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The Institute for Women's Health is called San Antonio's premier OB/GYN practice. Consisting of more than 30 physicians in eight different locations throughout the city, the institute for women's health is always at the forefront of women's health issues to provide her with specialized care for women from OB/GYN services to fertility treatment and menopausal management. The Institute for Women's Health takes care of every woman during her lifetime till adolescence, because she will take care of everyone else. Women are considered as a backbone to every society.

You can reach them throw their Website:

They believe in their job as the main Industries to help every woman specifically and every family in common to have children and have a normal life without pain.

Qualified participants can Practice medicine in its right state.

It established as a company consisting of

201-500 employees and headquarters, San Antonio, TX

Institute for women's health founded in 1996.

Institute for Women's Health

Its Specialties:

  • Obstetrics.

  •  Gynecology.

  • Fertility.

  • Urogynecology.

  • Menopause Management.

  • Hormone replacement therapy.

  • Supplements and Nutrition.

Institute for Women's Health

Primary the institute for women's health located in:

1355 Central Parkway South

It was formed of  400Suite to help the high ratio of women.

San Antonio, TX 78232, US

Titles of Employees at Institute for Women's Health:

  • Alyssa CuellarAlyssa Cuellar

  • Alyssa Cuellar

  • Sonographer at Institute for Women's Health

  • Ron ValdezRon Valdez

  • Ron Valdez

  • Physician/Founding Partner at Institute for Women's Health

  • Virginia GonzalezVirginia Gonzalez

  • Virginia Gonzalez

  • Call Group Director at Institute For Women's Health

  • Carla FenderCarla Fender

  • Carla Fender

Payment Specialist at Institute for Women's Health:

There are several ways to pay there, you can choose the easiest and more suitable for you.

Institute for Women's Health

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The Institute for Women’s Health makes it very easy to find the medical care you need and that way you deserve. With the family of San Antonio, OB/GYNs spread through multiple convenient locations, it’s easy to have a specialist to provide health care for every age and part of your life. When it nears  to their patients’ health, nothing is more important to their Women's Health Institute.

The Institute for Women's Health does a corporation with women's health Texas which makes it the largest OBGYN center.

Institute for Women's Health

Women’s Health TX Welcomes Largest San Antonio-based OB/ GYN Practice too,

Women’s Health TX is Welcomed by the  Largest San Antonio-based OB/GYN Practice (institute for women's health).

Women’s Health Texas was excited by its expanding reach to San Antonio by welcoming the largest OB /GYN institute practice, Institute for Women’s Health (IFWH) by its physician group, effective on April 1st. The addition of IFWH makes Women’s Health with Texas the largest OB/GYN practice in central Texas City with more than 90 providers. The members worked in partnership with the management organization Women’s Health USA, which is considered an established leader in women’s healthcare.

For more than 20 years, the institute for women's health has offered exceptional care to every woman, provided by more than 30 perfect physicians at 8 locations in San Antonio. Joining them will allow both groups to draw their road with high experience, knowledge, and resources to deliver optimum healthcare services to their patients around the areas they serve.

The Women’s Health Texas site will be updated with the Institute for women's health providers to help more patients.

Dr. Karen Carcamo, the  Incoming President of the Institute for Women’s Health (2020) announced that:

“Institute for women's health corporate with  Women’s Health Texas supports an integral piece of our growth plan as we widen our service offerings in central Texas. Institute for women's health has built a highly respected patient and strong foundation through the San Antonio market that is of importance closely with the values and goals we  established in the Austin area.”


Dr. Paul Murphree, Women’s Health Texas President, Chairman of the Board of Directors announced that:


“Their aim is to support physicians caring to the health of women by empowering them to successfully help deliver the best care possible for their patients.”

Goran Dragolovic, CEO of Women’s Health USA announced that:

Institute for Women's Health

The Institute for Women’s Health Team are consisting of highly qualified doctors and mentioned them:

  • Karen M. Carcamo, MD, MPH

  • Carlos A. Cardenas, MD

  • Elisa F. Carroll, MD

  • Victor L. Casiano, MD

  • Katherine Cornforth, MD

  • Celina D. Delgado, MD

  • Ritu Dutta, MD

  • Jacob Garcia, MD

  • Joseph R. Garza, MD

  • Jessica D. Guerrero, MD

  • Kathryn S. Holloway, MD

  • Michelle J. Muldrow, DO

  • Evangeline Ramos-Gonzales, MD

  • Cesar Reyes, MD

  • Jose M. Ruiz III, MD

  • Molly Shields, MD

  • Orlando J. Suris, MD

  • Michael J. Troy, MD

  • Ronald A. Valdez, MD

  • Melodie Zamora, MD

Institute for Women's Health

Institute for women's health in San Antonio Locations:

Downtown San Antonio

222 W. Cypress St

San Antonio, TX – 78212

Tel : (210) 226-9705

Westover Hills Medical Office Building

3903 Wiseman Blvd., Suite 200

San Antonio, TX – 78251

Tel : (210) 987-8232

Hardy Oak Medical Pavilion

18707 Hardy Oak Blvd., Suite 230

San Antonio, TX – 78258

Tel : (210) 987-8216

The Advanced Fertility Center

18707 Hardy Oak Blvd., Suite 500

San Antonio, TX – 78258

Tel : (210) 871-8059

Northeast Methodist Plaza

12709 Toepperwein, Suite 309

San Antonio, TX – 78233

Tel : (210) 405-5642

The Shops at Lincoln Heights

999 E. Basse Road, Suite 100

San Antonio, TX – 78209

Tel : (210) 361-3985

Medical Center Building

4458 Medical Center Drive, Suite 705

San Antonio, TX – 78229

Tel : (210) 775-0676



The Institute for Women's Health is considered as a huge and strong foundation through the San Antonio market that cares about each woman and provides them with medical care for all stages of life.



Written by: Dr.Nada yousry.


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