Natural Product for Low Porosity Hair, All You Need to Know

Natural product for low porosity hair, the best products that must be used and products that must be avoided.

Hair can be divided into 3types according to porosity:

Do you know that low porosity hair has tiny pores or very small pores that can't penetrate natural oils and moisturizing agents that give the hair’s healthy to look?

Low porosity hair needs light oils, serums, moisturizing milky reagents like shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, grape seeds oil, avocado oil.
Using These natural oils is very helpful for low porosity hair because they give hair moisture which is needed by easily entering into hair pores and difficulty out of these pores so it gives good look and healthy hair


How to Moisture and seal low porosity hair by natural product:

Do you know that low porosity hair needs to be moisture by daily routine to have a perfect look as we mentioned above by using natural light oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil by brushing hair or oily bath and focus light temperature to open pores to absorb them perfectly and don't let them out of hair follicles left it mushy wet?

The wrong way to treat low porosity hair by using natural high-density oils or protein or keratin products.

Because they're not absorbed well and still above the hair strands so not useful or effective to this type of hair.

Also, this type of hair easily forms hair dandruff so it's very good to wash it three times weekly to open the pores again and absorb any natural oil or cream applied to moisture it.

It's preferable to use cold water after an oily or cream bath to close pores again to have the most benefits and moisturizing your hair very well.

In South Africa, there is a high percentage of low porosity hair people, so they are almost using natural products to fix their hair and have several methods of treating low porosity hair like the LOC method and Loco method.

They have a lot of natural products to use like oils, milky conditioners, butter.

*Like shea butter which is mainly extracted from African shea trees there.


They have also several types of daily, weekly, and monthly routine for low porosity hair by natural product:

By following them to reach the maximum moisturization:

  • Be away from silicon products.

  • use heat when having deep conditioning.

  • using lighter oils (avocado oil, almond oil)by Loc method when applying products.

  • using a clarifying shampoo.

  • using shampoo with warm water not hot.


Loc method by natural product for low porosity hair means:

  • moisturize hair with water.

  • apply the cream to seal in moisture from the water.

  • apply oil to seal in moisture from the cream.


*Examples of natural moisture oil:


*Sealing in oil:

  • grape seed oil.

  • Jojoba oil.

 oc method like Loco method except applying oil first and the cream finally.


Now, we will talk about shea butter as a natural product for low porosity hair.

What is this? from where extracted?it's benefits to hair and skin.

Shea butter is a fat extracted from nut seeds that are found in African shea trees.

Extracted in its raw image then treated by heat or blending with another material to be used in cosmetics as moisturizer or lotion.

Do you know how much shea butter is very helpful?

Shea butter is beneficial in the hair, skin, and treating some diseases like alopecia.


Shea butter also contains vitamins like E and A so it's very useful for low porosity hair by giving it high moisturization.


What about using it as a bath by putting it on the hair for 30min and then washing it?

and then show the result by yourself.


As we notice above, 

Oils that are very useful to low porosity hair are lighter oils like jojoba, argan, grape seeds, and avocado oil.

By using them directly on the hair or in an oily bath, they give the same benefits.

Light oils can get into throw pores not stand on the cuticle of the hair versus heavy oils which can't penetrate small pores and are almost used to high porosity hair like olive oil, coconut oil, and castor oil.

How can we care about low porosity hair by using routine?

  • Deep conditioning weekly and use heat to lift cuticles so moisture.

  • use heavy matter butter and light oils as too much moisture and build up the hair.

  • avoid protein and creatine overload or heavy conditioners.

  • using the Loco method as we described above and using steam for at least 10 minutes to reach moisture into hair follicles.

  • get away from silicon products.

  • use lighter oils when brushing your hair daily.

  • Using shampoo to clear hair from any dandruff or any oily remains on the scalp at least 2 times weekly.

  • using shampoo with warm water. 

Now, we will know how to grow low porosity hair by using natural products?

*As we notice low porosity hair needs maximum moisturization.

*Regular clarifying your hair.

*Using natural light oils as a daily routine to support your hair follicles by moisture needed.

*Having oily and cream baths once weekly at least.

*Using heat from time to time before using moisturizing agents to open your hair pores to be easily absorbed.

*Using appropriate clarifying shampoo to clean your hair well.

*Finally use cold water to close pores that contain moisturizers to have maximum benefits.

Do you know that argan oil is the best natural product for low porosity hair:

But it's very rare and difficult to have, followed by grape seeds oil and jojoba oil as they have low continence which permits water to get into hair follicles and then moisturize.

Is coconut oil a bad natural product for low porosity hair?

In contrast, coconut oil, and olive oil their heavy continence don't permit water to get into pores so they left hair dry so they badly for low porosity hair.


What about fixing low porosity hair?

We can fix it by two methods of heat:

  1. Direct heat: applying moisturizing agent and focused direct heat through a cap.

  2. Indirect method: applying moisturizing agent than using a heat steamer.


Now we reach the end of our topic which talks about low porosity hair how can you treat it, take care of it, daily and monthly routine, how to fix it, how to grow it very fast, oils and agents which avoided and harmful to this type of hair, the effect of heat on it if direct or indirect.

Natural products are very helpful for low porosity hair.



Our dew treats for you today are to utilize natural products for low porosity hair like different oils coconut, olive, jojoba, almond, argan oils and shea butter by moisturizing hair for a perfect and shiny look.


By: Nada Yousry

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