Home Remedies For Cat Vomiting| 4 Different Simple Ways

Home remedies for cat vomiting, cat owners need their cat to feel better throughout their life as they consider their cat as a member of their family so if the cat is sick the cat owners search for the best way to help their cats as going to the vet. or help their cats to treat by home remedies.

Cat owners consider themselves responsible for cat's health.


What can they give their cats for vomiting?

If their cats have continuous vomiting and can't keep their water they must go to the vet direct but if the vomiting less danger  there are many natural home remedies for cat vomiting such as:


1- Drinking peppermint tea:

Bring a peppermint tea bag and add it to a cup full of boiled water and leave it for 15 minutes to be concentrated then give your cat two spoonfuls to drink it or you can mix it with your cat food. Repeat this step once or twice per day.

peppermint tea is safe for your cat but Coralville animal hospital says that peppermint oil is toxic to cats. peppermint tea considers one of the Home remedies for cat vomiting.


2-Cat fasting:

If your cat has vomiting you can make your cat fast for twelve to twenty-four hours but you should make your cat drink water at all times. If your cat after a time of fasting stops vomiting you can offer a small amount of food to your cat. If your cat is still vomiting, speak to your vet Because your cat may be allergic to some foods or flavors, you should avoid them.

home remedies for cat vomiting


If you don't make your cat fast for a day and make it back to its natural diet after fasting, the diet can help your cat to decrease vomiting. You can add some additions to your cat's meal such as chicken boiled, hamburger boiled free of fats, and some rice. These meals contain enough protein and carbohydrates that offer your cat energy and essential nutrients which your cat needs. these meals suitable for your cat that suffer from vomiting due to easily digesting it. you can feed your cat these meals for some days then you can return to your cat's normal diet slowly.


4- Mineral oils:

you can add one teaspoonful of mineral oils to your cat's meal two or three times per week to act as a laxative to your cat due to hairballs may be the reason for your cat vomiting so mineral oils can help your cat to pass hairballs smoothly. A small amount of mineral oil is safe for your cat. and it considers one of the Home remedies for cat vomiting


Vomiting in cats:

Some different reasons cause cat vomitings such as viruses, swallowing of litter or another, some medications, hairballs and changing in cat's diet and allergic to cats to some kinds of food.

When your cat eats a large amount of food and too fast and vomits after eating it may indicate that your cat has a dangerous disease such as hairballs, esophageal tissue disease, digestive obstruction disease, and dehydration. These diseases cause vomiting for your cat and you should go to the vet. 

And there are more reasons for cat vomiting such as diabetes, hyper action of the thyroid gland, diseases of the kidney if your cat eats a toxic meal, parasites in the intestinal, and inflammation in the bowel.

Home remedies for cat vomiting


What are the ways of Home remedies for cat vomiting if the reason is hairballs?

If the reason for cat vomiting is hairballs, you can use these ways to decrease the vomiting. You can try some vomiting remedies natural such as:

You should brush your cat once a day to remove the excess cat's fur that your cat may have swallowed when it cleans itself by licking.

You can put one teaspoon of olive oil into your cat's meal once per week to help your cat in the digestion process and getting rid of its hair in the excretion process. by the way melted butter does the same action as olive oil you can try it by adding one teaspoon of melted butter in your cat's meal and obtain the same results of olive oil.

You can also use canned pumpkin by adding some pumpkin in your cat's meal which helps your cat in the digestion process to be easy and getting rid of its hair in the stool.

Home remedies for cat vomiting


The relationship between motion sickness and cat vomiting:

Motion sickness is a common reason for cat vomiting especially for cats not used to traveling.

There are many ways of Home remedies for cat vomiting to reduce the vomiting which as a result of motion sickness you can try these natural remedies to help your cat to decrease its vomitings such as feline pheromones, remedies of bach flower, and some herbs which are safe to your cat and give your cat a comfortable feeling such as valerian herb.


You can help your cat to decrease its vomiting also by this way. you can decrease the amount of your cat's meal before leaving the home and ride a car and also you should offer food to your cat before many hours of leaving to decrease the feeling of vomiting for your cat.

