How To Detangle Hair Without Pain | Easy Ways To Solve Your Suffering

How to detangle hair without pain is a common question among women who suffer from hair knots that are extremely painful and make you go crazy.
Continue reading and we will show you the simple ways for solving this problem.

Sounds impossible but it’s not, come and take a look!
how do you get really bad knots out of your hair

How to detangle hair knots:

ABC knots solutions are to apply the suitable conditioner for your hair:
Apply a lot of your hair conditioner to make sure that the knots are easily detangled with no pain. The longer your hair is, the more conditioner you need.
For those who have curly hair, you need to leave the conditioner a few minutes on your hair before trying to de-knot it.
You can use a Detangling spray:
It reduces the chance of hair detangling. You can use this spray if you have no time even if your hair is dry or wet. it’s worth the money.
The used comb:
The most healthful comb you can use is the one that has a wide tooth. this one can help you to detangle your hair without pain.
You can use your fingers:
Before using this wide-toothed comb, you can gently use your finger in dividing your hair into several sections. This way removes 50% of your hair knots.
The simplest tool is to use the Water:
Fill a spray bottle with water and use it on each section of your hair before starting to comb hair. easy like a piece of cake but very helpful.
how to get rid of matted hair clumps
Finally, “The way to de-knot”:
Start from the bottom up. This way is very effective and makes it so easy to detangle your hair without cutting your hair and pain-free.
Avoiding hair detangling is much better than trying to remove those annoying knots away from your hair that might result in losing much of your hair or even force you to pay a visit to your salon.
Here are some tips to show you how to avoid this disaster.
- Brush your hair before showering
- Use a small amount of shampoo for stands when compared to the roots.
- Apply the conditioner and gently spread it over your hair using the comb, but be careful because the damp hair is prone to shedding.
- Wear the hairstyles that protect the hair from detangling, for instance, the hair braids.
- Make sure to sleep on a silk pillow instead of cottony ones.
- Dry your hair using a cotton T-shirt instead of a towel.
- Avoid overusing shampoo, it’s not healthy for your hair.
- Damaged or split ends can be a direct reason for the hair detangle, so the best solution is to trim your hair once a month.

Some women are asking “Is it better to detangle wet or dry hair?” It’s a good question that deserves discussion. We will give you the answers.

We all know that wet hair is much weaker than dry one so the chance of damage in case of the wet hair is much bigger when you try to detangle it once to finish your shower, that’s because the protein called keratin becomes weaker when your hair is dry.

Also, when you brush your wet hair it stretches and never comes back to its normal shape, that’s enough to make the hair weak and prone to breaking.

On the other hand, certain types of hair such as super curly and coily hair easily detangle only when they are wet.

Don't be confused, don’t avoid detangling wet hair but only do it in the right way.
Normal tangles aren’t the worst, you just don’t know about matted hair tangles.
How do you untangle severely matted hair?  

Firstly, How does it happen?
Matted hair appears when you don’t comb your hair to remove the shed hair that can knot many times around the attached hair forming very bad knots that annoy you. But no need to worry it just needs the patience and the right tools to get rid of it.
how to detangle matted hair painlessly

How am I supposed to do so?
Some people decide to visit their salon and leave this to the professional hairdresser, but it can be easily done at home, just follow our steps.
Step one:
Using a spray bottle damp your hair with water.
Step two:
You need to saturate your hair with a suitable moisturizing conditioner or oils such as coconut oil or olive oil, but when you decide to use oil make sure to apply it for at least 30 min to reach the maximum effect but not more than 2 hours.
Step three:
Separate the small knots starting from the root side up to the scalp.
Step four:
Using a wide-toothed comb is an important step to remember. Starting from the ends of your hair up to the roots till your hair is knots-free, then use a fine-toothed comb to get rid of smaller knots. Don’t panic when you see the amount of lost hair, just remember that we lose about 100 hairs daily.
Step five:
Once to remove the tangles, wash your hair very well from any applied treatment to keep healthy hair.
is it better to detangle wet or dry hair
Here is some small advice to avoid detangling:
- Detangle your hair regularly.
- Do protein treatment to decrease tangles and matting.
- Don’t keep the extensions for too long.
- Avoid applying ponytails on wet hair.
These were some tips for how to get rid of matted hair clumps.

How to detangle long hair?

The wet hair:
- Wet your entire hair. If you don’t have time you can use a spray bottle filled with water.
- Apply a huge amount of conditioner on your hair paying attention to the tangled parts. As we mentioned before you can use an oil such as coconut or olive oil instead of your conditioner it gives the same effect on hair tangles
- Starting from the bottom up to the roots using a wide-toothed comb. Once to reach the tangles use your finger and gently pull up the hair in different directions this will widen the loops that form the knots.
- Slowly comb your hair because rushing can result in the formation of extra knots.
- If your efforts didn’t work, leave it to a professional hairdresser who will minimize the hair loss.
What about detangling the dry hair?
- Gently divide your hair using the fingers into several sections.
- Use hair clips or hair ties to separate each one.
- Use a wide-toothed comb for your hair, start combing from the ends up towards the scalp. Once to reach the tangle use your finger and pull up the hair gently in different directions, this is gonna help.
- Slowly comb your hair and take your time.
- Repeat the previous tips for each section.
- If you find you are not able to do it yourself, just pay a  visit to the salon because they have specific techniques for such a case.
What about dreadlocks? Sounds impossible to be untangled, but it’s not. We will show you the easiest steps for dealing with this problem.
how to detangle hair knots
How to untangle dreadlocks:

Many words can answer “How to untangle dreadlocks?”, we will discuss the easiest way.
- The old portions of the dreadlocks are the most difficult to untangle, so the first thing you need to do is to cut off the old portions.
- Wash your hair with shampoo then use the conditioner or an oil such as coconut oil to remove any products you used for the maintenance of your dreadlocks.
- Immerse your hair into hot water between 10 to 30 minutes.
- Prepare a spray bottle filled with a mix of water and conditioner, you’re gonna need it to wet your hair again when it’s dry during the untangling process.
Finally, you need to take care of your unlocked hair, this is so simple just follow the upcoming tips:

- After your hair is completely unlocked, you need to wash it again with the product you prefer the most.
- By using a wide-toothed comb or a brush, gently brush your wet hair this will help in removing the remaining tangles.
- This process may lead to damaging and breaking in your hair so you should keep trimming the split ends to keep your hair healthy.
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Our dewtreats for you today are some easy and helpful ways to solve the problem of detangling the worse knots of your hair. Just follow our steps!

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