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Axia Women’s Health, Through Axia Women’s Health’s vast network of specialists and a wide range of capabilities, they link you to more integrated care. Many of their suppliers and experts work in close partnership, which means a more seamless experience for you. You have access across their network to a wider range of experts who have built-in ties to your core healthcare professionals.


Obstetric services:

From preconception therapy to delivery and postpartum follow-up, Axia Women's Health links you to extensive in-person and virtual OB/GYN treatment. From normal to high-risk pregnancy and obstetric treatment, they serve your individual needs. To provide direct access to the prenatal care you need during this crucial time in your life, they provide on-site laboratory services and on-site ultrasound.

Axia women’s Health

The obstetric services of Axia include:

  • Preconception therapy, including early fertility work-ups and, if necessary, ovulation induction

  • Ultrasonics

  • Genetic Prenatal Screening

  • Testing Non-Stress

  • Help and perinatal treatment

  • Deliveries (vaginal, cesarean, and VBAC)

  • Postpartum caregiving

One of the first significant choices you will make as an expectant parent is selecting an obstetrician. Finding an OB/GYN medical practice where you feel welcome and where you are comfortable asking questions and voicing your pregnancy concerns is important. Hundreds of OB/GYN and women's healthcare services focused on listening to and meeting your specific needs include access to in-person and online maternity care from Axia Women's Health.

From the home, new mothers can now attend free courses on childbirth, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Axia women’s Health

Gynecology services:

  • Screening For Cervical Cancer (Pap and HPV testing).

  • Checking for STD.

  • Counseling and protocols for contraception.

  • Planning for families, initial fertility work-ups, and induction of ovulation.

  • Evaluating and treating endometriosis.

  • Control of fibroids.

  • Vaccinations

  • Breast Screening for cancer.

  • Diagnosis of urinary disorders and treatment for them.

  • The treatment of menopause

At Axia Women’s Health; the platform OB/GYNs are renewed for putting females well in every conceivable way.

Axia women’s Health

Urogynecology services:

The assessment, diagnosis, and management of issues involving the bladder and women’s pelvic floor are the priority of urogynecology physicians. One in three women in the U.S. faces issues with bladder control, but women don't have to settle for this figure. Problems with consistency have multiple triggers and are more widespread than many women know. For bladder and pelvic floor disorders, a broad range of therapies is accessible. It takes time for doctors to discuss the possibilities with you. They will address whether it is right for your condition to have conservative management or surgical choices.


The urogynecology services of Axia Women's Health include:

  • Checking Urodynamics

  • Dropped bladder

  • "Evaluation and treatment of urinary incontinence ("leaking")

  • Solutions for fecal incontinence(accidental bowel leakage)

  • Treatment of Pelvic Pain

For pelvic floor and incontinence symptoms, they have state-of-the-art monitoring. They help to find the right cure for you, whether it includes medical or surgical treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction if they discover problems. If surgery is the correct course, with their minimally invasive surgeries, they offer you a feeling of comfort that guarantees smoother recovery and less downtime.

Axia women’s Health

Maternal-Fetal Medicine services:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine professionals are obstetricians who have undergone additional training (fellowships) so that they can provide essential assistance to assess, diagnose, and control high-risk pregnancies. Axia Women’s Health experts are focused on making things less difficult for you, your baby, and your family in high-risk circumstances.

Axia women’s Health

The total array of perinatology services by Axia includes:

  • Genetic examinations and counseling

  • Ultrasonics

  • With amniocentesis

  • Sampling Chorionic Villus

  • Profile of biophysical

  • Studies of doppler flow

  • Ongoing surveillance and echocardiography

  • High-risk screening and care during pregnancy for high-risk conditions


Fertility services:

Axia Women’s Health fertility specialists assess and treat couples facing several problems, including reduced fertility, irregular menstrual cycles, and repeated loss of pregnancy. Their mission is to help you achieve a safe pregnancy by offering personalized treatment that meets your individual needs in the shortest possible period.