You can talk to the vet to describe medicine to your cat and help it to be comfortable when your cat has nausea to make its life better and be happy when it travels.


What is the importance of knowing Home remedies for cat vomiting to cat owners?

There is a relationship between cat owners and their cats full of love and friendship as they treat their cats as if they are parents to them and they are worried about their health and they do their best efforts to achieve the care for their cats. And some diseases the cats suffer from such as vomiting they learn everything about home remedies for cats vomiting to treat their cats. 


Cat owners can try some of the home remedies for cat vomiting to give their cats the care they need such as a pinch of catnip that may be beneficial for cat vomiting and also some herbs can be used to reduce the cat vomiting. You need to call the vet to describe the right dose your cat needs and this dose is different from cat to other. Cat owners can also try other home remedies such as Bach flower essences, kefir, and homeopathic remedies. where these remedies help their cat to decrease the vomiting and make them happy throughout their life.


Types of vomiting in cats:

The vomiting in cats is two kinds: one is called chronic vomiting and the other called acute vomiting.

You can know the information about chronic vomiting to offer care to your cat.

Chronic vomiting in cats is when your cat vomits at least once a month or maybe also once a day for a long time.

and if your cat vomits several times per day you should go to the vet to help your cat.

And for about the second type of vomiting in cats which is called acute vomiting. When your cat doesn't use to vomit but your cat vomits about once to three times for certain times you know it has acute vomiting.

If your cat vomits about once to three times but after a time it eats and doesn't vomit and continues its meal. This phenomenon indicates that your cat doesn't need a vet. But it indicates you know that your cat ate a toxic meal which is the reason for your cat vomiting. you can try one of the home remedies for cat vomiting.

If your cat vomits more than three times and doesn't keep its meal down and it doesn't feel comfortable and it feels sick you should go to the vet.


The similarities and the difference between acute and chronic vomiting for cats:

There are some likely reasons between acute vomiting and chronic vomiting but there is some difference in the reasons. such as when your cat vomits and the reason is eating toxic meals. It means that your cat has acute vomiting, not chronic vomiting. and you can try Home remedies for cat vomiting.

And if your cat vomits and you know that the reason is swallowing a strange object so it is not chronic vomiting but it is acute vomiting. but if a strange body remains in your cat's stomach, it can be a reason for chronic vomiting.

Home remedies for cat vomiting

There are many common reasons for cat vomiting:

Such as eating something toxic, some medicines as antibiotic drugs, change in the diet of your cat suddenly, and if your cat has ulcer or inflammation in the stomach, constipation, cancer, liver diseases, kidney diseases, diabetes, and high action of the thyroid gland.

Some reasons for cat vomiting can be treated by home remedies for cat vomiting.

And some reasons for cat vomiting should go to the vet to help your cat to be healthy. cat's owners must know when their cat needs a vet or some remedies of Home remedies for cat vomiting.

Can you give your cat Pepto Bismol for vomiting?

Yes, you can give your cat Pepto Bismol if your cat has one of these symptoms diarrhea, vomiting, or upset stomach, it is available and cheap. Pepto-Bismol treats these symptoms and it has a limited dosage that is described by the vet, the dosage described differ from case to case and differs according to the weight of the animal so the cat when taking it. It must be not more than two or three days.

You shouldn't give your cat Pepto Bismol for a long time or high amounts because it will cause harm to your cat due to the aspirin it contains. it does not harm your cat in small amounts but in large amounts, it is toxic to your cat.


How can you settle your cat's stomach?

If your cat vomits as a reason for an upset stomach. You should do these steps, the first step is to make your cat fast for about twelve hours to give your cat's stomach time to settle.

The second step after twelve hours of fasting you can offer to your cat water and diet in small amounts and slowly. This way is considered as one of the Home remedies for cats.



Home remedies for cat vomiting are important for the cat owners to treat their cats when they need help such as peppermint tea, fasting, diet, and some mineral oils. There are different reasons for cat vomiting such as viruses, some medications, swallowing a litter or swallowing a strange object, hairballs, sudden change in cat's diet or allergic to some kinds of food and other diseases can cause vomiting and it may indicate dangerous diseases. There are two kinds of cat vomiting which are acute vomiting and chronic vomiting.


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