The Best 13 Bed bugs Treatment Home Remedy | Easy and quick

Many people search for the best effective bed bugs treatment home remedy to get rid of them.

Let me ask you some questions before beginning:

Have you ever woken up and found red, burning, and itchy welts on your skin, and you know very well that you didn't have them before sleeping? 

Another question: did you wake up and find bloodstains on your sheets?  Or dark spots on your bedclothes or walls?

Did you smell an offensive, musty odor from your bed and you are certain that you have cleaned it very well?

If the answers to these questions are "yes" 

This article will help you to understand what is the problem.

All of these problems are due to an insect called bed bugs.

It's said that To fight your enemy correctly, you should know them first.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

So what are the bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, oval, brown parasitic insects that live on the blood of human bodies and animals.

Bed bugs can't fly but can move over walls or floors.

Female bed bugs lay hundreds of eggs each of them is similar to dust in size, after the eggs hatch they produce immature eggs called nymphs.

The nymphs go through five molts to become an adult and every molt requires a blood meal.

Due to their very thin size, they can almost hide everywhere and transport you to many places in your house.

While you are sleeping at night, they begin to suck your blood by using their sharp, elongated beak. This process requires from three minutes to ten minutes.

They can live many months without blood.

Generally, bed bugs aren't dangerous but they can cause severe allergic reactions.

They can cause several health problems such as sleep deprivation and anemia due to the loss of blood.

For example, triatomines are bed bugs that transmit the Trypanosoma cruzi [ parasite that causes one of the most deadly diseases in Africa called Chagas disease.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy:

After we know what bed bugs are and how they can cause harm to your health, it stands to reason that we will talk about how to get rid of bed bugs.

Let's move to the main purpose of this article which is bed bugs treatment home remedy.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy


The first step in bed bugs treatment home remedy is cleaning by using a hose of the vacuum.

As they are very clever in hiding in unclear places on shelves, boxes, mattresses, and furniture.

This way helps you to remove bed bugs and their eggs.

2) Extreme hot:

The next step in bed bugs treatment home remedy is using the washing machine at the hot setting above 140° Fahrenheit.

This condition is effective in killing bed bugs in clothes, beddings, and animal stuff.

3) Steam cleaner:

You can also use a steam cleaner in bed bugs treatment home remedy.

Set the steam cleaner at 145° Fahrenheit to get rid of bed bugs in big items such as furniture and mattresses.

Make sure to use steam cold over the furniture several times and at the corner where the bed bugs can be hidden.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy


For any items that can't handle the Washing machine,  the freezing method is a bed bugs treatment home remedy that can help you.

Put them in plastic pages in the freezer then leave them for 24 hours to kill any bed bugs or eggs.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy


Borax is a natural cleaning substance and it is also a type of bed bugs treatment home remedy.

The bed bugs can't eat it but the borax works by suffocating the bed bugs so they can hardly breathe then die.

You can put it in the washing machine, or put a big amount over your furniture then leave it for 24 hours.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

6) Alcohol:

Alcohol is a type of bed bugs treatment home remedy, it can kill bed bugs, larva, and eggs.

Alcohol 90% can directly kill bed bugs. Be careful that inhalation of  90%  alcohol is toxic to your body and your lungs. 

7) Tea tree oil:

It is a natural alternative to alcohol as it has a strong odor but it isn't as toxic in inhalation as alcohol.


Undiluted Tea tree oil is a bed bugs treatment home remedy that cannot kill bed bugs but it masks the smell of sweat very well, this smell attracts the bed bug.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

8) Baking soda:

You can use Sodium bicarbonate as a bed bug home treatment remedy.

It works by dehydrating the skin of bed bugs but it's expensive and needs a lot of time to give favorable results.

On the other hand, you will need a big amount of sodium bicarbonate powder, you will also use a vacuum to remove the dead bed bugs' bodies and to clean the rooms from the powder.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

9) Bleach:  

Bleach is another type of bed bugs treatment home remedy that kills them by oxidizing their outer shell.

Bleach such as Clorox, oxygen bleach that contains hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach that contains sodium hypochlorite.

Keep in mind that It stains so don't use them on your clothes, bedsheets, or your furniture.

You can use color-safe bleach.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

10) Vinegar:

In addition to using vinegar in food and the kitchen, you can use it to destroy the nervous system of bed bugs.

Spray vinegar to the infected place, keep in mind that vinegar can't kill the eggs of bed bugs.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

11) Diatomaceous earth:

The exoskeleton of bed bugs is weak, the diatomaceous earth is very sharp and rough for bed bugs. 

Creeping over diatomaceous earth causes death to them.

It's easy to use, just sprinkle it on the infected place and leave it for 24 hours at least, then use the vacuum to remove it and the dead bed bugs.

It kills 90% of bed bugs and it is economical so it's considered the best bed bugs home treatment remedy.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

12) Essential oils :

You can use peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus oils to keep away the bed bugs.

You can spray them over your bed, this will help pull them away from you and make your bed smell wonderful.

Bed bugs treatment home remedy

13) Stickers :

Stickers can also be used as a type of bed bugs treatment home remedy.

They are paper pads with glue, they attract the bed bugs to get out from their hidden places.

As soon as the bed bugs crawl over the sticker, their legs stick into the stickers and they can't move anymore.


Cleanliness is the first step to control bed bugs.

You can easily put an end to them as you now know the most effective, quickest, and cheapest remedies that you can easily use in your home. 

You shouldn't flout how dangerous bed bugs can be.

Written by: Dr. Aya Riad 


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