The Most Professional Midwest Women's Healthcare Specialists

The Midwest Women's Healthcare Specialists is a group of the best doctors who specialize in the care of the woman. They specialize in 10 specialty areas of medicine to meet all women's needs. The care of women is the most important step towards the best society. 


The most important specialties offered by midwest women's healthcare specialists:


Midwest women's healthcare specialists


Doctors take care of the mother’s pregnancy until birth, ensure the safety of the fetus throughout the pregnancy, and follow up with the mother constantly while giving her some vitamins and nutritional supplements necessary for her during that period. 

The most important thing that distinguishes specialists in the Midwest is to keep track of development and progress and use the latest devices constantly. Most of the obstetric examinations and fetal tests are performed, and 0communication with the mother is done regularly.

The safety of the mother and fetus is assured before, after, and during childbirth, while providing them with all the necessary needs. 


2-The most important gynecological diseases:

The Midwest Women's Healthcare Specialists are very interested in making an annual routine medical examination for all women, or in some cases, it may be conducted every 6 months to take care of women's health and to identify the most important common diseases and control them at an early date. 

These examinations must include:

-Pelvic examination

-The breast






3-Breast Treatment:

Breast examinations should be performed regularly to find out the most important problems that may affect a woman without her knowledge and cause her to have serious diseases that may be chronic in the future.

Three-dimensional digital examination and mammography are performed with a digital examination. 

Examinations are also reviewed by the most skilled doctors at the Midwestern  Women's Health Care center. 


4-Birth control:

Doctors at the center of  Midwest Women's healthcare are interested in guiding women in the most important methods of contraception and organizing a pregnancy plan if they want in the future.

The most important contraceptive method available:

-Contraceptive pills


-The coil (one of the most important long-term contraceptives)

-Subcutaneous contraceptive implant

-Surgical tamponade may be performed, and in this case, pregnancy is permanently prevented by the woman. 

5-Menstruation and menopause

Menstruation is bloody bleeding from the vagina as a result of the lack of fertilization of the egg in the female and as a result of the action of the hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the body. It occurs monthly for women.

Whereas, menopause is a period of final menopause in women as a result of the inability to produce eggs, and it often occurs in an advanced stage of life.

Do you know what the premenopausal period is?

It is a period that takes place before menopause finally, in which the woman’s body gradually stops secreting the hormones (estrogen and progesterone), which are responsible for producing eggs and menstrual blood.

The menopause stage usually occurs at the age of 45, or it may vary according to the same person

There are some indications before menopause, such as:

-Irregular menstruation

-Symptoms of anxiety


-Rapid mood swings

-Change in weight

-Some cramps may occur. 


6-Pelvic pain treatment

The Midwest Women’s healthcare specialists center has a lot of experience and innovation about pelvic pain. Many women suffer from pelvic pain at different age stages according to the same person.

The patient must be more detailed in identifying the pain very accurately.

It is the most important symptom:

-Pain in the lower back, pelvis, or both

-The pain may spread to the back, buttocks, and thighs

-You may feel severe pain during urination or sexual activity. 

One of the most important reasons:

-Inflammation of the lining of the uterus

-menstrual cramps

-Ovarian cysts

-Pelvic inflammatory disease. 


Midwest women's healthcare specialists

What about midwest women's healthcare specialists? 

The Midwest Women's Healthcare specialists center cares about women during that period and alerts them to the most important problems that they may face during that period, including symptoms, while giving them the necessary medicine. 

One of the most prominent centers in Saint Luke’s Center, which is the most reliable center in the Midwest for women’s health care and provides many services that help improve the health status of women in all respects.



We also know that life has a lot of troubles, and there must be a center that takes care of the health care of the woman and includes most of its needs. 

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By: Dr. Nada Elashkar

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