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Institute for women's health is an association that is interested in the health of humans in general and the health of women specialty, with an institute for women's health the patient is unique and nothing is more important than the patient's health, they are also taking care about every stage of the life of women.

Institute for women's health

What's the institute for women's health provided to women?

The women have different needs, goals, and dreams so the institute for women's health and their teams provided for developing their care plans that are as unique as a woman treats, so the doctors at the institute for women's health can provide obstetrical and gynecological services that ranged from basic to advanced. 

At the institute for women's health all OB GYNS have completed specialized education and training in women's health care, as a result, any woman can deliver a variety of services. 

Services that can be provided by the Institute for women's health:

Adolescent gynecology:

At Institute for women's health, adolescent gynecology helps young women learning about their health, she learns many things about the changes that happened to their bodies and her life, their doctors can help in putting young women at ease during their experience with gynecology,  doing so sets the foundations for a lifetime for good health. 

Before puberty, the young women should visit the apedratican and during their growth, the gynecologists are the right person that'll help them to deal with different issues in their life like (menstrual problems, puberty, preventing pregnancy, social issues, and body images).

Institute for women's health

At which age women stop going to gynecologists?

The women stop going to gynecologists at age 66 because they no longer need a routine pap exam each year as long as the previous three tests have come back clear.

Annual good women's exam:

Annual good women's exam provided institute for women's health with an opportunity to assess their patient's health annually, this assessment is very important for the patients and their physicist for several reasons :

  • Doctors can identify medical problems.

  • Physicists can explain and discuss preventive health care.

  • Screen the patients for several diseases and conditions. 

  • OBGYNS can help in identifying the risk factor for certain diseases. 

This annual assessment can be done by:

  • Taking the patient's blood pressure and weight. 

  • Perform breast examination and pelvic examination. 

  • Examine the patient's abdomen and lymph nodes.

Bones density testing:

Institute for women's health is caring for osteoporosis, osteoporosis is a general weakness of bones and becomes brittle, they recommend the women who are larger than 65 and older have a bone density scan because age is the biggest risk factor for this condition as the post-menopause women produce less estrogen and this hormone is a vital hormone for the women's bones.

And also the woman that is less than  65 has a risk factor for osteoporosis if she has a high rate of fractures, family history for osteoporosis, rheumatic arthritis, long-term corticosteroid treatment, or untreated hyperthyroidism.

The test of bone density can be done by the patient lying on the bed for several minutes.  The x-ray machine scans their body, this scan can determine your bone mineral density.

Birth control option counseling:

Institute for women's health counseling the women by birth control options, The women have a variety of birth control options, this helps her to choose the best time when if she wants to become pregnant, as many life conditions changes many women's can employ different methods during their reproductive years, the institute for women's health encourage parents with schedule contraception consultation,  they can determine the best methods depending on several factors including overall health, frequency of sexual intercourses, possible side effects and more.


The long-acting reversible effective contraception that's called LARAC is more effective at preventing pregnancy with the rate of 1 pregnancy woman for 100 women per year, the LARAC includes  IUD and implanted rods that's the doctor place under the skin, both hormonal and copper IUD preventing sperm from fertilizing ova, the implant prevents the ovulation,  both IUD and rods that women can get pregnant if they remove them.

Menopause management:

Institute for women's health manage menopause, Menopause is a natural process occurring for the women's reproductive cycle when the ovary stops producing ovum each month, they stop releasing estrogen and progesterone hormone every month, this is the mark of the end of women's reproductive cycle and beginning of menopause period.

The average age for women menopause period in the United States is 51  however this can also occur between 40 to 50 or earlier and it is known AS premature ovarian failure and this can also occur when removing the uterus during a hysterectomy.  The signs for menopause symptoms like:

-Irregular Periods.

-Hot flashes or flush.

- Mood swings.

-Urinary incontinence. 

-Vaginal dryness. 

-Night sweats.


-Pelvic floor therapy.

-Nutrition and weight loss.

-Screening mammography. 

-Infertility diagnosis and treatment. 

-Treatment of conditions like -endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Institute for women's health

Partner with the Institute for women's health:

Patients are trusted by their OBGYNs because they provide to them high-quality women's health care every day, their team doesn't take their honor lightly, they provide to their patients supportive and comfortable places and receive exceptional and respectable care.

Names of Institute for women's health team:

  • John Adams MD.

  • Paula Bilica DO.

  • Karen Carcamo MD.

  • Carlos Cardenas MD.

  • Elissa Carroll MD.

  • Vector casino MD.

  • Katherine Cornforth MD.

  • Celina Delgado MD.

  • Rita Dutta MD.

  • Jacob Garcia MD.

  • Camilo Ghonima MD.

  • Jessica Guerrero MD.

  • Kathryn Holloway MD.

  • Allison Kellogg MD.

  • Michelle Muldrow MD.

  • Evangelina Ramos-Gonzales.

  • Cesar Reyes MD.

  • Jose Ruiz MD.

  • Vincenzo sabella MD.

  • Molly shields MD.

  • Orlando sunrise MD.

  • Michael Troy MD.

  • Ronald Valez MD.

  • Melodie Zamora MD.


Institute for Women's Health is an association that cares about women at every age and every stage of their life, they offer a wide variety of services to women because they deserve a lot.

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By: Dr. Amany

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