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Home remedies for weight loss most people consider them as a magic tool to get rid of the extra pounds they gain across years. Let's see 14 different remedies.

Home remedies for weight loss sure will help you to feel better or get more energized and provide you to get control more on your eating habits, but you should know these extra pounds anyone gain in years will not disappear by adding some new salad recipes or drink some herbal drinks on empty stomach in the morning or before going to sleep, you should dedicate yourself to be discipline on right lifestyle and follow the right eat behaviors to be satisfied with the result eventually, to solve any problem you face we should determine the main causes of this problem and the triggers that drive the problem plus be aware with all the factors which have the strong effect on it.

Home remedies for weight loss

Main Factors causes Gaining Weight:

Genetics Obesity can cause by the effect of genetics and it was likely to children who grown up with extra weight as a result of their parent’s obese genes.

Engineered Junk Foods

The majority of people can’t resist the taste of processed food which has low amounts of important, healthy, and useful nutrients; indeed it has high calories most of us do not need to consume.

Food Addiction - Emotional Eating

Some people have bad habits when they feel depressed, disappointed, or frustrated. They run to eat anything just to feel better and be in a good mood.

Aggressive Marketing

The food processing companies always introduce their products in attractive ways so the majority of consumers can't stand in front of these products and fail in this trap.

Insulin & Leptin Resistance

Insulin resistance is one of the most common factors that cause gaining weight because and it’s hard to lose it because high insulin levels in the blood prevent leptin hormone to burn fats.

Certain Medications

Gaining weight could be happening as a side effect of some of the medications that cause water retention.


The high level of consumption of sugar during your day changes the biochemistry of your body and this, in turn, contributes to gaining weight.

Home remedies for weight loss

14 Different home remedies for weight loss:

Home Remedies for Weight Loss are considered as an external way to help people to face this issue by following the instructions to get control of this process until you reach your goal of losing weight healthily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It has a rich source of acetic acid and it promotes weight loss.

Green Tea

 It’s the source of catechins and caffeine and both of them are playing a significant role in weight loss.

Lemon & Honey

Vitamin C helps fat oxidation and honey exhibits lipid-lowering activities.

Black Pepper

It contains a Piperine which possesses fat loss.

Parsley Juice

Lemon and Parsley juice rich in vitamin c and fat oxidation plus aiding digestion.

Cranberry Juice

It is considered a great substitute for other juices and a rich source of antioxidants helping your body to get rid of toxins plus boost the metabolism of your body.

Aloe Vera

Aids digestion and reduces inflammation and facilitates weight loss.


Curry Leaves

Helping to boost metabolism and reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.



Boost metabolic activities also helping in the treatment of heart diseases and diabetes.


Reduces hunger pangs in addition assists in burning the extra fat which leads to weight loss naturally.



It’s rich in anti-obesity properties which are boosting your body’s thermogenesis.

Coconut Oil

The main components are the fatty acids that are playing an effective role in weight loss because they boost metabolism.

Oolong Tea

Chinese herbal tea can accelerate the rate of metabolism and prevent fat cell proliferation plus it’s maintaining your weight.



It’s a rich source of good bacteria called probiotics which support digestion and metabolism, so might think to add yogurt to your eating routine to maintain weight loss.



Our dewtreats for you today we mention some home remedies for weight loss as well as the main causes of gaining weight to be aware of the benefits of these home remedies. 

By/ Radwa Hassan


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