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How to Lighten Hair with Peroxide and Shampoo, when you decide to change you start with hair with a unique style. Hair change even by dye or lightening is a great experience.

Not all people are available to go to the salon for lighting, so they tend to try it at home.

Peroxide and shampoo are the simplest ways to lighten your home at home, but follow the instructions to avoid mistakes.



Why do you lighten hair with Peroxide and Shampoo?

  • Why peroxide 

You may be aware of the role of peroxide if you dye your hair before.

Peroxide is present in hair dyes to do the bleach to lighten the hair, that is because the peroxide affects the innermost part of the hair which withholds the color.

How to bleach hair with peroxide and baking soda?

Hydrogen peroxide springs the pigment in the hair and uplifts the hair’s color before placing another color.


  • Why shampoo

Not only does peroxide lighten the hair, but shampoo can also lighten the hair a little bit especially if the shampoo can lighten hair with lemon and honey in its ingredients.

Through this way of lightening, you have moisturized and healthy hair while stripping the color or pigment of the hair.


How to lighten hair with peroxide and shampoo?

You can lighten your hair here in two ways. The first way is by using peroxide and also by utilizing shampoo. 

Let's begin

How to lighten hair with peroxide

Follow me step by step to know How to Lighten Hair with Peroxide?

Make sure that your hair is completely healthy as you can to avoid damage while bleaching.

All you need are:

  • A 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide

  • Sterilized  gloves

  • Cotton 

  • Clean spray bottle 

  • Hair clips

  • A towel

  • Shower cap or Aluminum foil

  • Petroleum jelly

Hair lightening session with peroxide

  • Hair cleaning step

The first and most important step, you should wash your hair well with good shampoo and conditioner.

2in1  shampoo and conditioner can be used but try to choose an organic one not to damage your hair with its chemicals.


  • Protection step

1. Protect your skin:

Cover your skin with petroleum jelly immediately after hair drying to protect your skin from reacting or getting allergic to peroxide.

2. Protect your clothes:

Cover your shoulder with a towel to protect your clothes from pigments.



  • Preparation of the lightening solution

  1. Make the best ratio of peroxide and water 1:1 

  2. Prepare a clean spray bottle and add the solution.

  3. Make a peroxide test in a strand to avoid the allergy caused by the peroxide, it happened a little bit but happened.


  • Section your hair 

  1. Now you are ready, start with sectioning your hair with clips.

  2. Wear your gloves also to avoid irritation and apply the solution using cotton.

  3. Start with the entire head while applying the solution.

  • Covering with aluminum foil or shower cap

  1. Cover with aluminum foils if you dyed some strands or wear a shower cap for all your hair.

  2. This step accelerates the process of lighting.

  • Washing step

How long does it take for hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair?

  1. You can wash your hair for 15 minutes to an hour relying on the degree of the light you want to be.

  2. After reaching the light you love, wash your hair well with cold water without shampoo and add a deep conditioner.

  3. Rinse your hair very well.


Does baking soda and peroxide lighten hair

It is familiar that peroxide is a very effective lightening agent, moreover adding baking soda lightens hair more than peroxide alone. 

How to bleach hair with peroxide and baking soda?

  • Washing hair step

1- Clean your hair

  1. Wash your hair before adding a mixture of peroxide and baking soda with your daily shampoo and deep conditioner to remove dirt and oils from your hair.

  2. Don't add any leave-in, creams, or oils even if it is natural because those products prevent the paste from penetrating 

  3. Cleaning hair is an important step to soak the paste into the roots of your hair.

  4. After washing your hair let it dry until damping to absorb peroxide and baking soda well more than wetted hair.

  5. The dry step may take 30 minutes according to the hair type. Thick hair takes more time than a fine one.

  6. Don't use a hairdryer to speed the dry step which damages your hair. Leave your hair to take a break before the damage of dying.

  7. Wear a towel on your shoulder to absorb the stain from your clothes.

  8. Put jelly petroleum on your face to protect it against skin irritation.

  9. Divide your hair into 4 sections if your hair is fine enough and secure those sections with hair clips.

  10. If your hair is thicker, part it into 6 or 7 sections.

  11. For highlight style, you don't need to section it.



  • Mixing peroxide and baking soda paste step

  1. Wear clean gloves to protect your hand from irritation or bleaching.

  2. Prepare a plastic or ceramic bowl to make the paste, avoid the metal one to prevent chemical reactions.

  3. Put a cup of baking soda about 230 gm into the bowl then add 3 tablespoons of 3% peroxide about 44 ml, they initiate to react by fizzing now it is a success.

  4. Stir the paste well with a plastic spoon, not metal also as we said to avoid the reaction with the bleaching agents.

Take care

  • Don't Use a high amount of peroxide not damage your hair

  • Also, a little peroxide isn't good, you can know when you don't notice fizzing.



  • Applying the paste

Test a strand of your hair against allergy


  • Removing the paste

Here is the time How to lighten your hair with shampoo

How to Lighten Hair with Peroxide and Shampoo is your choice if your hair is weak or you don't prefer peroxide you can easily choose shampoo.

There are many types of shampoos with specific ingredients that can lighten hair with similar results to peroxide especially with repeating use.

Utilizing shampoo for hair lightening takes more time than peroxide without damage to your hair.

Here are types of shampoo with different ingredients for hair lightening

1. Shampoo containing lemon and honey

Lemon and honey are the most naturals to lighten the hair. The shampoo contains them to provide hair lightening with less damage.

The citric acid of lemon and honey has natural a bleaching agent.

You can also use lemon juice to lighten your hair and then exposure to the sun to get the perfect result. Learn how to lighten hair with lemon juice overnight for intense hair lightening.


2. Shampoos with apple cider vinegar

Using vinegar to lighten hair is popular in the hair world. 

Shampoo with apple cider vinegar isn't used only for hair lightening, but for nourishing hair from roots, preventing hair loss, and also reduction of gray hair.

3. Try bleaching shampoos

Bleaching shampoo is a faster way to lighten the hair than utilizing peroxide with using some perfect conditioners to avoid hair damage.

4. Add Saltwater solution to your shampoo

Shampoos with saltwater maintain hair lightening and protect the color with no need to bleach the hair several times.


How to Lighten Hair with Peroxide and Shampoo may be a difficult process, but once you gain the needed result you can completely change your style, personality, as well as your physiological status. Also lightening by shampoo and peroxide doesn't damage hair like bleach with its harmful chemicals. 

Experts warn about dye methods do not damage the hair in the long run. 


Follow the instructions and take precautions to avoid any mistakes or damage to your hair.


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