Axia Women’s Health; Background, Services, And Challenges


Axia Women's Health is pioneering the health of women. They think females deserve more, but with them, you will find a more compassionate, more integrated, and more sustainable approach in healthcare. With more than 400 providers and almost 150 women's health centers, you can find the provider that is right for you from within your community.


Axia Women's Health is a network of compassionate, linked, advanced health professionals dedicated to doing more for women. Women deserve access to a health practitioner that is more responsive, more advanced, more compassionate, and that addresses their evolving needs over time. They link women to a broader variety of in-person and online care that offers advanced technology and treatments.


Axia Women's Health Mission and vision

  • Mission

They are building a more compassionate, connected, and progressive healthcare environment for women. 

  • Vision

 To take the lead in enhancing the wellbeing of women.

Axia Women's Health background

In early 2017, the integration of the two major women's health clinical practices serving New Jersey and the metropolitan area of Philadelphia created Axia Women's Health. In total, in more than 100 patient care facilities, four breast health centers, two perinatal testing centers, and two central laboratories, Axia Women's Health now includes over 200 doctors.

Axia Women’s Health

Patients are provided a wide range of facilities and treatment through clinical practices, including obstetrics, gynecology, fertility, maternal-fetal medicine, mammography, and laboratory services. The executive team and non-clinical care services of Axia Women's Health allow physicians to concentrate on patient care and clinical quality.


Axia Women's health challenges


Over the years, all regional women's health care organizations have evolved organically, starting with paper medical records and adopting electronic paperwork and other technology as they

become available. Around five years ago, the current provider of electronic medical records from the New Jersey community was purchased, leading to a search for a new solution. Eventually, eClinicalWorks was selected, and two Array Networks APV1600 application delivery controllers were implemented to ensure application delivery and thus high-quality usability at their guidance.

Health practitioner

As new activities were introduced by the community, disparate EMR, predictive analytics, and order management systems were moved to the eClinicalWorks solution, and even more convergence of data and resources as needed with the joining of the two women's health organizations.

Healthcare environment


Senior systems engineer Daniel Safeer has been with the New Jersey company for 15 years, starting as a consultant and switching to full-time. Roughly seven years ago, he was part of the team implementing the original solution for eClinicalWorks and Array APV1600.

The IT team started designing a new data center and disaster recovery site to support eClinicalWorks and other business applications in the company and to encourage potential development and expansion.

Genetic Screening


Awareness is a strength, and a powerful way to find out whether you have any gene mutations associated with cancer risk is through genetic testing. You should then build a proactive treatment plan to optimize the results if you find that you are at a higher risk for cancer. As well as identifying cancer early, Axia Women’s Health professionals will work with you to take preventive steps.



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