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Institute for Women’s Health (IFWH)  meets one's need for fitness, health, sport performance-related information.

1.What's the institute for women's health? 

Institute for Women’s Health known formerly as the Center for Women’s Health research that was found on the (TWU) Texas Woman's University -Denton campus in 1993. 

 In 2003 Institute for Women’s Health was joined by the College of Health Sciences. 

They enhance the health of women of all ages using research and education. The institute for women's health has also established partnerships linking a variety of community organizations, academic institutions, and agencies that are governmental all have the common goal of enhancing the wellbeing and health of girls and women in Texas.

Institute for Women’s Health

2.What does taxes women's University provide to the citizens? 

It was a co-educational University since 1994, but it is currently the largest University for women in the United States.  with two health center branches in Houston and  Dallas. 

It has campuses in Denton, Houston and Dallas are linked by an e-learning campus offering online degree programs in education, business, and general studies.

It serves Texas' citizens  in many ways, as:

1.Graduating more new health professionals than other universities in Texas. 

2.Provide researches impacting the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity, osteoporosis, stroke, and diabetes.

4.Clinical services of the institute for women's health:

1.Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

You should be in a relaxed, comfortable state for 20 minutes. And for the accuracy of results, you should be fasting from food, caffeine, exercise, and smoking for 10 hours. 

RMR measures the calories burned by your body at rest. So, this test can help in nutrition planning and weight management.


2.VO2 max 

It is an indicator of fitness of cardiorespiratory (aerobic) and in this test you walk and/or run on a treadmill. 

 Higher cardiorespiratory fitness leads to higher VO2 max values —a longer duration of higher exercise intensity. 

Also, the lactate threshold can be measured during this test. 


3.Lactate threshold

This test determines the intensity of exercise at which the body begins to produce lactic acid at a higher rate than it can be cleared. In this test, the work stages are longer than the V02 max test and blood samples are taken to measure the concentration of lactate in the blood. 


4.Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) 

This test Measures body composition and bone density. 

And gives data such as lean body mass, body fat percentage, regions of fat Distribution, and visceral fat content. 

You can eat normally but you should wear fitted/spandex clothing, and avoid garments with the metal underwire, and remove all jewelry. 

This test can’t be performed on pregnant women. 

Institute for women health

5.Research & Discovery In the institute for women's health:

The goal of research in taxes women's University is to improve the quality of life, changes can be done in lives or solve business problems. 


Undergraduate and graduate students can participate in research — whether it’s programmed to work with veterans and their families, decrease violence against women, access to children with autism or identify more effective ways to treat cancer cells.

For example research by biology professor Michael Bergel in taxes women's University leading to identify a new protein complex involved in cell division with an unusual location within the cell So, it can be considered a target for cancer therapy. 

This protein complex is Discovered by using immunofluorescence staining of cells.

6.Institute for Women’s Health(IFWH) and women's health taxes ( WHT):

Women’s Health Texas (WHT) expanded to reach San Anton and welcomed the largest OBGYN practice in the city (Institute for Women’s Health) to the physician group. The addition of the institute for women's health makes Women’s Health Texas (WHT) the largest OBGYN practice in central Texas with approximately 90 providers and will increase experience, resources, and knowledge to deliver the health care you need. 


Women’s Health Texas has nearly 20 office locations throughout  San Antonio and Austin for an easy approach to patients. Also, offer telehealth where you can be in a video chat with your provider. 

 And use electronic records for all practice to : 

1.Decrease paperwork

2.Help in the coordination of care to doctors

3.transfer records easily


What are 2020 Texas Super Doctors Rising Stars?

They are physicians of Women’s Health Texas who are the best doctors in the USA practicing gynecology and obstetric medicine for 10 years or less. 

Institute for Women’s Health

7.San Antonio OBGYNs at the Institute for Women’s Health:

Any doctor you select can provide different Medical services as:

1.Adolescent gynecology:

It's for girls in age between 13 and 15 years. The first visit may require just conversion unless girls have problems. 

Doctors at the Institute for women's health can discuss with teens girls about: 

1.Puberty and  Menstrual problems

2.Preventing Sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancy, and right sexual activity 

3.Body image that may lead to eating problems, anxiety, and depression. 

2.Menopause management:

This usually occurs during a woman’s 40s or 50s, estrogen hormone decreases during menopause leading to increased risk of health problems as:

1.Sexual issues as lack of desire and pain during sex.

2.Weight issues due to metabolism changes leading to weight gain.

3.Cardiovascular disease—so diet and exercise are important. 



3.Annual health woman exams:

Patients tell doctors about family and personal medical history. also, tell me anything that has changed since the last visit. 

The Annual examination is done for:

1. Women between the ages of 21 and 29  for Pap smear (screening tool for cervical cancer).

2. For women's  30s and 65s A Pap smear and an HPV test is done every 5 years.

3.Screening for Diabetes, Breast cancer, sexually transmitted infections, mental problems, and Osteoporosis as bone density scans. 

4.Birth control counseling

5.Bone density testing

6.Screening mammography

7.Infertility treatment

8.Treatment for conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and endometriosis. 

Besides, they can do surgeries for many gynecological conditions


Caring for Women's Health is important as women care for our families and coming generations. So, the Institute for Women's Health provides the care you need at every stage of life. 


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Written by: Dr. Zeinab Magdy 


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