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People ask about the efficacy of bed bugs Vicks vapor rub in repelling and killing bed bugs.  Many people suffer from bed bugs as these little insects drink our blood every night.

We are the preferred host for them. So we are going to talk about some home remedies you can do to repel these insects.

You can try these remedies in case you do not have any products to kill bed bugs at home or you're out there with nothing available to kill these creatures then try using whatever is available around you to kill these creatures.

Does Vicks rubbing stop bed bug bites?

Vicks and bed bugs

Is Vicks good for bed bug bites?

Bed bugs Vicks vapor rub is one of these remedies, other remedies are essential oils, rubbing alcohol, and many other things. Some people wonder if we can use bed bugs Vicks vapor rub as a killer to these vampires. We are going to answer this question. 

Does Vicks kill bed bugs?

First, What are Bed bugs 

Vicks Vaporub and bed bugs:

Before asking "is Vicks good for bed bug bites?" or "does Vicks keep bed bugs away?", we need to know more about bed bugs. 

Bed bugs are small reddish-brown insects belonging to the genus cimex. They feed on human blood, especially at night. Their bites cause harm to humans.

This damage varies between skin rash, itching, and allergic symptoms. But if your injury is severe or you experience an allergic reaction, you should see a doctor. 

bed bugs vicks vapor rub

Bed bugs Vicks vapor rub 

Does Vicks vaporub keep bed bugs away? 

People usually use Vicks vaporub for bed bugs to relieve the symptoms of colds and congestion. Others use it to relieve joint pain. But now people ask if they can use it to repel bed bugs. Yes, we can use it in an emergency.

It is night, you can not sleep because of the bites, you need anything to help you, so you can try using it.

It contains the active constituent menthol and insects don't like its scent.  So we can use the heat and the smell is given off by this product to repel bed bugs away from you.

Does Vicks vapor rub repel bed bugs

Disadvantages of Vicks vapor rub:

The most important one is that bed bugs Vicks vapor rub does not work for a long time.

It may last for fifteen minutes. Also, it is sticky because it contains a hydrocarbon base as scientists develop it to reduce symptoms of the common cold virus.

Bed bug Vicks vapor rub can't kill bed bugs, but it can repel bed bugs to some extent. Vicks vapor rub was not intended to be used as a bed bug repellent although it contains menthol. 

What should you know before using bed bugs Vicks vapor rub? You should apply it to a small area on your skin first to ensure it is safe for you. 

Now you know the answer to the common question "do bed bugs like Vicks vapor rub?"

Home remedies to repel bed bugs instead of bed bugs Vicks vapor rub

Volatile oils

Volatile oils are natural bed bug repellents obtained from plants by different Methods. 

Some volatile oils are used in preparing bed bug repellent lotions, creams, and sprays because they have an anti-inflammatory effect, antimicrobial effect, and a strong-smelling odor. All these properties help in repelling bed bugs. 

There are a wide variety of volatile oils used as bed bug repellent. Some of these volatile oils are lavender, mint, peppermint, eucalyptus, cinnamon, clove, lemongrass, and tea tree oil.

You can use the volatile oil directly on your skin or you can dilute it with water and then use it as a spray on your bed. 

Bed Bugs Vicks Vapor Rub


Lavender is a strong bed bug repellent and It has an anti-inflammatory effect. This may help you if your skin is itching. 

Tea tree oil 

This oil is characterized by its antimicrobial effect which prevents any possible microbial infection to your skin after a bed bug bite.

Mint and peppermint oil

This oil has a strong smell. It has a powerful effect on repelling bed bugs as most insects do not like its scent.  

Rubbing alcohol 

Rubbing alcohol is one of the remedies used to kill bed bugs when sprayed upon them. You can use it to sterilize your bed and the rest of the stuff in your room.

Rubbing alcohol has some disadvantages as it dries very quickly so you can not benefit from it for a long time. It has fire hazards too. 


You can use vaseline or any other jelly petrolatum base to repel bed bugs. You can use it to coat the legs of your bed as bed bugs can not fly. The only way to reach your bed is by climbing. 

Apple cider vinegar 

We get this vinegar from fermenting apples with yeast and bacteria. It has acidic properties and a strong pungent odor.

If you mix this vinegar with any of the above-mentioned products, you will have a strong bed bug repellent. You can mix it with Rubbing alcohol, and put them in a spray then you do not have to worry about alcohol drying.

Use this spray on your bed and stuff in your room. 

Coconut oil 

Rub coconut oil all over your skin to repel bed bugs and prevent them from climbing on your skin. Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids which are displeasing to the diet of the bug.

Acidic components in these fatty acids prevent bugs from biting you. 

bed bugs vicks vapor rub

Some advice for you

- If you want to get rid of bed bugs, these little insects which feed on our blood, ruin our nights, and prevent us from sleeping, it is important to know about these remedies.

Most of these remedies are cheap, safe, and non-irritating, and they do have a real effect on repelling these insects so if it is late at night or you do not have enough money to buy bed bug repellent, try these remedies. Use them topically or in sprays. 

- You have to sterilize the places where these little bugs hide, they hide in places like bed frames, mattresses, box springs, and headboards. 

- If you decide to use one of these remedies applied topically to your skin, try it on a small area at first to keep yourself safe. 

- You should know that fighting these enemies will need your patience and time. 


Many of us suffer from bed bugs. In case of emergency, you can use bed bugs Vicks vapor rub to protect yourself.

If you do not have anything, just cover your body with a cloth. Just try to handle the situation until the morning.

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