Myriad Women's Health Empowering Women Health Organization

Myriad women's health is an association that's interested in empowering women, caring for their health, and improving their life.

Myriad Women’s Health

Services providing by myriad women's  health:


  • They provide resources to allow you to educate your patients and provide information about myriad products. 

  • They provide certified genetic counselors to their patients. 

  • They provide electronic patients identification tools.


They provide a program to make genetic products more accessible to their patients like (virtual ordering options, EMR integrations, mobile phlebotomy, personalized cost estimates)


They deliver testing and screening effective results, so we able to focus on care plans (results management, provider portal, patient-provider)


They provide consultation for patients educator and answer any questions for your patients.



Unlock the power of genetics:

At Myriad women’s health  they offer a personal and thoughtful genetics insight experience for providers and women that rely on them because they believe in the power of human understanding. 

Your partner in patient care:

They provide transformative genetic insight that lets you focus on what you do best, offering support whenever you need and definitive results.


All patients deserve genetic insights:

At Myriad women's health  we can count on what you do the heavy lifting in the moments that matter.

Myriad women's health manage cancers patients:

Myriad women’s health with risk score blend analysis of genetic risk factors with clinical and family history to deliver the most actionable results to help the providers to manage their patients' risk of cancers so more patients will benefit from this valuable information that makes a great difference in their health outcomes and for their families.

Reduce of false-negative:

At myriad women's health, false negatives aren't acceptable, they invest in new techniques and new technologies to ensure the reduction of the potential of error.

Save time and money:

With myriad not only the testing process being painless, but the cost of the test is also painless, myriad is seeking for keeping the low cost for patients. 

Earlier interventions:

When identifying cancer at an earlier stage, that's important information to better treat your patients and prevent secondary cancer. 


Myriad women's health management hereditary cancer panel:

We help you in determining if you carry a mutation gene or not ، that increases the risk of cancer, at myriad they determine and evaluate the risk of 8 types of cancer sites by analyzing multiple clinically actionable genes like breast, ovary, pancreatic, prostatic, colon, etc cancers.

The pattern of cancer in your family will help your health care provider to determine the risk so you must know all the information about your family.

We all need to know the type of cancer we had and its age.

If anyone in your family member has colon cancer, you must tell that to the health care provider.

Behind every test, there's a person

Myriad women's health is always in connection with most major plans, they also have payment plans and financial assistance.



Myriad Women’s Health is an association that's interested in the health of women in general and in determining the risk of cancers specifically, they are many services providing by myriad women health like ( education, access, result, consults...etc).

Written by: Amany Abdallah 





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