods to choose from to remove your excessive hair. Hair removal methods are different in advantages and disadvantages. Some of the removal methods are painful, temporary, expensive, time-consuming, or difficult in usage and need a professional one to use. Here, we will bring you the different methods to choose from and find what are the best methods that suit you.


11 most common hair removal methods:

1- Shaving

a woman shaving her leg with a razor

Shaving is one of the most popular methods as a hair remover, especially on hard times. You use a bladed implement as a hair removal razor in shaving. For best results, you should moisturize your body by water before shaving, then lubricate it with body wash, shaving cream, or hair conditioner. The previous step helps a Hair removal razor to glide smoothly and protects your skin from injuries, cuts, and scrapes. Shaving methods can be against the direction of hair growth or in the same direction to avoid ingrown hairs.

a woman shaving her face with a razor

      The pros

Shaving methods are Cheap, simple, and easy to handle. Shaving methods don’t consume time, as you do it yourself in the shower in just a few minutes, so these methods are the best choice for busy people. Shaving methods are suitable for all areas of the body. Shaving is the best and most comfortable choice of Hair removal for men.

      The cons

Shaving methods cut off your hair at the surface of the skin, so it grows faster and becomes noticeable due to blunt tips, rather than a natural tapered tip. The shaving method is one of the temporary methods, so you need to use the razor every couple of days. Hair removal by shaving may result in irritation, cuts, or ingrown hairs.


2- Depilatory cream

a woman raising her arm with smooth underarm area after using depilatory cream

The chemicals found in hair removal cream break down the disulfide bonds that exist in the keratin of the hair, so the hair becomes weak and easy to remove. You should follow the directions on the creams, and don’t leave the hair removal cream for a long time as it may burn your skin. If you choose this method for epilation, you shouldn’t use facial depilatory cream to remove the hairs on genital areas, and vice versa.

      The pros

Depilatories are effective, cheap, painless, available. The cream as a hair remover can be used for several areas of the body at the same time. It is one of the best removal methods for busy people as it consumes only a few minutes.

      The cons

Hair removal cream has an Offensive odor. It is also an irritant as the chemical ingredients can melt away skin cells too. You Should be tested for allergic reactions if you choose this removal method, especially if you have sensitive skin. Like shaving, hair removal cream is one of the temporary methods, as it doesn’t remove the hair from its follicle. This removal method may result in ingrown hairs, and the body hair grows rapidly.


3- Bleaching cream

half face of a woman after using a bleach cream

This method is not considered as one of hair removal products, as it only lightens your hair by removing the pigment, and makes it less noticeable. Unwanted hair bleach cream is mainly used for thin hair. You should avoid sun exposure after using bleaching for hair removal, to prevent pigmentation.

      The pros

Bleaching methods are cheap, effective, quick, painless, and easy to cover large areas of the body. Bleach powder or cream doesn’t have the side effects that other hair removal products have such as burns, cuts, ingrown hairs, and bruising.

      The cons

Unwanted hair bleach cream May irritates the skin, so test it on a less-visible patch of the skin for sensitivity. Bleaching doesn’t give you a smooth and hairless surface, as it doesn’t work as a removal method. Bleaching is not suitable for dark or thick hair.


4- Plucking

a woman uses a tweezer to remove unwanted hair from eyebrows

One of the hair removal options is the plucking or tweezing method by a tweezer. This method is a good option for removing a few scattered hairs in your face or reshaping eyebrows.

      The pros

The plucking method is Easy and cheap. Pulling hair out of its follicle makes it take a longer time to grow back again.

      The cons

The plucking method is not suitable for large areas. This removal method is time-consuming, painful, and may develop ingrown hairs and scarring.


5- Threading

a woman removes her eyebrows hair by threading method

The threading method is one of the ancient and famous hair removal options. Threading is quicker than tweezing. This method is preferable by many people as facial hair removal, especially for eyebrows, upper lips, chin, and chicks. You can do it by pulling a doubled-up strand of cotton thread, twisting along the unwanted hair, then trap hair in a mini lasso, and lift it up and out of the follicle.

      The pros

If you use threading for hair removal, hair growth can last up to more than a month, so it is one of the best long-lasting methods. Threading is affordable, inexpensive, and suitable for all skin types.

      The cons

Threading methods are Painful and need a professional one to use. This type of methods is not suitable to remove hairs from large areas, it is best used for small areas on the face. you can’t use threading as a facial hair removal method if you have acne, as it can rupture bumps.


