Coconut Oil For Your Natural Beauty | Top 10 Uses And Benefits

Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the meat of ripe coconuts. Due to its high-fat content, it has wide applications and is also widely traded as a superfood.

 In this article, we’re gonna talk about some benefits and uses of coconut oil. Just stay tuned with us!

Most coconut oil applications are important for women starting from the skin to hair masks. Let's start with coconut oil for skin.coconut oil good for skin

Coconut oil for your  skin

Coconut oil contains a medium-chain of fatty acids which makes this oil useful for many skin issues. For instance,
It kills harmful microorganisms.
Moisturize the dry skin.
Ladies use it as a nighttime moisturizer on their face because of its moisturizing, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.
Coconut oil reduces inflammation.
It can treat Acne.
Shaving your legs; yup, you apply coconut oil instead of the expensive shaving creams.
Used as natural body lotion Instead of artificial ones for smooth and amazing smelled skin.
Relieve eczema, psoriasis, and Athlete’s foot; besides application of your treatment, you can add a thin layer of virgin coconut oil to the infected areas.

Also, you can apply olive oil preparations and sweet almond uses as we mentioned before. coconut oil

Is Coconut Oil Good for the face?

As mentioned before, coconut oil is used for the treatment of acne. Also, it can be used as an overnight routine for your face. Here’s the magic;
Rub one teaspoon of coconut oil between your hands to be liquified.
Gently spread only a thin layer of it on your face, neck, or any dry area of your body.
Leave it overnight. coconut oil good for face

Applying coconut oil to your face overnight; can

- Increase hydration.

- Reduce inflammation.

- Lighten the dark areas.
- Enhance collagen production.

I think you’re not gonna ask again ‘Is coconut oil good for the face or not?’

Yes, partly, on the other hand, coconut oil is not suitable for everyone. So now we should ask ‘Who shouldn’t use coconut oil?’
coconut oils

Is coconut oil bad for the skin?

People who have oily skin find that coconut oil is so heavy to be used on their skin overnight and may result in forming more acne and blackheads.
Then, take care if you have a weakened immune system as a result of long-term antibiotic treatment, you shouldn’t use it on your skin.coconut oil bad for skin

After talking about the benefits of coconuts for the skin, many ladies are wondering if coconut oil is helpful for hair. 

Follow us and complete our article, we are gonna answer the question ‘Does coconut oil help your hair grow?’
coco oils

How is coconut oil good for hair growth? 

It’s true because coconut oil has magic of: 

Stimulating hair growth; due to vitamins and fatty acids included in coconut oil.  It is a natural way to keep your hair long and strong.

Giving shine to your hair.

Soften and moisturize your dry hair.

Not only for beauty purposes but also coconut oil has antiviral properties making it beneficial for human health.

Coconut oil antiviral effects

Recently, people are wondering about “How can coconut oil be effective against viruses?”

Simply, as mentioned before coconut oil consists of various kinds of medium-chains of fatty acids where each one is responsible for different health benefits.
Lauric acid is the key one for this benefit. Once it gets into the body this acid is converted into a ‘monolaurin’ molecule which can destroy the lipid membrane of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

One article is not enough to discuss all the important and beneficial uses of coconut oil, but these were some of them I hope you enjoyed. 

Our dewtreats for you today handles some benefits of coconut oil for your hair, skin, and your health too. If you are interested in natural treatments, our article is amust to read. 

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