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It is important to know home remedies for burns on hand to treat the burn simply without leaving a scar.

There is no doubt that all of us have burned our hands whether burning by a pan, electricity, steam, or spelling hot coffee.

Before talking about home remedies for burns on hand, we have to know the degrees of burns.

home remedies for burns on hand

Burns are classified into fourth degrees according to their severity

First-degree burns

It affects only the outer layer of the skin, they cause redness, swelling, and mild pain.

Second-degree burns

This burn affects the deeper layer of the skin and causes blisters and white, wet, and shiny skin. 

this burn tends to be very painful. first and second-degree burns are the most popular in-home burns.

Third-degree burns

This burn damages all layers of the skin and the injured person in this case needs to go to the hospital and get medical help.

It is dangerous to treat the third-degree burn at home even if the burn is small. 

Fourth-degree burns 

This degree is painless as the damage affects, muscles, bones, and even nerves. The nerve endings are destroyed so there is no feeling in this area.

These are the best home remedies for burns on hand

Place the burned area under running water 

For 10-15 minutes or until the pain eases, you can also put a cool wet, and clean cloth on it, this is the first and important step in home remedies for burns on hand.

Take off tight items

 You have to take off tight items such as rings or tight clothes as the burned area may swell.

Antibiotic ointment or cream

After cleaning the burned hand with water, apply antibiotic ointment or cream, this step is considered a very important step in home remedies for burns on hand as it coats the skin and prevents bacteria or dirt from entering the wound. 

Place a sterile bandage over the area. Wash and change the bandages a few times a day or if the bandage gets wet.

home remedies for burns on hand

Applying moisturizer 

Using a moisturizer can help relieve pain and heal the area aloe vera gel is known as the burning tree because aloe vera is very effective in treating burns.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect, increases immune activity, and has an antibacterial and antiviral effect

People who used aloe vera healed faster. You can use aloe vera gel products that are sold at pharmacies or use raw from the plant by breaking off a chunk so you will see the gel release from it.

You can put it directly to the hand burn. you may apply the aloe vera gel on your hand burn 3 times daily.

home remedies for burns on hand


Studies show that applying honey to burned skin may help in healing and reduce inflammation.

 honey is considered the first and most important step in home remedies for burns on hand

Honey also can reduce pain and reduce the growth of bacteria cause honey is acidic so it can lower the pH of the burn.

To apply honey on your burned hand, put about 5-10 ml of honey on the burned hand after sterilizing it then bandage the area gently with a sterile gauze pad.

You have to change your dressing two or three times per day to keep it clean. You have to remove the bandage carefully, rinse the honey with water, and let your skin air out for a while then reapply the dressing. 

There is much evidence that improves the role of honey in minimizing scars.

Don't break blisters

The fluid in the blisters protects the injured area from infections. If the blister breaks you have to use water to clean it and apply ointment to protect it against infection.

Covering the burn using a wet cloth or a cool compress 

That helps in relieving pain and swelling as covering the burned area with a sterile bandage prevents infection, you should use a loose bandage not put pressure on the burned area.

Reduce sun exposure

you have to avoid exposing your burned hand to direct sunlight as the burned skin will be very sensitive to the sun so you have to keep it covered with clothing if you go out.

Take OTC pain relief 

To relieve the pain such as NSAID pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen that can help to reduce the pain. inflammation, and swelling of a minor pain. 

Always follow the appropriate dose and the instructions written on the label of the drug.

Home remedies for burns on hand must be avoided

Using ice or very cold water

As a step of home remedies for burns on hand may cause cold burns if used in the wrong way.


Was a folktale about using toothpaste as one of the home remedies for burns on hand, as using it may irritate the area and make it a good environment for bacteria and it may increase the presence of a scar.


Don't use butter as one of the home remedies for burns on hand, because it makes things worse, butter retains heat, and slowing the release of heat from the burned hand causes more damage.

Butter enhances the growth of bacteria in the burned area.


For the same reason that we shouldn't use butter as one of the home remedies for burns on hand, oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and cooking oils increase the heat of the burning area and cause the skin to continue to burn.

Egg Whites

It's another folk tale that egg whites contain special nutrients that help in home remedies for burns on hand otherwise, Using the uncooked egg white increases the bacterial infection of the burned area and may cause an allergic reaction to it.

Popping blisters

If you get a second-degree burn, blisters are likely to appear shortly after injury. You have not to pop it because that may lead to bacterial infection, and if it happens you have to apply antibiotic cream.

When to seek medical attention

If you did all the previous home remedies for burns on hand and noticed one of these signs you have to go for medical aids.

- If the burns affect an area more than three inches in diameter.

- If the wound is very painful and the pain doesn't relieve.

- The injured area develops a smell, which means your home remedies for burns on hand were not sufficient and you need a hospital.

- The wounds look dark red.

- You develop a fever.

- You will need a medical aid if you think you have a third-degree burn

- If the last time you had a tetanus vaccine was more than 5 years ago.

Home remedies for burns on hand by using water, antibiotic ointment, aloe vera gel, and honey are effective in treating first and second burns completely.

Avoid using toothpaste, ice, butter, oil, and egg whites as they may harm your burn rather than treat it.

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