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People suffer from bed bugs so we all should know about natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. It needs our care to get the best result and get rid of them at all.

How can I use natural ways to get rid of bed bugs

Chemicals are the easiest way we use to get rid of them but sometimes it is not preferred due to allergies, young children, and pets. 

The safest ways to get rid of bed bugs are further cleaning and using natural products like essential oils.


In this article, we are going to discuss the best two natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. 


→ Further Cleaning:

1- Clean everything in the room and get rid of all things you are no longer need. You should get rid of them safely by putting them in plastic bags and throw them away from your home. 

It is one of the easiest natural ways to get rid of bed bugs

Please hold them carefully not to spread bed bugs in the whole home. 

2- Wash all your clothing and bedding and everything in your room at high temperatures. For best results, put sanitizer with them and store them in plastic bags to prevent a recurrence. 

The dryer also gives the same result. You can put your things into it for 15 minutes at a high-temperature grade. 

The number of washing all your things per week depends on the severity of your infestation. You should wash them once or twice weekly even after the bed bugs disappear. Clean your laundry area and soft toys with a sanitizer.

3- After washing all of your things, store them in tight-fitting plastic containers or resealable bags. 

Keep it closed to prevent the re-infesting of newly cleaned items and store them away from the re-infested room. 

4- It is better to vacuum all your things more than one time per week including soft items made of fiber as carpets, box springs,  and curtains, and hard items as furniture, baseboards, and nooks. 

5- You should dispose of the cleaner bag of the vacuum after the drying process. Put this bag into a plastic container and tight it firmly then throw it outside your home. Please get rid of it quickly not to get re-infested.

6- The temperature you use to sanitize your things should reach 200 degrees F (93.4 degrees C).

This temperature produces dry steam which is very important not to get your things and furthermore produce mold and bacteria.

7- Mark your infested items with a sentence of "Take care,  It is infested with bed bugs" or "Bed Bugs" not to infest your people. It is better to inform your city that your disposable things are infested with bed bugs to get rid of them carefully.

→ Using Natural Remedies as essential oils

Essential oils are one of the most effective natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. They are simple to use, cheap, and effective. 

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

1- You can use fresh or dried lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Put one of them around your home and you will notice the result. Most insects not only bed bugs but also several kinds of insects hate their smell and so go away from your home. 

To use them, you can tie up bundles contain dried essential oils to the window or doors. You can also put them in sachets and tie them in your dresser.


2- The Best natural essential oils that are very effective for bed bugs are citronella,  lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary. You should be careful when using tea tree oil if you have pets because it is very toxic to them. 

We are going to discuss how can we use these natural ways to get rid of bed bugs.

* Put these essential oils onto your bed frame. 

* You can add few drops of these essential oils into your laundry during washing your things. 

* You can make a spray of essential oils by adding few drops of them into a spray bottle and make a spray solution by adding 120 ml water to them. Then you can use this spray on your bedding and all things in your room. 


3- It is better to use diatomaceous earth pesticide all over your room as in the frame of the windows, doorways, and floor. This pesticide is like a powder that appears as glass to bed bugs and is effective in killing them and keep them away from your room. 

This type of pesticide "diatomaceous earth pesticide" is safe for humans and pets but you should be careful when using it. Avoid breath or swallow it because its grains are too fine and may be harmful to you.


4-You can also use other natural ways to get rid of bed bugs as dryer sheets. Dryer sheets are recommended for use for better results. Get around 10 dryer sheets and place them on the mattress under your bedsheets. These dryer sheets have a strong smell which bed bugs don't like to smell and go away from it. Put the other dryer sheets inside other places in your room as pillowcase, and your dresser. Lavender is most effective in killing bed bugs and making them away from your room. Bed bugs hate its smell and go away from it so you can use dryer sheets scented with lavender. 


5- You can also use non-permeable covers for your mattress and pillow. They are made specifically for this need. So that it will be difficult for bed bugs to hide out inside mattresses and pillows. Their beautiful advantage is easy washing, and prevent bed bugs from infesting your pillows and mattress. 


6- In addition to using natural ways to get rid of bed bugs, you can also use bug interceptors to get the best result. Put them beneath all of the feet of your bed frame. Alternative to them is using plastic bowls or dishes and put them as we said before. Fill them with lavender oil or any other essential oils as we said before or soapy water. In this case, it will be difficult for bed bugs to climb up.



Bed bugs are a worldwide problem. We can use natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. They are easy to use, cheap, healthy, and more comfortable for us. 


By: Zeinab Abdelkader

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