6- Waxing

a woman is holding up a strip for her underarm hair removal

waxing depends on a wax-like substance that is available in different types. Before you use the Hair removal wax, you should heat it, apply it in the same direction of hair growth. A cloth strip gets laid on top and removed quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Heating can be done in two ways according to the wax type:

-      Hair removal strips of wax → before using, you should warm it between your hands.

-      The wax in the warmer → melt the wax in a warmer then use a stick to apply it to the skin.

      The pros

Hair removal wax is Suitable for all body areas. Hair growth lasts up to three to six weeks, as waxing is one of the long-lasting methods that remove unwanted hair of the body from its follicles.

      The cons

Waxing methods as hair removal are painful, time-consuming, and should be tested for allergy. Hair removal strips of Wax may cause irritation, redness, rashes, bumps, and infection if used more than one time. you need at least a quarter-inch regrowth, so the hair can be grabbed by the wax.


7- Sugaring

a spoonful of sugaring paste for hair removal

sugaring is one of the famous and best methods for hair removal at home. It is one of the waxing methods but made of 100% natural paste from sugar, water, and lemon.

      The pros

Hair removal at home by sugaring method is Suitable for all skin types, as it is safe and has no chemical additives. Unlike shaving methods, Hair growth lasts for 4 to 6 weeks, as sugaring methods remove the hair from its root. Sugaring methods are cheap, effective for ingrown hairs, and easily cleaned up, unlike waxing. Sugaring methods reduce hair growth by continuous usage.

      The cons

sugaring is Painful and time-consuming. you should avoid this type of methods if you have folliculitis or eczema.


8-Depilatory devices

an epilator

A hair removal epilator is an electronic machine that removes hair by plucking it from the root, when you glide it along in the same direction of the hair growth.

      The pros

A Hair removal epilator can be used for wet or dry skin. It is suitable for large areas of the body. Unlike waxing methods, Hair removal epilator can remove the short hair.

      The cons

Epilators as hair removal are painful and time-consuming. Epilators may be expensive for some people. This type of methods may develop ingrown hairs. It also can cause irritation, redness, bumps, and cysts.


9- Laser

a woman at laser treatment,lying on the bed wearing glasses to be protect her eyes from laser light

The laser methods are a good choice for those who need long-term unwanted hair removal methods. By using the laser's heat, the hair follicle is damaged and can’t regrow again. A hair removal laser works best for people who have light skin tones and dark hair. IPL devices are different from laser methods.

      The pros

A hair removal laser is suitable to remove hairs from all body areas. A laser is Effective, permanent, and makes the skin smooth and bright after removal.

      The cons

A hair removal laser requires multiple treatments. A laser is expensive and painful. A laser can cause damage to skin, pigmentation, and burns, especially if used by untrained people. Irritation and redness are common side effects after using a laser as an unwanted hair removal method, but these side effects last for just hours after removal.


10- Electrolysis

a smooth leg out of car's window

If you want to use one of the permanent hair growth reduce methods, you may choose electrolysis. In this removal method, an electric current is applied to the root of a follicle by a fine needle inserted into the hair follicle.

      The pros

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method, as it causes hair growth reduce for months or even years.

      The cons

Electrolysis is Painful, infectious, and time-consuming as you need repeated treatment. This kind of methods also needs an expert.


11- Prescription creams

vaniqa cream is a hair growth reduction cream

Prescription creams are sort of methods that don’t remove hairs, they only slow hair growth. This happens because They contain an enzyme that inhibits hair growth. The only approved cream by the FDA for hair growth reduce is Vaniqa.

      The pros

Using Vaniqa twice a day for four to eight weeks makes hair weaker and less noticeable.

      The cons

Vaniqa may cause irritation and allergy. If you stop using it, the hair will grow back again, so it is a temporary method.

Our dew Treats for you:

1-Drinking the spearmint tea twice a day can help for hair growth reduction.

2-See a doctor, if your excessive hair regrows quickly after removal, as it may be due to some diseases like hyperthyroidism or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

3-Ingrown hairs are a problem that needs a doctor’s advice, especially if they become infected or turned into cysts.

4-To get the best results, try to use numerous methods for hair removal according to time management, cost, efficacy, and the targeted area of the skin.

5-If you have sensitive skin, ask your dermatologist about the most suitable hair removal method.

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