Reverie Suna Exfoliating Shampoo | Scalp Scrub for Dandruff

If your hair is greasy, oily, clumps together, and looks dull. The solution is Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo.

It is an effective product manufactured by the REVERIE brand.

Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo

What is the REVERIE brand?

REVERIE brand is a luxury brand for hair, the company was founded in 2009 by a hairdresser called Garrett Markenson who publishes it in California, he used the finest organic ingredients to manufacture his products. 

They are vegan products, never tested on animals, this brand produces Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo and many other products.

Before speaking about Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo we have to know first 

Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo

What Is Scalp Exfoliation?

It is a way to make a healthy environment for hair to grow, which happens by cleaning out anything that blocks the follicles and removing the build-up caused by using the many products. 

Scalp exfoliation also helps in getting rid of oiliness, flaky scalp, and dryness.

Exfoliating can be done with natural products

Some scalp scrubs improve hair health

- Cinnamon, coconut oil, and brown sugar scrub.

- Aloe Vera and multani mitti ( that is known as fuller’s earth or Indian healing clay) scalp scrub.

- Honey, avocado, and sea salt scalp scrub.

- Lemon, olive oil, and salt scrub( lemon is one of the best natural exfoliators for oily skin and scalp).

Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo is considered a perfect product for doing this action. 

How Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo works

- It deeply cleans your scalp with a powerful salt-free formula that exfoliates the scalp to remove build-up, excess sebum, dead cells, and dry flakes.

- This happens by two main ingredients which are Rhassoul Clay and Hibiscus flower.

- It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate that moistens and soothes dry scalp, increases the shine and softness of the hair, and decreases frizz.

- It also has a bright, woodsy, and calming scent due to the presence of spearmint, spruce, and hinoki that make your scalp feel fresh and breathable.

How to use Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo

- You have to apply Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo directly on the wet scalp, using your fingertips to ensure contact. Massage your scalp in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes to enhance the blood circulation which improves the action of the product. After that use more water for rinsing it from your scalp.

- You can use Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo every 5-10 days, in other meaning you can use it not more than twice a week if your scalp skin is normal, and twice a month if your scalp skin is very sensitive.

- If you often wash your hair you might need to use the Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo every few weeks, but if you don't wash your hair regularly, or you are someone who tends to use many hair products, you might need to use it once a week.

- You have to avoid using Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo once or twice a week as this could irritate the scalp, or have an unwanted opposite effect as over-exfoliating enhances the scalp to produce more oils to protect itself from dryness.

- After using Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo you may need to hydrate your scalp, you can use your normal conditioner or your hair mask after shampoo.

- It prefers to use Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo in the morning rather than at night. That is because your scalp produces oils during the night, so using it in the morning will help you remove all impurities, oils, and dead skin.

Reverie Suna Exfoliating Shampoo

Benefits of using Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo

- By using this exfoliating shampoo, we will notice that hair looks more voluminous and less greasy because it works on getting rid of build-up debris and purifying clogged hair follicles that give a grassy look to hair and lying it down.

- It makes your hair stronger and healthier.

- Reverie Sun exfoliating shampoo helps in getting rid of dandruff, as exfoliation is considered a part of dandruff treatment, it helps to improve the circulation at your scalp, which enhances the scalp to be healthier.

- It helps hair to grow faster, as besides that exfoliating gets rid of build-up that is blocking the hair from growth, it also provides nourishment that enhances the growth of healthy hair, and massaging the scalp helps in increasing the blood flow to the surface that enhances the hair growth.

- Makes hair thicker, as regular exfoliating helps hair to grow more healthy, shiny, and less oily which improves the thickness of the hair.

- Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo is a sulfate-free and silicone-free product. It is safe on your hair if it is colored.

Active Ingredients of Reverie Suna Exfoliating Shampoo

- Rhassoul clay deeply purifies and removes dead cells, build-up, and excess sebum.

- Essential minerals that enhance the scalp’s barrier function and deliver essential nutrients that increase the shine and softness of the hair and decrease frizz.

- Sodium Hyaluronate is a form of hyaluronic acid that moistures and deeply hydrates the scalp.

- Hibiscus extract helps in the exfoliating process gently and retains moisture in the scalp.

Package and size of the product:

Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle of one full-size 250 ml (8 fl oz).

A quick overview of Reverie Company's other products

Reverie milk anti-frizz leave-in conditioner

This leaves repairs the damage to the hair, moisturizes, softens, and gives shine to hair. Protect against environmental damage. Preventing frizzing. It’s perfect for frizzy dry hair.

Reverie Cake restorative scalp tonic

This restorative serum protects, hydrates, soothes, and restores hair, it has Swiss apple stem cells that enhance hair growth and act against hair fall.

It also has the formula to increase the blood circulation of the scalp which is an important factor in hair growth, this serum is very light, and it never leaves your hair oily. You can use it every day or as you need it.

Reverie balancing shampoo

It is an effective formula that cleans up the scalp and gives the hair nourishment and strength at the same time, it gives volume to hair and you can use it safely if your hair is colored.

Reverie nourishing conditioner

It’s a lightweight conditioner that hydrates hair and leaves it soft and full of health.

Reverie rake styling balm

This styling balm is perfect for all types of hair, thin or thick, curled or straight, it gives hair a nourishing look that lasts all day long.

Reverie Eros Resurrection Hair mask

It’s a luxury mask that protects hair against dryness and damage, leaves your hair shiny, and gives it strength.

Reverie Ever Recovery Hair Oil

It’s a luxury highly absorbent oil that protects hair against split ends and gives it a healthy and shiny look, it can be used daily or as a mask before shampoo.

Reverie Mediterranean Sea Mist

Besides the adorable scent which is a blend of vanilla, bergamot, lemon, and almond, it gives your hair a natural look without dryness or stiffness.

Using Reverie Suna exfoliating shampoo is the first step in removing dirt and excess oils from your hair. Makes your hair ready to grow stronger,  healthier, and full of shine.

You can make your collection from Reverie products according to your hair type, to complete your hair routine for more strong, shiny, and healthier hair.

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