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How to prevent bed bug bites naturally is a common question among a lot of people. We'll answer this simple question using simple, easy, and fast treatments.

Some facts about bed bugs

- Bed Bugs feed within 5 to 10 days, but they can live for 70 days without feeding and they are active at 5 pm.

- Bedbugs inject saliva that contains anesthesia and anticoagulants.

- Bedbugs reproduce during maturity and put about seven eggs daily.

- They are reddish-brown in color, and similar to the apple seeds in size.

They prefer blood, carbon dioxide, and warm media more than dirty ones. Warmth is their media so they prefer beds.

- They are more common in hot seasons, especially in August and September.

They present rarely in the hair, they mainly infect the skin areas.

They can be killed by steam at high temperatures.

How to prevent bed bug bites naturally

Bed bug bites heal within a week if left untreated, they don't cause diseases to humans, but they cause irritability and itching during sleep.

Also, they result in more scratching leading to high secondary infestations. They mainly feed on skin, so they are usually present in the arms, legs, and neck.

They survive for one to two months and older nymphs can last for a year in good conditions.

how to prevent bed bug bites naturally

Are bed bugs more common in men or women

Women are warmer than men so they are more prone to bed bug bites than men.

Also, blood and carbon dioxide are their favorites so they prefer the skin.

How to prevent bed bug bites naturally and their signs

Common signs are:

- Itchy and red spots

- Spot-like clusters

- Small blood spots

How to prevent bed bug bites naturally and How to identify them

- They are reddish-brown or dark

- Flat and oval

- They leave brown mottled skin

- Their tiny eggs appear like rice grains

how to prevent bed bug bites naturally

How to prevent bed bug bites naturally and get rid of them  

- Wash all of your issues

- Clean them deeply 

- Use steam clean 

- Use good Pesticides to control more

- Freeze the clothes and bedding so the bedbugs will die in low temperatures.

- Scrap away the eggs or bugs with brunch.

- Vacuum regularly

- Examiners can use a mix of chemicals, pesticides, steam, or some heat to get rid of the bedbugs.

How to prevent bed bug bites naturally

To keep bedbugs away there are some oils from nature that are helpful like:

Tea tree oil

It has an antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic effect so it's useful if you use your hands on your clothes or furniture.

Blood orange oil

Because of its aroma and its stringent effect, it's so harmful to most bedbugs.


It's a good repellent of bedbugs, not a killer because of its strong aromatic compound

how to prevent bed bug bites naturally

Cinnamon and honey

They have anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the number of infections.


It has also a strong astringent aroma that makes bed bugs hate it.

Banana peels

It contains carotenoids and polyphenols so it will decrease the itching.

Pepper orange and ginger

When mixing, they give a good spray that can control the bedbugs.

Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda

Has a helpful effect because it can dehydrate the skin.


It contains menthol which has a cooling effect so it would reduce itching and inflammation.

Mouthwash contains septic ethanol which is a good disinfectant.


It has an antibacterial effect which enhances the rate of healing.

Diatomaceous earth

It's a good chemical that can help in reducing bedbug bites, the results will appear within a week.

Avoid inhaling it and use gloves and a face mask.

How to prevent bedbug bites naturally by using coconut?

Coconut oil

A study found that the use of coconut oil compounds is effective in reducing insects' bites.

Coconut oil is a famous chemical in reducing and repelling insects called DEET which has serious effects like seizures, rashes, and disorientation. So the natural alternatives are safer and preferred.

This repellent effect is due to fatty acid-containing coconut oil, not the coconut oil itself.

how to prevent bed bug bites naturally

Top ten tricks to control bedbugs

- Identify the bedbugs well and confirm that they aren't other ticks, fleas, or insects.

- Be calm and don't panic or cause more stress, it can be controlled

- Apply the treatment options that will limit their numbers

- Cleaning up the furniture, clutter, and any clothing.

- Use heat to kill the bedbugs in higher temperatures.

- Don't throw your furniture because that will increase the transmission.

Serious side effects of the bites

Some people can rarely develop severe reactions to the bites and symptoms can be different and need emergency medicine

These symptoms are: 

- Fever swollen tongue,

- Difficulty in breathing 

- Flu-like symptoms

- Irregularities in heartbeats

How to prevent bed bug bites naturally and medically

Treatment can be presented through an anti-itching cream or lotion like calamine.

Antihistamines are oral or topical antibiotics or corticosteroids.

Vaseline can help, because it can stop their crawling up.

Some chemicals can help in pest control

There are over 300 products that can be used in the treatment, these are the most commonly used:

Pyrethrins, pyrethroids 

They are extracted from some flowers and in the central nervous system of the bedbugs.


They destroy the waxy protective outer coating of the bedbugs.


Like propoxur and bendiocarb.




Bed bug bites can cause serious health problems, so you should try so hard to prevent them.

We offered you some tips and simple treatments to help you answer the question " how to prevent bed bug bites naturally?"

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