They collaborate with hopeful parents to help them accomplish meaningful journeys into parenthood. 

Axia women’s Health

Fertility services from Axia include:

  • Oral pharmaceuticals

  • Injections with FSH

  • Analysis of semen and treatment of sperm anomalies

  • Cryopreserved

  • Donor programs for eggs

  • Same-Sex Couple Alternatives


Axia Women’s Health protocols for fertility include:

  • In-vitro Fertilization (IVF)

  • Inseminations by intrauterine (IUI)

  • Preservation of an egg/embryo

  • Insemination by donors

  • Reversal tubal

  • Management of substantial fibroids by surgery

Axia Women’s Health fertility experts have some of the region's largest success rates. They have two IVF centers within their network where, within a relaxing atmosphere, they use the most effective available technologies to provide a positive experience. They recognized that every fertility journey is distinct, and by making their fertility services as open as possible, they want to help your course. They are making fertility care more affordable and bringing new possibilities within reach by providing flexible pricing packages.


Breast health services:

Breast experts use mammography as a preventive instrument to help diagnose breast cancer within a thoughtful, supportive treatment environment. Screening technology places Axia Women’s Health at the forefront of progress in breast health. Breast tomosynthesis is a 3D mammogram with improved image quality that helps to analyze in great detail the breast tissue. Specialists can see through layers of breast tissue and inspect areas of concern from all angles by taking several pictures of the entire breast. 

At the Hub for Breast Health places, there are many patient benefits include:


  • Quick response within 24 hours from results

  • Hot, inviting atmosphere

  • Gentle, soothing workers

  • Free and abundant parking space

  • Treatment management with your physician

  • Accessible walk-in appointments


Weight management services:

It is known that not only does the weight of a woman play a vital role in her physical health, but it also affects her mental well-being. Some are fighting to lose weight, and some are struggling to gain it. You don't have to struggle alone either way. Axia women’s health experts in weight loss work with you to put a plan in motion so that you can work towards being the best, healthiest version of yourself. They celebrate women's unique bodies along the way and promote positive representations of the body. With nutritional and behavioral support, weight loss therapy offers the power of medical advice so that you can maintain the best possible health.

Axia women’s Health

The first step in designing your program for weight loss is to perform an initial screening. This is a comprehensive medical assessment that requires a medical history check, a physical examination with your doctor, blood work, and also an EKG test. A full clinical workup is provided by this screening so that experts have a complete, comprehensive understanding of your current state.


Next, they work with you to determine and appreciate your dietary habits, behaviors, and lifestyle habits and how your weight can be influenced. You will consult with Axia Women’s Health dietary consultants to ensure that the best balance of nutrients for you is included in your diet. As you make progress, they will develop a schedule with your provider for continuous medical monitoring so that you can confidently achieve your goals. You could be given a weekly class and support groups at some Axia Women's Health centers, where you can find perspective and motivation. 


Hormone replacement therapy services:

Hormonal variations can be disorienting and unpleasant when facing menopause or andropause. But Axia Women's Health Hormone Therapy specialists will restore equilibrium and wellbeing to life with the right resources in place. Experts may also offer strategies for treating the excessive weight gain that can be encountered by menopausal women and andropausal men as a result of aging and hormonal shifts.


Rejuvenation services:

Axia Women's Health is proud to provide a range of alternatives that value what each individual woman needs to feel more positive in her body. We have painless, quick, and healthy options for in-office vaginal rejuvenation, whether it is a personal preference, dealing with the aftermath of an illness, or facing post-menopausal consequences. MonaLisa Touch procedure will increase vaginal elasticity, increase blood flow, and stimulate the level of collagen within just five minutes per treatment. This procedure is highly successful in reducing pain associated with vaginal atrophy, and by providing it inside a familiar office environment, and make it as easy as possible.

Axia women’s Health

Physicians are willing to offer such services as:

  • Rejuvenation of vagina (Mona Lisa Touch)

  • Removal of Laser Hair

  • Care for spider veins

  • Photofacials

  • Treatments of Botox



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